Hagan Scholarship Foundation | Eligibility, Scholarship Worth and Deadline.

Hagan Scholarship Foundation

The Hagan scholarship opportunity is a great scholarship program held in the US every year. Thus, this scholarship program is keen to assist undergraduates throughout their study in the University. Being one of the beneficiaries of this scholarship program is a privilege as it s a fully-funded scholarship program.

The Hagan scholarship program is being anchored by the Hagan scholarship foundation. Although, this scholarship program is only awarded to students who are citizens of the United state or have a permanent residents permit therein.

Hagan scholarship foundation is on a scheme to assist students from rural areas to gain financial freedom. Therefore, graduate from a tertiary institution debt-free. In other words, if you’ve been looking for a fully-funded scholarship to undertake any program of your choice in the US, in the University of your choice, then this is is the great opportunity you’ve been searching for.

Meanwhile, you are expected to carefully read through the walls of this article to get the most out of this scholarship opportunity and to successfully get the Hagan scholarship application done.

Who Own’s The Hagan Scholarship Foundation

The pioneer and head of the Hagan Foundation scholarship are Dan Hagan. He is a self-made entrepreneur from Columbia. Hagan has made a name for himself in real estate and business. Now, he is using his success to support his philanthropic goals.

Hagan, a Missouri native, grew up attending four very small rural public schools located in Fayette, Green City, New Franklin and Tina-Avalon, Missouri.

Hagan attended MU from 1969 to 1972. While attending Mizzou, he used savings from employment to invest in real estate and common stock and was successful in his endeavours.

In 2011, Hagan shifted a considerable amount of his time, energy and resources to philanthropic pursuits. Because of his experience growing up in rural Missouri and working throughout high school and college, Hagan was inspired to help students from similar backgrounds.

In 2008, he established the Hagan Scholarship Foundation (HSF) with the sole purpose of “helping rural students graduate from college debt-free”.

Since its inception, HSF has awarded 2,452 scholarships, with 450 of them being granted in April of 2021. Currently, 194 HSF recipients will attend, have attended, or have graduated from schools in the University of Missouri system.

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Benefits of the Dan Hagan Scholarship Foundation.

There are a plethora of benefits obtainable from the Hagan scholarship opportunity. Among them are;

Host Nationality.

The scholarship program is hosted and sponsored in the United States of America.

Eligible Institutions to Undertake Scholarship Merit.

Recipients can attend any traditional four-year not-for-profit college or university accredited by one of six regional accreditors in the United States. Students are allowed to choose from more than 300 institutions. You can visit the link below to see Eligible institutions.

Eligible Country.

Only students who are citizens of the United State or have a permanent residence permit is eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Number of Awardees

Over 2,400 Hagan Scholarships have been awarded to date. Six hundred more scholarships can be awarded before the end of 2022.

Eligibility Criteria

The Hagan Scholarship application is opened for both merit and need-based purpose. This means that financially incapable students are eligible to apply. Likewise outstanding students in their various fields of study.

Meanwhile, below are the general eligibility criteria you must meet to apply for the Hagan Scholarship program;

How to Apply.

Application for the Hagan scholarship program is usually done online. Hence, to apply, you have to visit the scholarship application link below. You will be required to fill in your personal details, educational achievements and other necessary information.

Application Deadline.

The application link for the Hagan scholarship program is usually enabled during September every year. Thus, application for the scholarship program normally ends every December.


The Hagan scholarship program is worth applying for. Hence, if you are a student and exceptional in your academics, we would advise you to give applying to this opportunity a thought. You would definitely smile at the end as they are many benefits attached to being a Hagan scholarship foundation scholar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hagan Scholarship Foundation.

Can I attend the college or university of my choice?

YES. Recipients can attend any traditional four-year not-for-profit college or university accredited by one of six regional accreditors in the United States. Eligible institutions.

Can the Hagan Scholarship be used to attend Graduate School?

YES. Recipients graduating college in less than four years can use the remainder of their eight-semester Hagan Scholarship to attend graduate school or a professional school. Graduate students must earn 12 GPA credit hours each semester to be eligible for HSF funding.

Can the Hagan Scholarship be used to Study Abroad?

NO. HSF will only fund study abroad using Study Abroad Awards; unless study abroad is a mandatory degree requirement and the recipient obtains a waiver from HSF.

Can the Hagan Scholarship be used to fund Online courses?

Online courses are permitted only if the course IS NOT offered as a seated on-campus class and is a mandatory degree requirement. Online credit hours are limited to 6 hours each year. 

Is this a need-based or merit-based scholarship?

BOTH. Recipients must authenticate financial needs to attend college. Then, recipients are selected based upon academic ability, achievement in and out of school, personal goals and future promise.

I have a conflict, can I be excused from attending the second and fourth year Mandatory Workshops?

NO. Workshop attendance is mandatory. You will have to decide which is more important to you, the conflict or Hagan Scholarship.

Will the Hagan Scholarship help pay personal expenses?

YES. Disbursement amounts are determined using the Total Cost of Attendance, which include room and board and personal expenses.

Can the Hagan Scholarship be used to attend a community college?

NO. Recipients must attend a four-year not-for-profit accredited college or university. Students can typically work and attend a community college without incurring substantial debt.

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