2022 Inner-City Scholarship Fund.

Inner-City Scholarship Fund
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Education is one of the most precious gifts you can give your child. Unlike material things that wear out, education will always be part of a child’s life and would contribute massively to such a child’s success in life.

To secure a promising future for your child, we’re glad to inform you that the Inner-city scholarship sponsored by a Catholic group assures you of debt-free quality education.

Wondering if your child will be eligible?

The good news is that every child, regardless of their family’s economic status, parent’s marital status, ethnic group, background, religion, color, gender, etc, is eligible for an Inner-city scholarship fund.

The Catholic Church worldwide has successfully helped thousands of students achieve their academic goals by providing a variety of scholarship programs for underprivileged children. Over the years,  Catholic schools have spread across the globe to bring quality education closer to people than ever before.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of volunteers and donors worldwide that have taken up the responsibility of increasing access to Catholic schools for low-income families.

Students eligible for Inner-city scholarship funds are between the age of 2 upward. The reason is that the most rapid brain development stage starts from the age of 2. Besides, having a standard education from the early stage will positively influence a child’s academic performance in the future.

Another wonderful fact about the Inner-city scholarship fund is that it has a low competitive rate. In fact, your child doesn’t have to write any professional exam before he/she can be qualified.

Moreover, we found out that the Catholic schools that grant financial assistance to students are known to be among the top institutes that have the highest graduation rate. This means that most beneficiaries of Inner-city scholarships often perform excellently well.

For a better understanding of Inner-City scholarship funds and to know the important things you need before applying for these scholarship programs, we provide an in-depth review on Inner-city Scholarship Fund, Level/Field of Study, Host Nationality, Eligibility Nationality, Scholarship Worth, Scholarship Number, Application Deadline, Inner-city scholarship fund packages, Scholarship Program, Merit-Based Scholarships, and Grants, etc.

About Inner-City Scholarship Fund

Inner-City Scholarship Fund was founded in 1971 by the late Terence Cardinal Cooke and a group of prominent executives of many religious beliefs. Due to inequality in the society whereby some people could afford to give their children standard education while some don’t, Terence thought it would be good to bridge the gap.

To provide educational opportunities for underrepresented children, Terence and other religious believers formulated the idea of encouraging minority students to attend Catholic schools for free. This was backed by the vision that the inner-city scholarship will help reduce the level of illiteracy among the poor.

It was also stated that it will prevent minority children from dropping out of school before graduation due to financial issues.

Fortunately, these goals have been achievable and we hope that the Inner-City scholarship fund will continue to tremendously change the lives of many underrepresented children by giving them the opportunity to go to school.

Currently, the committee in charge of the Inner-City scholarship fund stated that over 11,000 students (89% minority and 40% non-Catholic) have benefited from the scholarship funds. In addition, out of 99% percent of graduates attending inner-city Catholic, 98% are been accepted to colleges and universities across the nation.

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However, this remarkable success does not mean the journey has been all smooth. Our research had it that this organization faced a lot of challenges during its first few years. Aside from limited funds to provide for the available students, there was an organizational imbalance that affected the smooth running of the scholarship program.

Despite these challenges, partnerships with donors all around the world helped the organization to grow.

On the other hand, education in Catholic schools through inner-city scholarship funds has positively influenced a lot of students to be morally upright.

One of the evidence to these can be traced to an account made by Diane and William

“…But we note the mounting evidence that many Catholic schools, in particular, provide the structure, discipline, and nurturing climate that enables disadvantaged youngsters to stay in school, study a challenging academic curriculum, graduate and go on to college-not to mention developing the virtues needed to succeed later on as workers, parents, and citizens”

Scholarship Program

The inner-city scholarship fund program is aimed at creating mass enlightenment through education by providing high standard Catholic school education that will make the heart of a parent or child feel grateful.

Level/Field of Study

The inner-city scholarship scheme is open to high school students and undergraduate students. No particular field of study is specified for this scholarship.

But for clarification, you can consider studying these courses as an aspiring undergraduate:

  • Religious Studies.
  • Communication and Language Arts.
  • Communication Arts.
  • Communication Studies.
  • Counseling and Psychology.
  • Creative and Visual Arts.
  • Creative Arts.
  • Criminology and Security Studies.
  • Drama, Dramatic or Performing Arts.
  • Economics.
  • Economics and Development Studies.
  • Education Arts.
  • Efik-Ibibio.
  • English and International Studies.
  • International Relations
  • English Language and Communication Studies.
  • English and Literary Studies.
  • English Language.
  • English Language and Literature.
  • Linguistic Studies.
  • European and Nigerian Language.
  • Film Arts.
  • Fine Art and Applied Arts.
  • Fine Arts and Design.
  • Foreign Languages and Literature.
  • French.
  • Spanish.
  • Industrial Chemistry.
  • Science Laboratory Technology.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Anthropology (Biological).
  • Marketing.
  • Interior Design.
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Science.
  • Industrial Physics.
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics.
  • IT.
  • Agricultural Extension.
  • Agronomy.
  • Animal Science.
  • Animal Breeding and Genetics.
  • Animal Nutrition.
  • Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology.
  • Animal Physiology.
  • Animal Production.
  • Animal Production and Fisheries.
  • Animal Production and Health.
  • Animal Production and Health Service.
  • Animal Science and Fisheries.
  • Animal Science and Fisheries Management.
  • Animal Science and Range Management.
  • Animal Science and Technology.
  • Animal and Environmental Biology.
  • Animal Biology and Environment.
  • Applied Microbiology.
  • Applied Biochemistry.
  • Applied Biology.
  • Applied Biology and Biochemistry.
  • Applied Biology and Biotechnology.
  • Applied Botany.
  • Applied Chemistry.
  • Applied Ecology.
  • Applied Geology.
  • Applied Geophysics.
  • Applied Mathematics with Statistics.
  • Applied Microbiology and Brewing.
  • Applied Statistics.
  • Applied Zoology.
  • Aquaculture and Fisheries Management.
  • Archaeology (Single Honour).
  • Artificial intelligence.

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Kindly search for more courses if this list doesn’t entail the course of your choice.

Host Nationality

The inner-city scholarship funds were hosted in New York by the Catholic education system. However, interested candidates can apply in any country they choose.

Eligibility Nationality

As said earlier, the inner-city scholarship fund program is aimed at helping the less privileged children to attain the academic level they desire. As a result, this scholarship fund program is open to all students regardless of their family background, race, family income, gender, color, etc.

In summary, both national and international students can apply.

Who May Be Eligible to Apply for Inner-City Scholarship Fund?

Although the inner-city scholarship fund program gives every student an equal chance of being selected, however, there are certain criteria that if not met, it may mean that you won’t benefit from the scholarship funds

Some of the Common Criteria are:

  1. The candidate should be enrolled in any catholic school (this is not applicable to students starting from kindergarten)
  2. Students must be having a good academic record before applying for inner-city scholarship funds (students starting from kindergarten are excepted)
  3. Students must prove to need financial assistance; else, such students won’t receive financial aid from Catholic schools.
  4. Students must have a good record, that is, must be known to be morally upright because Catholic schools are established to educate students not rehabilitate rebellious students.

Application for the Inner-city Scholarship Fund.

There is no standard application method for inner-city scholarship funds. For instance, there may be manual application in uncivilized areas while Catholic schools in urban areas may mandate electronic mode of registration. However, candidates for inner-city scholarship funds apply online in most cases.

To be clear on this, kindly visit the Catholic school near you to find out about the mode of application.

Here are some tips to note before applying for inner-city scholarship.

  • Provide proof of acceptance by an accredited Catholic school.
  • Submit your latest approved transcript.
  • You must demonstrate the need for financial assistance

Scholarship Worth

$12 Million Dollars is the Inner-city scholarship fund award per annual

Each recipient may be eligible to receive the fund approximately worth $24,000 per year.

$20,000 is the average annual cost to educate public school student

$8,600 is the average annual cost to educate a Catholic school student.

Number of Scholarships

No particular number of recipients is specified for an inner-city scholarship.

Inner-city Scholarship Application Deadline

The Catholic school inner-city scholarship fund has no specific deadline. The application date depends on your country or state. Intending applicants are encouraged to visit the school they desire to enroll in for more information about the admission date.

Scholarship Types

To make Inner-city scholarship funds more accessible for the less privileged students, the committee in charge offers a variety of tuition assistance programs which includes:

#1. Be A Student’s Friend

This is another unique program Catholic schools provide to enhance quality education. Be a student’s friend program unites donors with the Catholic school scholarship beneficiaries in elementary or high schools.

The principal of the Catholic school the beneficiaries (students) attend is responsible for connecting donors with the students. To build a cordial relationship between donors and beneficiaries, the principal will consistently update the donors about the student’s welfare.

In some cases, the donors may decide to meet the beneficiaries personally.

#2. Cardinal’s Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is sometimes in collaboration with the inner-city scholarship fund. Cardinal’s scholarship program aim at providing tuition assistance to families that decide to transfer their children from any public elementary school to a Catholic elementary school.

The slight difference between this financial aid program and inner-city scholarship is that amounts are awarded to each student based on their family need as well as the tuition of the school such families want their children to accept.

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#3. Inner-City High School Award Program

This inner-city scholarship fund is basically for students between ages 9-12. However, students beyond age 12 can also apply. This scholarship program provides the opportunity for students moving from Catholic elementary school to Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of New York.

This is to provide such students the opportunity to apply for high school awards and other related programs.

#4. Emergency Tuition Assistance

This inner-city scholarship fund award provides a one-time grant to families experiencing unforeseen financial hardship which unfortunately may affect their children’s education. This program enables students to remain in a stable environment in their Catholic schools to ease them of tension or discomfort.

#5. Merit-Based Scholarships and Grants

These scholarship programs are organized by donors that are passionate about rewarding Catholic schools with high-achieving inner-city students that have exceptional academic excellence, and significant impact in their societies.

#6. General Assistance Programs for Elementary School (K-8):

This financial aid program is in partnership with the Cardinal’s Scholarship Program. The aim of this program is to provide financial assistance based on a student’s cost of tuition. However, only students transferring from a public school or currently attending an elementary school in the Archdiocese are eligible.

#7. General Assistance Programs for High Schools (9-12)

This is similar to the elementary school scholarship award in the sense that the scholarship program is awarded based on students’ cost of tuition and their families financial needs. Moreover, this scholarship is only available for students moving from Catholic elementary schools to Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of New York.


Catholic schools through inner-city scholarship funds have helped nurture and build future leaders by providing equal access to quality education. As a result, people from poor backgrounds can now boast of having sound education without running into debt.

All thanks to Catholic schools for providing inner-city scholarship funds that are available for thousands of people all around the world.

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