13 Best Computer Science Internships to Consider in the US | 2022.

Computer Science Internships
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Computer Science Internships have become more popular in recent years. This is probably due to the boom in the IT industry. Most job opportunities now require that you are computer savvy, or at least that you are proficient in the use of basic computer tools. 

About Computer Science Internships

Computer Science Internships offer students the opportunity to learn the core of their chosen career. It is one thing to understand the theory, another to know how to practicalize and yet another to put all these into day-to-day work situations. This is what computer science internships seek to achieve.

Internships do not only offer the needed experience, but they also serve as cv requirements in some fields like computer science. The high demand and increase in the supply of computer scientists have made the field fit only for the best. You need to gain more experience than just a major in computer science will not be able to provide.

The difference between you and another competitor in the field might just be the advantage you have as a result of your computer science internship.

Preparing for a Computer Science Internship.

Since we have established that internships are important, it is good to prepare ahead of time for your computer science internship.

You will need to know when you intend to start the computer science internship program; summer, winter, fall. This will help narrow your search on the available computer science internship opening.

You also need to decide the type of company you will like to work with. This is greatly influenced by your area of specialty. You should be looking out for companies with relevant openings.

Whether or not a company is paying should not be a priority when it comes to choosing where you want to do your IT. It is good to apply early to get sufficient time for planning, application, interviews, etc.

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You need to decide on the type of company that will be most suitable for you. Sometimes interning at a big company with different departments could be best cause you get to experience the workings of your field on a large scale. Working in a small company also has its advantages cause you will likely be involved directly, hence giving you a chance to gain more experience.

Types of Computer Science Internships

There are various types of computer science internships

#1. Front-end Computer Engineering Internship:

Here, the focus is on the appearance of the application. Front-end interns are concerned with building interfaces.

#2. Back-end Computer Engineering Internship:

While the front-end interns focus on creating the interface, back-end interns are the ones who focus on writing codes on which the application will function

#3. Full-stack Software Engineering:

This category of computer engineers works on both the front end and back end. Full stack engineers have to be knowledgeable in computer codes, web, and graphic design, system management, etc.

#4. Product Management:

These are in charge of marketing the applications. They run checks to ensure that the applications are in good condition

#5. Data Scientists:

This category of interns are involved in collecting and analyzing statistics to fully understand what users want.

#6. Mobile Computer Engineering:

They run both front end and back end to create mobile devices.

Available Computer Science Internships in 2022.

#1. Hallmark Data Science Graduate Internship:

Hallmark is a consumer brand that seeks to build meaningful connections. Hallmark is seeking a data science intern who will be responsible for data analysis for hallmark. This data is expected to give insight as to the growth index of the company.

The intern is expected to translate and summarize these data in such a way that it will be easy for the company to interpret. In the past, Hallmark has taken interns in various areas. These computer interns have undertaken projects that have contributed to the growth of the company.

Location and Deadline

#2. Chevron Internship Program:

This internship offers selected undergraduates the opportunity to work with IT gurus to create innovations. This is a most converted opportunity for computer students. You will be giving the opportunity to learn important skills and a lot of things about computers on a first-hand basis from professionals in the field.

There is also the added advantage of having work experience with the company. This will boost your chances of securing a job with the company. The number one criteria is you must be an undergraduate or a post-graduate student of computer science or other related majors. Interns will be expected to work with a team of other computer savvy individuals.

Location and Deadline

#3. Microsoft:

Microsoft is one of the leading companies when it comes to everything computer. It is the dream of most computer science students to work at Microsoft. The  Microsoft Office in Turkey is currently seeking interns.

This internship opportunity provides you with a chance to learn so much about computers. The interns will be working with other members of the company to meet the needs of customers and also should be someone who has a BSc in computer science or other related courses or is currently an undergraduate.

The internship comes with a lot of benefits. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply as recruitment will be done without any form of discrimination

Location and Deadline

#4. Walmart:

Although a retail company, Walmart hires interns in virtually all areas including computer science. Computer Science/IT interns at Walmart play various roles including programming, system analysis, data collection, etc. At the end of the internship program, exceptional interns are sometimes offered permanent employment with the company.

Location and Deadline

#5. Apple:

Apple is currently one of the fast t  growing IT companies. They are also offering an opportunity for the SA for interns in the summer. The opening is for graduated and undergraduates

Location and Deadline

#6. IBM:

IBM runs a “team internship.” These teams are given tasks which they are expected to carry out together. At the end of the internship period, teams are expected to present their finished task during the IBM expo.

Location and Deadline

#7. Boeing:

Boeing runs their internship based on individual skills. The internship is open to computer science undergraduate and postgraduate students. The interns are allowed sharpening their skills and making informed choices as to areas they will want to specialize in.

Location and Deadline

#8. Alphabet Inc:

Google is one of the leading search engines with millions of users worldwide. The company is recruiting interns who will take part in various areas in the company including programming. Applicants will be interviewed in different areas of their specialization including coding.

Location and Deadline

#9. Dell:

Dell is currently looking for 28 computer science students to recruit as interns. The company’s cloud management services create PCs and servers. The internship is expected to last 10-12 weeks and the interns will learn a lot by participating in challenging projects.

Location and Deadline

#10. Intel:

The company is looking to recruit interns who are in their first or second year as computer science students. They have a 3.0 GPA criteria that interns are expected to meet. The interns will write codes, optimize them, and learn debugging.

This internship comes with a lot of advantages like networking opportunities,  hands-on experience, etc

Location and Deadline

#11. Raytheon Technologies:

The company is well known for security defense systems. Selected interns will have the opportunity to learn a lot, especially when it comes to cyber security and programming. They have both full-time and part-time internships all year round except during winter. Interested students must have at least a 3.0 GPA

Location and Deadline

#12. Cigna:

The company runs an early career development program known as TECDP. The program is a summer program where interns are given various challenges that will build their capacity. The internship also has a mentoring and networking session where interns get to interact on development opportunities.

The internship is open to high flying students with a 3.2 and above GP in computer science

Location and Deadline

#13. Berkshire Hathaway:

Berkshire owns a lot of companies in the U S. It also owns shares in big companies like Coca-Cola, and Apple.  The company offers paid internship positions in IT.

Location and Deadline

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When it comes to computer science internships, there are a lot of openings in various companies. Above is just a list of a few we consider as being among the top computer science internships in 2022. Your area of interest and location should guide you in applying for internships with companies of your choice.

It is however advised that you carefully consider the criteria the companies have put in place for prospective interns before applying. There are even some computer science internships for high school students. You can simply go online and search for computer science internships near me to see those internships in computer science that are within your location.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Computer Science Internships.

Paid Computer Science Internships depends on company and location, however, the average computer science intern salary in the USA is $38,300 per year or $19.64 per hour.

Best Computer Science Internships

The best time to start applying for internships is before and during your Fall semester/quarter

A Software Engineer Intern makes an average of $21 per hour or $0.50 (2%) more than the national average hourly salary of $20.95.

The computer science intern is involved in designing software but is also involved in many aspects of hardware and the architecture of large computer systems. You will be part of the team that develops new products and solve practical computing problems.

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