Malaysian Couple Uses Cats as Bridesmaids and It’s As Epic As It Sounds

A lot of us can agree that weddings are touching and romantic and it’s always so sweet to see two people join in holy matrimony, especially if there is cake involved after the ceremony. But there always seems to be something missing from modern weddings, and we are pretty sure this couple in Malaysia have figured out what that something is.

It’s cat

The video was uploaded by the TikTok account for @aliesyanasir and BNNBreaking reports, “Guests were intrigued as some whipped out their phones to record this rather peculiar moment. The bride and groom were “thoroughly happy” with the outcome of having these three cats be their bridesmaids, according to Malaysian publication Worldofbuzz. The TikTok video has since gone viral, with more than 1 million views and 100,000 likes.”

I would have not only whipped out my camera, I would have demanded to be seated next to these furry friends and fed them cake off my fork.

Other Wedding Ideas with Animals and Pets

I speak for all of us cat parents in saying we absolutely wish we could all get married or get re-married simply so we could have our cats as our maids of honor. Personally, I would have to borrow a cat if I were to do this because my own cats would either refuse to participate or else spend the ceremony coughing up hairballs when I walked down the aisle. But here are some other ideas for animal lovers who wish to incorporate adorable animals in their weddings.

For cat lovers, FairyTale_PetCare is a wedding service company that incorporates couple’s pets into their wedding day celebrations, and they have also partnered with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to include adoptable cats and kittens for the bouquet toss winner.

So many brides and grooms include “first looks” with their dogs and it’s such an absolutely adorable way to include your fur baby on your special day.

Speaking of first, some couples even include their dog in their first dance as husband and wife.

Some brides even opt for having their beloved dogs help give them away at their wedding like this one bride who had her Golden Retriever help with the honors.

And you can always include your dog and cat in your wedding photos, and even if your pet isn’t overjoyed, the photos are something you will treasure forever.

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