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Work In Canada
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Trying to get a job or work in Canada is very hard. Especially when you do not know how to begin. Foreign immigrants especially struggle when searching for jobs. You have no connections and you most likely do not know the requirements for the jobs you are applying for. You would wonder about a lot of things.

A lot of questions will also be going through your mind. Like whether you need a work permit or not. Deciding which permit is best among the many types available. What are the requirements for the job you want? How to get those requirements if you don’t already have them available?

In this article we listed out exactly what you need so you can qualify for the job you want.

Be Motivated and Passionate

The process of finding jobs anywhere is very difficult. Canada is no different. You might be turned down by many companies or you could be accepted on the first try. Reading this article will help to reduce that but in real life situations, things are hard. So you need to be very motivated and passionate about what you want.

Whatever outcome you get will not be able to discourage you completely.

Plan Ahead

You must prepare yourself ahead of time before you send any applications. The first means to start planning is by looking for information.

Are Job Permits a Necessity?

Before you begin you need to find out if job permits are a must for every job. Not everyone knows this but permits are not mandatory for every occupation in Canada. You first find out if it is necessary for that job you want before starting the process of finding one. This may help to save precious time for you.

If the job you are looking for requires work permits you can easily acquire one. You can either use the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or International Mobility Program(IMP). The TFWP is closed. This means you can only work for employers who have Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The IMP however can be open or closed but the employer does not need the LIMA.

Update your Resume

Most of us forget to update our resumes regularly to the point that we might have forgotten how to properly write them. This leads to badly written resumes. A resume that is not written well leads to making common mistakes like listing out duties instead of achievements either personal or team works.

This prevents you from making the desired impact needed to get the job. A resume is the first impression you will make to your employer. It is essential that you take this seriously so you increase your chances of being hired. You should consider these tips in order to update your resume:

How to Apply for Work in Canada

Carefully Select the Companies you Apply to

Always avoid applying to every job you see. Do not send the same resume or cover letter to every company you apply to. This is very unprofessional and is never effective. Most managers in companies communicate with each other and there’s a high chance of screening you out if they notice the same application arrives all the time. You give them a bad impression.

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Sometimes companies use recruiters to hire. If they notice your application keeps coming up consistently they will start avoiding it. They may think that something is wrong with your application which is why you have not been hired yet. Basically spam applications with the same content is a red flag to companies.

Always take your time to tailor each of your applications thoroughly. Ensure to add all the requirements they added in their job opening. Make sure to include all your special skills and work experience. When you do all this you will stand out in a way that gives you a higher chance of being hired.

Remember not to only include truthful and relevant information. Do not boast or inflate figures or exaggerate. You can also try networking or cold calling. They are also good efficient ways of sending out your resume.

Allow Follow up on the Applications

Make sure you have the contact information of the companies you apply to. After a week has passed since your application you send emails to them. This shows your interest and that you are proactive. It helps you stand out so you can be easily identified among other applicants.

Also, remember to send thank you emails whenever the company notifies you about an interview. Also, contact anyone who may have helped in any way during the application process.

No matter how big or small the role they played was or if they have a high position in the company. Small simple gestures of politeness like this could go a long way in helping you to secure a job. You never know who could help in getting the job you want.

Have Good Recommendations

Finding jobs in Canada is made easier by having good recommendations from former employers. They should be useful in the current job you are applying for. They must also only give positive information without half truths or exaggeration.

Ensure That All Your Qualifications Are Accredited

Different professional occupations and trades are regulated by licensing bodies to protect the citizens of Canada. They protect citizens from being exploited or harmed by unqualified workers. In order for you to gain employment, you must be registered under a regulatory body in the Canadian province.

Your educational certificates must also completely meet Canadian standards in jobs that require higher education certificates most especially.

Your qualifications can be accredited by the Educational Credential Assessment under international regulatory bodies like World Educations Service (WES). This allows you to qualify even without initially having a Canadian certification. They give perfect equivalents to that.

Is an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Required for All Jobs in Canada?

The ECA is used to check if your foreign credentials are equivalent to the Canadian standard. Be it your diploma, degree or any other proof of your credentials.

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To answer the question above, no, not all jobs need ECA. But they require another type of accreditation. The professions that do not require  ECA are;

Professions such as these need certain additional training and exams. They are at times costly and take a lot of time to process. If you fall into this category of people in these jobs then getting this certificate is mandatory for you.

You need to plan ahead of time, and save up as much as possible if there is need. So that you can go for the training or exams at the right time.  Do not wait till it is time to look for a job then you start rushing everything. Know exactly what you need and plan accordingly. There is also a high chance of success if you do it that way.

There are also some specific skilled trades that need more certificates. This requirement is based on what each province in Canada may want. Some might say it is necessary, some might say it is not. So do some research about the province you are interested in so that you can plan well.

Make Use of Every Tool You Have

Ensure that you have adequate knowledge about every online tool you can use. The most popular online resume website is LinkedIn. It serves as an online resume and network for you. To recruiters and employers, they use it as a means to source applicants for any job they are offering.

Knowing how to use this tool will give you an advantage when searching for jobs in Canada.

Learn to Network Effectively

Networking helps you to get some publicity. Get your name known by important people. It also helps you get insight and useful contacts in the social arena and professionally too.

You can network professionally in networking events, job events and career fairs. You can also ask contacts for information on how to get in contact with people in your field.

Most jobs are hardly publicly advertised in Canada. This is part of their hidden job market. If you do not go out to network then a lot of opportunities will pass you by.

You need to inform all your contacts that you are searching for a job. Also, try to make new contacts as much as possible. Make sure your name is out there when there is a job opening your name will be called up.

Another way to get noticed and gain work experience in Canada is by volunteering. You get to expand your network contacts. You also gain access to some industry names so you can market yourself well when you get a permanent job.

As a new arrival, there are several assisting services you can get access to. They help you get connections. This service is available in every territory.

Ensure that you are subscribed to every necessary website that gives updates on networking events. Keep your eye out for volunteer work and always try to expand your contact lists.

Always Accept Assistance

Sometimes you would not know what you are doing wrong until someone points it out to you. Always pay attention when someone offers to help you and do not turn down any offers of help. Don’t forget to always thank the person who helped you. Most local libraries host sessions on job applications. So keep an eye out for any in your local library.

You can also use pre-arrival services to get assistance. They are free and available to every Canadian immigrant. It has a 12-month time frame. So if you are arriving in Canada in the next 6 months use this service.

Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN)

FIN is a program that gives eligible new arrivals the opportunity to acquire valuable experience for their jobs temporarily. It also offers training in Canadian provincial organizations. Various opportunities are available every year.

Different fields have different internships they offer. In fields like computer science, administration and policy and research, employers give internships.

People are hired temporarily by FIN. They get the opportunity to receive experience in various ways like :

What You Need to Be Eligible for Fin

You must be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada for at least 10 years.

You should reside in either of these provinces;

Requirements for Language Skills

To be eligible you must have language skills in French and English. You can show certificates of degrees or diplomas in any higher institution (inside or outside Canada) as proof of your language skills. Taking English or French courses is not acceptable. Except if you show proof through tests. You need the following:

How to Apply for the Federal Internship for Newcomers

You apply online by providing the following information:

Believe in Yourself

Immigrating to a new country can be very hard. You step into a new environment with a lot of things that you are not familiar with. Building your list of network contacts can be very difficult.

You may have to start from the very beginning. It can also be hard for people who are just getting into the workforce. They have never worked for anyone before. Everything about job searching is new to them. Do not get discouraged because all things do not seem like they are in your favour. You can accomplish all you set out to do.

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Just have confidence in yourself and let people know that. Write every resume with confidence. Walk into every interview comfortably and talk boldly and professionally. Also, pay attention to how you dress. How you dress is how you will be addressed and it also determines your first impression. So dress smartly.


After reading this entire article you have all the information you need to start applying for work. in Canada So start your job applications now. Do not wait too long before starting and do not rush into it either. Take your time to really plan ahead before you start applying.

Your dream job awaits. So follow these steps well and you will be hired in no time.

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