20 Canadian Jobs That Don’t Need a Degree But Still Pay Well.

Canadian Jobs

As it is said in the Academic culture that exists in the current world, “you cannot earn a decent living without a degree”. Is this supposedly true or not? Many individuals in several countries across the world as in the likes of Canada, find themselves unable to attain a college degree or university degree as they cannot meet the probable costs involved or aren’t privileged to student loans.

Such people ask a very crucial question which is “how can I get a well-paid job without attaining a degree in College or University”. Well, we have got you covered as this article has been compiled by our team of research on “20 Canadian jobs that don’t need a degree but still pay well”.

Therefore, we strongly advise that one should have a thorough read on this article as it will entail all there is to be said on the matter at hand.

What Are Non-degree Job

Non-degree jobs which can also be known as New-collar jobs or what many call middle-skill jobs are jobs that require certain hard skills without having to acquire a university or college degree to be employed.

Some may call this type of job menial, but this is not so. Such jobs can be highly professional as well, based on the right skillset in play. In the world we live in today, especially in a country like Canada, it has been analytically proven that many 9-5 workers that run around daily to earn a living and serve the vast population on a regular term have no form of tertiary educational degree, to begin with.

As you read through the article, such jobs will be outlined in detail and the decent pay rate they offer for individuals without a degree

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20 Canadian Jobs That Don’t Need A Degree But Still Pay Well

You do not have a University degree or a college degree and you live in Canada, Rest your mind on the matter of getting a decent wage or salary by taking on jobs that don’t demand such academic milestones.

Below is an outline of 20 Canadian Jobs that don’t need a degree but still pay well.

1.   Chef

Do you know that a Chef earns a decent pay of about $19.9 per hour in Canada? These individuals work in the kitchen to prepare meals for Patrons and they follow a strict health and safety policy that their entire team complies with as well.

The Chef and his team cooperate to develop new outstanding dishes and recipes with old and new ideas for the sake of keeping the customers coming for more. A chef could learn from an expert near or abroad and even outperform anyone within his niche.

In Addition, no one would allow some random individual to give them food to eat but still, this doesn’t call for a degree necessarily. A high school diploma and a trade certification are more than enough to certify the establishment of one’s restaurant as a Chef.

2.   Building Construction Worker

These are individuals who perform manual labor on Construction sites. Their work is based on infrastructural development, serving as the assistive manpower to the building of homes, companies, or any enterprise. On a day to day, they find themselves removing debris, loading and unloading building materials from trucks, operating heavy machinery, or erecting scaffolding and safety barriers.

It’s also highly important that they follow the rules guiding their daily activities around the construction site to preserve safety measures that would keep them aware of accidents of any sort.

The average pay of a Construction worker is $20.00 per hour.

3.   A FireFighter

Becoming a Firefighter is a delicate commitment one should get engaged in. It demands proper firefighter training in the specific province of Canada, a citizen of course, and as well a Class 5 driver’s license.

Firefighters keep their community safe by responding to and partitioning emergencies like fires, floods, or automobile accidents. Their specialized coaching permits them to handle these things effectively and supply emergency treatment once necessary. Firefighters should even have a legitimate driver’s license to control a fire truck safely, even once besieged.

The pay of the Firefighter is about $26.5 per hour.

4.   Transit Driver

A Transit driver could have his pay rate about an annual average between $(35000-75000). It’s amazing how one earns this much being a transit driver. Although, different regions could vary, however usually all one needs could be a high school certificate, non-a probationary license that is in smart standing with no suspensions and to fulfill all the standards for a category “C” license. But, hey, a minimum of you will not need to tackle these commutes.

5.   A Massage Therapist

A minimum of $51.3 per hour is offered to a Massage therapist. Massage therapists treat their customers by massaging their soft tissue or muscles. Their primary objective is to help clients get to relax, so they develop a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.

Massage therapists are often specialized in distinctive types of massages, such as hot stone or deep tissue, and advise treatments to customers. They may even create ongoing treatment plans for customers with chronic issues.

6.   A Pilot

One should seek to purchase an airline transport pilot license first, a commercial pilot license, and as well as a private pilot license which each has its requirements

A pilot, known as the man behind the flying vessel is one job that turns out to be exceptional in the field of professional workers. Pilots can work with private or commercial airlines to transport people or load on an airplane. They work closely with their co-pilot and air traffic regulators to ensure they take a safe and reliable route.

Pilots always check their airplane before a flight to review its condition and ensure it’s secure for flight. They follow strict health and safety regulations to keep themselves and everyone safe.

Their Salary is about $43.96 per hour.

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7.   Mechanic

A Mechanic has expertise in the repair of engine parts of machines and vehicles. Usually, a mechanic can acquire his or her skillset from Vocational training from an expert engineer. It just takes some hands-on field work to build his or her expertise.

The average pay of an Engineer is about $(39000- 91000) annually.

8. Electrician

An Electrician handles Electrical works i.e adjustment of electrical wear and tears, House wiring, and repair of electrical-related appliances as a whole. They specialize in handling electrical parts of any machine.

Their average pay is around $35000 per year.

9. Realtor

As with any job in sales, One needs to be conceptual as hell, but a lot can also depend on the housing market itself. That being said, to become a realtor, one simply needs a high school diploma, a real estate training course, and a license to sell but with the Wealthy looking to live in expensive cities, you’ll be just fine.

A Realtor’s average Salary ranges between $(40,000-200,000) yearly.

10. Land Surveyor

A land surveyor earns around $50,000 annually. With time, one could easily scale up to a six-figure income. All that it takes to become a Land surveyor is based on attaining a Professional license.

11. Welder

A welder, One who knows his way with mending metals to his or her will. This working class offers a pay of around $(37000 – 76000) per year.

12. Bartender

A bartender who sells drinks in a bar is another non-degree job that pays quite a decent pay based on the workplace and region.

A bartender earns about 25$ per hour.

13. Food Server

A food server works in a restaurant taking the orders from the waiter. A Food server’s job is guarded with a lot of health and hygiene-backed rules that provide a decent service that should please customers’ appetites.

The average pay of an individual is about $(24000-37000) per year.

14. Actor/Actress

Actors or Actresses these days easily get recruited just based on talent. Some teens even get the privilege of getting recruited at such a young age without even a request for certification.  An Actor can earn an average of about $( 24000 – 200000) per year.

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15. Web Developer

A web developer uses programming codes and structural representations for the development of websites, be it a back-end web developer or a front-end web developer. To acquire a job with such skills demand a vocational certificate or proof of expertise as such skill can easily be acquired over platforms like Udemy e.t.c.

The average earnings of a Web developer are about $(37000-77000) per year.

16. Real Estate Agent

If there’s one industry that seems indomitable, it’s the Canadian housing market. People seek affordable housing in big cities as well as smaller communities alike, and real estate agents can create a healthy career helping people find the right home.

They work with people looking to buy, sell, rent, and lease all types of properties, earning high salaries from real estate companies with added commissions. There’s a minimum yearly pay rate of $47000 per year.

17. A Waiter

A Waiter takes the orders from Customers in a restaurant to the Food server who meets up with both the chefs in the Kitchen to parcel the meal for the customer. A waiter’s pay is about $23.00 per hour.

18. A Janitor

A janitor can be anyone in Canada today. Reporting early to the workplace and cleaning up the place before the day starts and as well rounding up things as the day closes. A Janitor earns around $15.00 per hour.

19. A Writer

A writer can be a freelancer offering service over the web to those in need of Content writers. A writer’s pay rate varies a lot as he/she could earn around $30$ -$50 per hour of service.

20. A Flight Attendant

If anyone is to take a flight and travel around the world while building a proficient career, becoming a flight attendant will grant such opportunities. A flight attendant works for commercial airlines, providing instructions, safety guidance, and service for flight passengers during flights.

They play a very critical role in ensuring that everyone is safe and as delighted as possible before takeoff, while in flight, and up until deboarding.

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A flight attendant earns about $22.36 per hour.


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