How To Migrate To Canada As A Truck Driver

how to migrate to canada as a truck driver
truckers in canada

It has come to an understanding that Canada, having a vast labor market, still intends to grant the opportunity for a vast majority of foreign workers to get jobs in Canada. More so, Canada having an influx of 431,000 immigrants in 2022 alone gives the sentiment of another relatively equal number in 2023 as well.

Ideally, this brings to the idea that years to come would offer such possibilities as such as is available to a professional Truck driver who still pondering on how to migrate to Canada as a truck driver to join the Canadian labor force.

However, it has come to our notice the strain many go through trying to migrate to Canada to join the workforce. Well, this article is packed with the necessities that are demanded of one to be able to migrate successfully to Canada as a Truck driver. Therefore one must have a proper read of the article to get the most out of the article at its end.

Furthermore, clarity on awareness of job roles will be detailed below, as such is very essential for one to know about before seeking to attain a work permit to become a Truck driver in Canada.

Who Is A Truck Driver?

A good question to ask is “who exactly is a truck driver?”. A Truck driver is a professional who operates heavy trucks to transport goods and materials over urban, provincial, Interurban, and International routes. Such individuals are employed by Transportation, Distribution, and Manufacturing companies.

They are also hired by several Logistics companies as well as trucking employment service agencies and they can even be self-employed.

A lame man could easily describe a truck driver as one who drives a truck to earn a living.

Why Be A Truck Driver In Canada?

Being a Truck driver at a time like this could be classified as Dreamworks. No flattery is attached when told that there are amazing benefits that this line of work offers.

Job analytics have proven that there will be 119,000 job openings before the close of the decade, Making available more than enough slots for those that should fill in for truck driving positions.

The benefits are quite satisfactory due to the many amenities that will be available to the truck drivers, such as a high-quality life, low cost of living, proper healthcare privilege, and many opportunities to level up in the workforce. Such individuals earn quite decent wages and this allows them to live in a country that leads in its economy.

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The job competition is very low which serves as an extra benefit as the demand for the skillset will be sought.

What Does It Take To Be A Truck Driver In Canada?

As well as the benefits lie in being a truck driver in Canada, There lies some requirement that one must ensure he/she has in check to become a truck driver in Canada.

To successfully migrate to Canada as a qualified truck driver under the NOC code 7511, you will need to have your documents and credentials certified by Canada. The essential documents required are but a few which are;

Minimum Work Experience Needed For A Transport Truck Driver.

The general outlook for a Transport truck drivers experience is for the individual to have;

With all this put into factor, there still lies the necessary follow-through process that is needed on how to successfully migrate to Canada as a Truck driver.

How To Migrate To Canada As A Truck Driver?

To attain a solid permit to migrate to Canada, there are several steps needed to be taken for one to be qualified. Below entails information on the how’s of the procedure.

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Steps Needed To Becoming A Truck Driver In Canada.

●      Knowing Your NOC And The Employment Requirements:

This is the first and essential step. Ideally, you need to make sure you have a job offer with the right National Occupational Classification (NOC) before you apply. This doesn’t call for a ruckus as Canada makes this easy since there are over 100 immigration programs and visas to choose from.

Find Your NOC Here

To work in any trucker company in the Northern world, you need to know the essential criteria that underlie the occupation which you are being offered. Below are the requirements for truck drivers in Canada according to Canada Job Bank:

A Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certification will most likely be needed if one is going to transport hazardous, dangerous goods. Some other additional licensing may also be required, depending on the type of truck.

●      Research The Job Prospects In The Province:

One thing to be avoided is applying to a province or company that doesn’t have any job opportunities for you. Escape this predicament by conducting the necessary research on the provinces that are waiting to fill the gap of truckers in the labor market.

Additionally, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the overall financial and social state of the province before deciding to settle there.

Therefore,  during the process, one should research the program requirements as well. Have in mind that the program criteria and employment requirements are two different aspects. Both sets of criteria should be looked into thoroughly by the applicant.

●      Knowing The Immigration Programs Available For Truck Drivers:

Take an assumption that one meets all the criteria that should qualify him or her for the job as a Truck driver in Canada, another thing is for him/her to select a region that would be most suitable for effective functioning in the field. In this third step, there are several programs that one would have to choose from which are available for truck drivers.

●      Provincial Nomination Provincial (PNP):

This program involves individuals aspiring to be truck drivers in Canada demonstrating their appropriate skill set, education, and work experience for the occupation. It’s also important for individuals to check the availability of job openings before filling out an application.

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●      The Express Entry System:

This is a Points-based online system that comprises three highly amenable immigration options that meet the needs and interests of the immigrants. The entry systems are underlined below;

A system like this driven by points offers the possibility for candidates with the most points to be entitled to apply for ITA.

●      Temporary Foreign Worker Program(TFWP):

This program is employer-driven and it offers Canadian employers a chance to hire foreign nationals who can cover up the skill shortage in a province/sector. Before searching for foreign skills, employers of labor are encouraged to first explore the local Canadian market to fill the labor gap.

Foreign workers successful under this program may require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which proves that your employer is authorized to hire an immigrant as a temporary foreign worker.

Indeed all of this could be a lot for the candidates to handle which brings in the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) to guide individuals throughout their immigration journey


What Are The Job Expectations As A Truck Driver In Canada?

Being a truck driver in Canada comes with its roles and responsibilities. Moreover, anyone could be enticed by the benefits that could come from being a truck driver in Canada but it’s important that one also pays attention to the responsibility that needs to be taken into account.

Such responsibilities are;

All these are but a few responsibilities a Transport truck driver takes on fieldwork for proper follow-through in his/her day-to-day process.


Truck drivers in Canada can earn an annual salary between $30,000 to $80,000 per year. Entry-level positions earn around $39,779 and the highest paying long haul drivers earn about $81,000 per year.

As much as experience is not a major requirement for application, it’s an essential factor that can offer one credibility during application being that the Express-entry system takes experience as a very crucial factor.

Yes, It’s mandated that all employers should apply for a federal labor market impact assessment to hire foreign workers ( International truck drivers).

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