The Easiest Way to Immigrate to Canada in 2022

The Easiest Way to Immigrate to Canada

Canada is one of the top countries in the world that encourages immigration to the country.  They plan to welcome more immigrants over the years. About three hundred thousand  (300,000) people immigrate to Canada yearly.

This is to show that they encourage immigration because even though they have a lot of land mass, they do not have the population to occupy this land mass.

The primary reason why Canada encourages immigration is because of its small population and low fertility rate. So, Canada needs immigrants to contribute to the growth of the economy. If not, the labour force will deteriorate. This results in low economic growth.

Advantages of Moving To Canada

There are many advantages of immigrating to Canada, and some of them are.

As part of their acceptance of immigrants from all over the world, Canada has immigration programs put in place that immigrants can apply to be able to obtain permanent residence.

The easiest way to immigrate to Canada solely depends on your peculiarity or connection to the country. Now that the immigration targets are getting higher, it is advisable to begin the process. Note that there is no simplest way to Immigrate to Canada, as good things do not come easy.

Some programs may be more accessible to you because of your work experience or school. At the same time, some may be harder to apply to. However, both require time because the process has many procedures.

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Even though the process of immigration can drain you financially and even sometimes emotionally, it is still worth doing. This is because, as stated above, Canada is one of the best countries to live in because of its apparent advantages and its wholehearted acceptance of immigrants.

In this article, the five most common and fastest ways to Immigrate to Canada in 2022 will be discussed.

The Easiest Way to Immigrate to Canada

1. Through Express Entry

This is one of Canada’s quickest and most common immigration programs. Individuals that apply through the express entry system can receive their permanent residence as early as six months. Three main programs run under the express entry system. They will be discussed briefly below.

Federal Skilled Trade(FST)

This is one of the three programs managed under the express entry system. This is an economic program for skilled workers. The skilled federal trade also uses a comprehensive ranking system to rate interested individuals against each other. They will invite the most competitive candidates to apply for their permanent residence.

One of the major requirements to qualify for the federal skilled trade program are: that the candidate must have at least two years of full-time work experience in a skilled trade. The working experience must have been gained within the past five years. And the individual must have had a certification to practice that trade in their resident country.

Federal Skilled Worker(FSW)

This is under the express entry program. It allows individuals with no connections in Canada to apply for permanent residency. It uses a ranking system called the comprehensive ranking system. This system ranks individuals who want to stay in Canada permanently.

Unlike the Canadian experience class discussed below, individuals do not need to have any Canadian work experience to enroll in this program. With the FSW, individuals must meet requirements like work experience, education, and language capability. Once all that is compiled, the individuals with the best scores will get invitations to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

This is the third program managed under the express entry system. The Canadian experience class is the best for individuals that have Canadian working expertise or work experience and seek permanent residence in Canada. This takes only three to four months to process.

To apply for the Canadian experience class, the individual must have had at most twelve months of full-time or an equal amount of part-time skilled work experience. The expertise must be obtained within the past three years before the date of application. If you have no recent Canadian work experience, the Canadian experience class is not an option. 

A few terms must be met to qualify for a Canadian experience class (CEC) application. You should have at least a work experience of three years and must be lawfully obtained and our work experience, etc.

It costs about two thousand three hundred Canadian dollars to migrate through Express entry. This price is for a single person. The cost for a couple usually is around four thousand five hundred Canadian dollars, which is almost twice the price for a single person.

2. Through Business Immigration

Suppose you have any business expertise. If you have experience running a business, this is the easiest way to migrate to Canada through a federal or provincial/territorial business immigration program. The government offers business immigration programs for candidates that wish to own a business in Canada.

There are also many provincial nominee programs (this will be further explained below) that help individuals interested in starting a business in a particular province. This program usually requires a certain investment amount in the company you want to start in Canada. The investment amount will depend on the program you wish to apply to.

Many provincial nominee programs have lower investment amounts for individuals starting businesses in less populated places.

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Other categories under business immigration are:

3. Through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

There are thirteen provinces and territories In Canada. This makes ten provinces and three territories.  Each of the provinces and territories handles its immigration program. They are called the provincial nominee program or PNP. 

Each province and territory has a different or unique immigration program. Because each province has different economies and populations, and even cultures as well. The is a favourite choice among people because it is one of the fastest ways to gain a Canadian permanent residence.

Once nominated through a provincial nominee program, you will get an added six hundred (600) comprehensive ranking system (CRS) Points.

4. Through Family Sponsorship

There are many immigration programs in Canada. But this type of immigration program offers an opportunity to Canadians to sponsor their family members to come to live in Canada. Before you are allowed to sponsor a family member to Canada, the sponsor must meet all conditions listed below:

They must be a citizen of permanent residence in Canada. And must be at least 18 years. A permanent resident can sponsor a family member even if they don’t live in Canada. Still, they must live in Canada by the time the sponsored loved one becomes a permanent resident of Canada.

The sponsor must have sufficient money to help support the sponsored family member for a while.

The sponsor must adhere to other requirements like a clean criminal record, etc.

5. Through Study Permit

This is easier for Individuals to immigrate to Canada with a permit to study. It is suitable for individuals who wish to work and study simultaneously. This permit is valid for the time of your study, but it is beneficial for individuals looking to immigrate.  Studying in Canada will give you a degree that is internationally recognized.

This gives you an edge over others when applying for permanent residence. An extra advantage is that you can apply for a post-graduate work permit. With this postgraduate work permit, you can work in Canada. This gives you Canadian work experience, which can be used when applying for permanent residence through one of the programs.

Requirements Needed for your Immigration Application

Apart from the financial requirements, there are other requirements. These requirements need to be met before an individual is considered eligible. These requirements vary depending on the programs. Different documents will be needed to ascertain your education, working experience, criminal record, medical history, and identity. As said above, these documents depend on the program you are applying to.

To know which document you will need to submit, decide on the most suitable program for you, and make sure you have the needed documents at hand to help ease the stress, you will go through during the application process.

The Cost of Immigration to Canada

After discussing the best and safest ways to immigrate to Canada, depending on the program most suitable for you, it is imperative to discuss the cost of immigration. This depends on the type of program you apply to. The cost of immigrating to Canada might be about 2,300 Canadian dollars or more.

This is for a single applicant. While for a couple can be twice the amount or more. There is also a family package. All these prices vary depending on the program you apply under.

This amount does not include the settlement funds individuals must show to be considered for Canadian immigration. (A settlement fund is a money shown as proof of financial support.) Although, if an individual applies through the provincial nominee program, extra fees might be needed, depending on the province or territory.

On the other hand, proof of settlement fund is not needed for individuals applying under the Canadian experience class or those with a Canadian job offer.

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Any form of business immigration will require an investment in Canada. Either by investing in a company or taking an interest-free loan.

For family sponsorship, no financial information is needed to sponsor a dependent child. But for parents or grandparents, requirements need to be met before you will be considered for application.

For those applying for humanitarian reasons, there are no financial requirements. The organization sponsoring the refugees must have raised enough funds to sponsor their immigration.


As the introduction states, there is no easiest or fastest way to immigrate to Canada. But some processes are more accessible and faster for different individuals depending on their unique reason for immigrating.

So, it is important to study the best types of programs to apply to and have all the requirements ready, from the financial requirements to all the other documents. This will make your Immigration application process a near-stress-free one. And before you know it, you will have immigrated to Canada to live the life of your dreams.

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