How To Apply For Permanent Residence In Canada From Outside Canada

How To Apply For Permanent Residence In Canada
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Have you ever heard of the “American dream”? This figure of speech serves the many who aspire to achieve all of their life ambitions in the US, most especially in a well-spoken country like Canada.

Canada is a country that offers great opportunities for the rising entrepreneurs and innovative minds across the globe which brings to many individuals’ attention, the struggle many go through to make their way to Canadian soil and chase their dreams. The question that keeps being thrown out there by foreigners outside Canadian soil is “How to apply for permanent residence in Canada from outside Canada.

Of course, A few don’t find it a hurdle to make this work as they are within Canadian borders. This article speaks more for those who find themselves without such privilege. Getting oneself across the world to one of the most influential economies in the world for permanent settlements is no child’s play and it takes professional and proper guidance on the follow-through to make this work.

For this reason, this article has been compiled by a team of professionals to give proper guidance on the smart steps with instructions that could guarantee one access to a successful settlement in such a country as Canada.

What Does Permanent Residency Mean?

Perhaps, a thought would come to mind when talking about migrating to Canada as it relates to becoming a permanent resident. Over the years, many have desired to study, establish and take up many life tasks and goals on Canadian soil but how easy it can be for one to find himself back in his own country as he came.

Being a Permanent resident means a person who has legal resident status in a country despite not being a citizen but has the right to reside permanently. Such a person is known as a permanent resident.

Why Apply For Permanent Residency In Canada?

Undermining the privilege that arises from obtaining permanent residency in Canada is a big mistake. Nothing beats feeling at ease knowing that one’s life’s work, establishments, and investment in a foreign country can all be secured by the country in reference. Many benefits lie in obtaining a permanent residency status in Canada, below are but a few that anyone not well versed should be aware of;

Benefits Of Applying For Permanent Residency In Canada.

  1. Accessibility to most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including healthcare coverage as well.
  1. The individual gains protection under Canadian law and the Canadian charter of rights and freedom.
  1. The privilege to study, live or work anywhere in Canada is attained, with absolutely no restrictions to places across the country. Freedom to live to the fullest as if one were a citizen of the country.
  1. The individual gets the chance to apply for Canadian citizenship.

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Being a citizen overall in such a country is an attainable one, being outside the country shouldn’t get anyone worked up believing in impossibilities of successful outcomes because it is very attainable and as you read through, it will all come into the light.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For Permanent Residency In Canada?

However, come to think of it. An applicant has his or her part to play before stressing over the easy part. There are of course a few requirements that are demanded of anyone outside Canada asking his or herself ” how to apply for permanent residence in Canada from outside Canada. Below are the various necessities that should be in place;

●     Points Allocation

Aspiring immigrants must be able to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to qualify for a permanent residency visa. Extra points are also available for those that are immigrating with a spouse or family. There’s a distribution of points in terms of Age(12 points), Education(25 points), Language skills(28 points), Work experience(15 points), Adaptability(10 points), and Arranged full-time employment(10 points).

●     Work Experience

This is another key requirement as well, a PR applicant should have a full-time work experience of at least 12 months minimum to qualify.

●     English and French Language Proficiency

These are also key as this rounds up a decent 28 points for the applicant. Proof of such language proficiency is documented through applicants providing language test results from language test providers like IELTS(International English Language Testing Systems), Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP), and Test d’evaluation de francais (TEF).

●     The Client should have a Canadian or equivalent Educational Qualification.

The lower the degree standard, the lower the points.

●     Arranged Employment (maximum ten points)

If one has already gotten employment in Canada, or if you’re already operating within the country (full-time and permanent), that is listed as ability sort zero, ability Level A, or ability Level B on Canada’s National Occupation Classification list, you’ll be awarded ten points in any of the subsequent situations:

1. you’re presently operating in Canada on a brief official visit. Document provided;
  • Your official document was granted subject to an undefeated Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Your official document is valid, and can still be valid once the FSWP visa is granted
  • The company named on your official document has created you a permanent, full-time job supply
2. you’re presently operating in Canada on a brief official visit. Document provided;
  • The job that the official document was issued isn’t subject to the Labour Market Impact Assessment underneath associate degree agreement like the NAFTA agreement or a federal-provincial agreement
  • Your official document is valid, and can still be valid once the FSWP visa is granted
  • The Company named on your official document has created you a permanent, full-time job supply
3. you do not have a Canadian official document and don’t arrange to add a North American nation before your FSWP visa is granted, but;
  • A Canadian company has offered you a full-time and permanent job
  • The Company has received a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment for the task
4. you’re presently operating in a North American nation and are offered a full-time and permanent job with a distinct Canadian Company and;
  • The leader has received a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment for the task

5. you’re presently operating in a North American nation in an exceeding job that’s not subject to the Labour Market Impact Assessment, however concerning a world agreement like the NAFTA agreement or a federal-provincial agreement.

●     The Adaptability Factor

An applicant and his or her spouse can be awarded 10 points if they can meet up to the below expectations.

  • Must have completed a minimum of 2 years of study in Canadian secondary school. If the applicant is alone, he is awarded 5 points, but with a spouse, it’s 10 points.
  • Your spouse/partner has received a CLB4 on all four components in an approved English or French language test.
  • Applicant/spouse has had one 1 year of work experience on Canadian soil with a work permit.

●     Proof of Fund

Proof of funds is another factor that is looked into thoroughly by the immigration officers/authority. There is an evaluation of the financial background of the immigrants before granting PR visa. This is necessary to know if the immigrants have the capability to fend for themselves and their families in Canada.

●     Documents Required for your Application for Permanent Residence

Immigration to Canada requires some necessary documents that will be demanded of the applicant before s/he can obtain a PR visa to migrate to Canada.

Some of these documents are;

  • Valid passport.
  • Police certificates
  • Medical exams
  • Drivers License.
  • Marriage certificate, if married
  • Government valid Issued Identity Cards.
  • Originals and photocopies of all documents.
  • Proof of Financial stability.
  • Educational credentials
  • Skills Assessment reports.
  • Language Test results.
  • Recommendation Letters or sponsorship documents.

How To Apply For Permanent Residence In Canada From Outside Canada.

Below are the necessary steps to follow when applying for a PR visa for Canada.

Finding your NOC (National Occupational Qualification)

In order to be eligible for the Canadian express entry program, check if your employment falls under NOC 0, A, B, or D.

Find Your NOC Here

Assess your Educational credentials.

There are IRCC approved third parties who check the applicant’s foreign education. Based on this, the applicant will know which category to apply for.

Take your English/French language test

In order to receive a Canada PR through express entry, one needs to be well learned in one of the two federal languages – English or French.

Calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score

The CRS is a points-based system to assess an applicant’s profile and rank it in the Express Entry pool.

Submit Your Profile

Join Express Entry pool

To have an Express Entry profile, an applicant should submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) with information like :

Marital status,  Personal Reference Code, Number of dependent family members, Settlement funds amount, ID documents data,  Education History and Language test results, Work history, Passport, Provincial choice, and details of a valid employment offer, if applicable.

After which the applicant would receive an (ITA) Invitation to apply.

Becoming a Permanent Resident.

Once an invitation to apply has been received, You will be told to submit some required documents, which are;

  • Acknowledgement of receipt of the document.
  • You will also be asked to share your passport.

If all is done accordingly, Just relax and prepare for your stay in Canada.

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