2022 TWU Scholarships for USA Female Students [Updated!!!]

TWU Scholarships
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Do you know that you can achieve your goals by having a standard education? Getting a quality education as a US female citizen shouldn’t be hard anymore through the help of TWU scholarships.

About TWU Scholarships

Texas Woman University (TWU) is a public university system in Denton, Texas. Over the years, the exceptional academic activities and full financial aid support for female students have made TWU the largest state-supported university primarily for women in the United States.

The Texas Woman’s University financial aid program (TWU Scholarships) are annual awards that worth $10 million. TWU scholarships are mainly merit-based, departmental, endowed, and need-based. The primary purpose of these scholarships is to help female citizens in the US from poor backgrounds enjoy debt-free education.

One of the unique features of TWU scholarship is that both new and current students can apply for either the Spring or Fall semesters.

For an in-depth understanding of TWU scholarships, this article explains in detail about scholarships for TWU, the field of study in TWU, Host nationality, Eligible nationality, Scholarship worth, Number of scholarships, How to apply for TWU scholarships, etc

Field of Study in Texas Woman’s University

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Host Nationality

The TWU Scholarships have been strong financial aids for women in the U.S, to equip them with the necessary skills they need to become successful women and housewives.

The host of these scholarships is the Texas government and their goal is to increase the literacy level among women.

Eligible Nationality

The main factor that will qualify you for the TWU scholarships is that you must be a female and a permanent Texas resident.

Scholarship Worth of the TWU financial aid

TWU scholarships are diverse depending on your status. For instance, the scholarship award for new students ranges from $1,200 to $3,000 per year while the worth of TWU scholarships for continuing students is slightly different.

The good news for new students applying for TWU scholarships is that they can continuously renew their scholarship for about four years and also have access to other TWU financial aids.

Eligibility for the Texas Woman’s University Scholarships

To benefit from Texas Woman’s University (TWU) Scholarship as a U.S citizen, you must meet the following criteria;

  • You must prepare all your academic transcripts and admission applications then ensure that you submit them to the TWU Admissions Office or Graduate Admission Office before the deadline for the scholarship application.
  • You must be a student who has been enrolled for a specific period before you can be eligible for TWU scholarships. For instance, undergraduates should be enrolled at a minimum of 12 hours; 9 hours at the minimum time for graduate students while the period for graduate assistants is 6 hours.

Can you apply if you have an exceptional case?

Yes, you can

Although TWU scholarships require full-time enrollment; however, you can still be eligible if your degree program does not require full-time enrollment.

Another exception you can enjoy is when the TWU scholarship available only permits part-time enrollment.

How do you Apply for the TWU scholarships?

Knowing the right way to apply for financial aid at Texas Woman’s University is essential because it increases your eligibility.

Here are the steps you should take while applying for TWU scholarships:

Extra note: TWU scholarships like many other scholarship programs in different institutions have deadlines. Ensure you take note of each deadline and work towards meeting up with deadlines.

Moreover, note that as a prospective student, once you submit your general form, you will be automatically matched as a new student. However, that doesn’t guarantee an automatic TWU scholarship because you will have to qualify as a new student before you are enlisted among students on scholarship.

Scholarship hints

Many students wonder why they get rejected oftentimes whenever they apply for TWU scholarship, the truth is, you need to be enlightened before you apply.

The following tips will help you avoid common errors while applying for TWU scholarship and will also help you stand a better chance of being selected.

Update yourself about the TWU Scholarship program.

The first thing is to know when the application will be on and the deadline for the application. Do not make the mistake many students make by procrastinating before doing the needful.

Once you know the deadline for the application submission, start getting all the needed files ready. This may include your official transcripts, letters of reference, etc, depending on the enlisted requirements.

Don’t be in haste to fill out your application form.

Providing wrong information on your application form can cause you a lot of stress to rectify (if noticed late) or may disqualify you from the TWU scholarship.

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Carefully follow these guidelines while applying for TWU scholarships.

TWU Scholarship/Grant Opportunities.

To provide maximum support for female students and ensure easy access to affordable education, Texas Woman’s University has various types of scholarship and grant opportunities.

The good news is that these opportunities are open for both U.S female citizens and international female students. Although the level of competition may be high, however, these financial aid programs only last for the first year you enrol in the school.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t bother you because there are many other TWU Scholarships you can apply for which will provide more favourable financial assistance to you.

#1. TWU Pioneer Scholarships System

Each year, the Texas Woman’s University provides different scholarship awards worth more than $10 million for eligible students. These scholarship awards include merit-based, departmental, endowed, and need-based scholarships.

To provide equal opportunity for potential female students to apply, TWU provides a searchable database for Pioneer Scholarship System where students can easily identify potential scholarship opportunities.

#2. Good  Neighbour Scholarship

Are you a female student and a citizen of the Caribbean and North or Central and South America?

If yes, you should start considering applying for this scholarship. The good neighbour scholarship award provides a complete waiver of tuition for eligible female students from the countries stated above.

Nevertheless, the conditional factor for this scholarship is that eligible students will have to pay all applicable university fees until the final decision is made on the candidates that won the scholarship.

After reviewing each student’s academic record, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board makes the final decision and announces the selected candidates.

Tip: The application for this scholarship is always open between January/February.

#3. Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG)

The Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) is one of the top scholarship programs students apply for. The need-based funding program only applies to the tuition fee of students.

The conditional factor of this scholarship is that you must be a student of TWU for a minimum of one year and be good in F-1 before you can be eligible.

In addition, your current Grade Point should be at the average of 2.5 before you can apply for this scholarship.

#4. Departmental Scholarships

The departmental scholarship in TWU is a yearly financial aid award sponsored by donors such as alumni groups, academic departments, etc. The objective of this scholarship program is to reward students with extraordinary academic excellence by giving them free education.

To be a participant, you must register online before the end of the deadline announced for each system.

To participate in the 2021 spring semester departmental scholarship awards, you must submit your application form before November 15.

Extra note: If you’ve received a TWU scholarship, please note that the renewable scholarships will not be possible until your spring grades have been posted. If you meet the requirements for renewal, the scholarship will automatically transmit to your financial aid.

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#5. Terry Foundation Scholarship

The Terry Foundation scholarship is only available for new students at TWU. This scholarship program was established by Howard and Nancy Terry in 1986. The purpose is to provide a full scholarship in terms of tuition, accommodation, books expenses, etc to outstanding Texas high school graduates and transfer students to further their education.

The unique factor about this scholarship is that new student can renew their scholarship for up to four years. However, transfer students can renew their scholarships within three years of their academic program.

Hints on Terry Foundation Scholarship

#6. TWU Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarship is a full academic scholarship for new students that are valedictorians or salutatorians of a renowned high school class. To be eligible, you must apply for the scholarship on time and maintain a minimum of 3.25 GPA to continue the scholarship.

#7. TWU Honors Scholarship

This scholarship is one of the best TWU scholarships new students can enjoy. Each eligible candidate is given up to $6,000 per academic year and is renewable for up to four years.

#8. New Transfer Student Scholarship

Just as the name states, this scholarship program is specifically for new transfer students transferring from an accredited school to TWU. Candidates must have gotten at least 13 semester credit hours before applying for this scholarship.

A new transfer student scholarship offers at least $2,000 worth every year for up to three years. If you are aspiring on applying for this scholarship, note that you must have a good academic report. The reason is that your cumulative grade point and the number of semester credits will be compiled before you can transfer to TWU. You may want to see the 9 Easiest Top Schools To Transfer Into.

TWU Scholarship Deadline

The TWU scholarship deadline is 15th of March for the fall and spring semesters. The online system identifies all scholarships for which each student is eligible to apply.

For general financial aids information including deadlines, cost of attendance, and application forms for university-wide scholarships,

Frequently Asked Questions on TWU Scholarships for USA Female Students.

How long does it take to get accepted into TWU?

The acceptance decision is reached within two weeks of submitting your documents

How do I know if I’ve been accepted to TWU?

Check your Application Status

– Visit WebAdvisor and select “Main Menu.”
– “Login” via the link in the upper right corner.
– Log on with your username and Portal Password (no @twu.edu after your username)
– Select the “Applicants” blue rectangle.
– Review your applicant and account information.
– Check for missing documents

What is the TWU acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate for Texas Woman’s University is 93.2% (2020)

Does Texas Woman’s University offer scholarships?

Yes, Texas Woman’s University awards more than $10 million in scholarships annually, which includes merit-based, departmental, endowed, and need-based scholarships. However, scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is exhausted.

What majors is Texas Woman’s University known for?

The following field of study are available at Texas Woman’s University:

Biological & Biomedical Science
Business, Management & Marketing
Computer & Information Sciences
English Language & Literature
Family, Consumer & Human Sciences
Health Professions
Homeland Security, Law Enforcement & Firefighting
Legal Professions
Liberal Arts / Sciences & Humanities
Mathematics & Statistics
Multi / Interdisciplinary Studies
Parks, Recreation, Leisure, & Fitness Studies
Personal & Culinary Services
Physical Sciences
Public Administration & Social Service
Social ScienceVisual & Performing Arts

What GPA do you need for Texas Woman’s University?

An average of 3.21GPA is required for admission into Texas Woman’s University.

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