How To Become A Junior Project Manager | Job Description, Salary, Required Skills And More.

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We will be taking a look at the job description of a junior project manager, the tasks, duties / responsibilities, and day-to-day activities.

Who is a Junior Project Manager?

A junior project manager is a person tasked with the management of a project development team set to achieve a project goal in the scope of limited time and resources such as budget. (S)he maximizes allocated resources to achieve the project outcome.

What is Project Management?

Project management involves planning, organizing, and managing resources both human and non-human to implement a plan.

Junior project manager job description

They take charge of the project development team to develop and complete a project complying with the clients’ vision and objectives. The undertaken project is mostly within a fixed period to produce specific and unique goods, services, or any specified outcome which adds value or brings about the desired advancement.

The job of project management spans several industries such as civil engineering, software development, IT project management, conservation project management, architecture project management, telecommunications, etc.

While the business or company is repetitive and fairly permanent, the projects supervised by a junior manager are temporary, requiring specific and unique skills to achieve.

They lead the project development team with members such as designers, contractors, etc. using technical and management skills and strategies to make sure everything goes according to plan. They fix the plan and sequence of operations, skills refresher, and impartation exercises of the development team members.

The project plans include budget, allocation of specific treats to each development team member based on their unique set of skills, set goals to achieve by a set time, he also named a graphical representation of the planned chronological sequence of events to a set time.

They report to a senior project manager regularly. They might have to work daily assisting the senior project manager.

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Essential duties and responsibilities of a Junior Project Manager.

  • They monitor and evaluate the entire project development process and puts together a progress report from time to time.
  • They serve as a bridge or link between the project owner to the members of his or her project development team.
  • They set standards and specifications to make sure the project is executed perfectly and flawlessly.
  • They ensure the client’s specifications are met including all legal rules and regulations guiding the projects.
  • They spell out the standards of the regulatory agency if there is one to the team.
  • They lead a brainstorming session with the team, listening to suggestions and ideas to facilitate proper project execution.
  • They work officially from 9 am to 5:30 pm every weekday (Monday – Friday). However, they might be required to put in extra hours on the weekends.
  • They are required to test the ability to work, motivate, and lead people from different backgrounds and fields work each with its unique peculiarities.

The job can be done physically or remotely. While junior project managers may work physically with members of their team, they might also work from home depending on the nature of the job.

Junior project manager jobs can be found in construction companies, Non-governmental organizations, engineering and software companies, information technology facilities, and other industries that are involved in research.

Junior Project manager salary

Junior project manager jobs have different and varying salaries based on location, qualification, level of experience, team size, and deadline.

Location to a great extent determines the level of pay. While states like Montana has a really low average pay of thirty-three thousand, six hundred and seventy-five dollars ($33,675) annually with an hourly average of roughly sixteen dollars ($16), places like the District of Columbia have an average salary of ninety-six thousand, six hundred and fifty-two dollars ($96,652) or an hourly pay of forty-six dollars ($46)

Salary also varies based on experience and qualification. Having a master’s degree will greatly affect pay. Also, a Manager with 20 years of experience will earn more than a manager with less than three years of experience

The size of the project development team being managed also affects the pay. Managing a team with 1- 4 members will earn less compared with managing a team of more than twenty members.

How to become a junior project manager.

You need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and adequate knowledge of the business industry if you seek to be a junior project manager. The job exists in many industries so, you must be versatile and acquire the necessary certifications required in each field.

The role of a junior project manager is very competitive so when applying for the position it is important to submit your application with an attractive resume. A junior project manager’s resume should highlight your skills and level of experience. It is important to ensure that your resume is precise and captivating. 

Some employers require that you have some level of experience in the field while some provide on-the-job training for employees.

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Junior Project Manager Required Skills

Several skills are needed to be proficient in this line of job. The skills required are as follows:

  • Time Management; this is very important because projects have deadlines. You must be able to carry out instructions accordingly and timely to enable the project manager to make progress with the project.
  • Ability to be careful and help the senior project manager keep track of progress; this skill will come in handy when you need to look back at how far the project has come, what you can do better next, and what you shouldn’t do. Paying attention to details is also important to ensure that you notice when something goes wrong in time and correct it as soon as possible.
  •  Good computer knowledge and skills; you must be knowledgeable about the computer especially about Microsoft (Word, Excell, Point, etc). This will help you to carry out proper documentation and record-keeping project.
  • Ability to manage risks; this is important because every project comes with its risks such as rejection from clients or unexpected results. A project manager should always anticipate risks and as an assistant, you should have the ability to help prepare a backup plan to avoid disappointments.
  • Ability to help the project management plan and organize projects; making plans involves ensuring that the plans are feasible and the resources are available or within reach. Budgeting is another area of planning you must be good at to ensure that the project goes as planned and meets the standard. As an assistant, you must also be able to remind the project manager about issues that may be forgotten.
  • Excellent communication; you must be able to effectively communicate with the senior project manager, stakeholders as well team members. You must also have the ability to attentively listen to and interpret instructions from the senior project manager and what other people have to say to enable a smooth flow of the work process.
  • Interpersonal skills; this means you must be courteous, respectful, polite, and friendly especially to those you are working with. When there is no cordial relationship, the working environment might not be comfortable and this could hinder the flow of ideas and efficiency.
  • It is important to familiarize and remain updated about project management methodologies; a senior project manager will prefer to work with a junior who is familiar with the job and has an in-depth understanding of the methodologies needed to complete a project.
  • Ability to multitask; because you are working as an assistant, you might be called upon to perform various tasks thus, it is very important to be able to carry out different instructions at the same time and in an organized manner. This makes you more efficient in your job.
  • Critical and logical thinking; you should be able to contribute to the progress of the project and constructively criticize issues when necessary. This will make the job easier for the project manager and other members of the team.


The job is very demanding and tasking but also rewarding. You need to be adequately equipped for all situations you could face in the line of work. A junior project manager has to have an impressive resume to be considered by most employers. You need to get as many certifications and qualifications to be considered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about assisting in project management:

What does a junior project manager do?

He or she mainly assists the senior project manager in planning and executing various project operations.

What is the average junior project manager’s salary?

They earn an average salary of $55,873 per year.

Do I need previous experience to be a junior project manager?

It depends on the employer. Some require that you have previous experience while others train employees on the job.

Are project managers allowed to work remotely?

Most junior project management jobs can be done from home, however, some require in-field tasks.

Do I need a degree to be a junior project manager?

Yes, you need a degree. You might also need extra certifications and licensures as well as internship training to be hireable.

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