Top 17 Business Internships in the United States (US).

Business Internships
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Area of discipline is a determinant factor for the type of internship to be applied for. A business student will scout for business internships, while a student in the marketing department will search for either same or Digital Marketing Internship.

Additionally, an IT student would want to scout for either Graphic Design Internships or Video Editing Internship Programs.

What is an Internship?

An Internship is a job opportunity for a specified period offered by a company or rather an employer to prospective employees referred to as interns, this enables them to gain experience and practical skills. Interns are mostly students but also graduates looking to gain relevant work experience and skills needed in the field of work.

Business Internships

Business Internships refer to work opportunities in a commercial enterprise for interns to gain relevant work experience, skills and to build relevant contacts and networks to boost their CV and business skills.

Business internships are undertaken by students and graduates looking to gain experience in the business. Both employers and interns benefit from this arrangement. The employers hire the best interns to save money and time while the business interns trade their services for experience in a business organization.

They help the business interns develop a professional business network to help interns increase their chances of favorable employment at the end of their business internships.

Business internships are usually flexible mostly part-time running through a semester to allow students to continue with school work as they strive to attain a future career in the field of business.

It can be paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time it may last for a long period or short period depending on the agreement between the employer and business intern.

Business internships for college students are usually scheduled for the second or third year covering fields such as management, marketing, accounting, and finance.

Opportunities exist in form of business internships for high school students after school hours, such as business summer internships exist during the summer holidays

Business internships help aid student’s transition from only students to a part of the business workforce The inexperienced students can connect the theoretical aspects of their studies to real-life hands-on experience.

Business internships in the US.

Several companies offer business internships in various departments. Some business internships in the US are as follows.

#1. Product Marketing

A product marketing internship as one of many business internships opportunity offers a chance for interns to learn about product marketing. This entails advertising for a company to increase the sale of its products.

Product marketing interns learn the skills to promote a product through affiliate marketing, celebrity endorsements, using catchy phrases, great packaging.

They also learn to enter a target market and make the products enticing to the target group by using the right means, for example, tv advertisements, online advertisement campaigns, and so on.

Interns learn to gather data to analyze market trends and interpret market trends to improve the overall perception and sales of the product. It enables the interns to understand how to enter a competitive market and flourish.

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#2. Sales Internship.

This sort of internship allows the intern to learn about the business through direct customer relations. Sales internship entails selling products to customers daily. While interns are tasked with making sales calls, they also get to observe sales calls from a more experienced workforce in the field.

A sales internship gives the intern a file foundation in the business world in hope of a future career.

#3. Business Administration Internships.

A lot can be learned about running a business from a business administration internship position. The intern gets to be a part of the business project undertaken by the company both new and ongoing.

This position gives an overview of what it takes to run a business and its departments from accounting, finance to sales and operations. Business analysis, strategy, and team building are also valuable skills the intern should learn in this position.

Generally in this position, the intern learns about the day-to-day activities of a business, a valuable skill that would help them further in their perspective careers in business.

#4. Business Consulting Internship.

A business consultant is an expert in various business fields such as accounting, law, marketing, finance who offers their advice to a business organization. Business consultants gather and analyze data to make recommendations to their clients.

Business consulting interns work under business consultants or a business consulting firm to gain consulting and problem-solving skills alongside knowledge of different kinds and aspects of a business. They also gain knowledge and understanding on how to research and compile information for an informative presentation.

A business consulting intern might be employed by a company as an in-house consultant or have their services hired temporarily as a business consultant.

A business consulting internship greatly boosts the chances of an intern enthusiastic about going into business management or consulting in their future careers.

#5. Business Development Internship.

Business development entails activities undertaken by a business or suggested by a business developer to help the business experience growth. Simply put, it means any activity by a business to make it grow. It involves market expansion, increasing profitability, sales growth,

Business development extends over several business departments and it helps the interns develop their skillset in a variety of fields such as finance, commerce, marketing, market analysis, and business administration among others

#6. Business Analyst Internships.

Business analysts analyze historical data in an intricate process employing methods of statistics and data analytics technologies to gain a better understanding of a business and make important, strategic, and smart decisions to gain leverage in a competitive marketplace.

Business analyst internships unlock the critical understanding and comprehension skills of the internal to evaluate and convert data into meaningful information which can help to identify business tendencies and trends. This internship develops the decision-making process of the interns to make better-informed decisions based on data and facts.

#7. Accounting Internships.

Accounting entails making and maintaining transaction records. Generally, it is a professional job that encompasses making daily transactional records of a company. Accounting records a company’s finances including its financial position and cash flow.

Accounting Internships provide interns with exposure to the world of accounting. Work experience is required in most schools before graduating and it increases the student intern’s chance of readily getting into the field upon graduation.

Accounting Internships are broad and could cover many departments such as profits analysis, budget, taxes, and auditing.

#8. Profit Analysis Internships.

This involves analysis to determine how profitable a business is. Interns work and observe experts to practically learn how to use data to calculate a  business’ earnings and its level of income; in short, its profitability. These helps management to make better-informed choices

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#9. Budget Internships.

Business budgeting involves creating a forecast or estimation of a business’s income and expenditure to make adequate allocations to relevant departments.

Interns gain all these skills to further nudge their careers on the right path and develop their overall knowledge and understanding of business.

#10. Taxes.

Taxes are a normal part of a business operation. It involves paying a financial charge to the government to help fund its daily activities. Taxes are very important and unique aspects of a company as it holds severe legal repercussions. Failure to pay taxes is usually punishable by law.

Tax interns learn the legal and financial aspects of a business with its implications.

#11. Finance.

Finance implies the study of the money system and its tools, such as investments and other financial instruments.

Finance internships can be classified into public finance, corporate finance, and asset management.

#12. Public Finance

When interns work in a public department to assess government income and expenditure and funding of government projects. Interns learn public finance skills.

#13. Corporate finance

This entails the funding of corporations, allocation of resources and activities to increase the value of the company and subsequently the shareholders.

#14. Asset Management

Asset management involves operations and supervision of assets in a costly manner.

Internships for high school students. It covers all aspects of the asset such as operations, advancement, upgrades, and maintenance of a variety of assets ranging from human to nonhuman assets

#15. Equity Research.

This is research done in a business field to make better and more strategic decisions on whether to buy or sell shares and how to invest in the field.

Interns learn analytical and decision-making skills.

#16. Insurance.

An insurance intern will work with clients to assess their insurance needs. This will help them read situations carefully and pay close attention to details. There are several sub-fields under insurance where interns can utilize their skills.

  • Commercial Lines Underwriting
  • Human Resources
  • Life Actuarial
  • Life Underwriting
  • Personal Lines Underwriting

#17. International Business Internships.

An international business internship is a great choice for interns who wish to have a future career in international business. It exposes the interns to different business practices around the world and widens their horizon.

Several companies and firms offer business internships to international interns. Companies such as KPMG international limited,  Motivo, Meta Consulting group, Afiac insurance company, BTG Pactual, Marie Keating Foundation, BPL digital, CODELCO, Fraud Retail Media, Mazars, Havasu, Bancolumbia, Credit Suisse, Santander, Grant Thornton accounting company, quintessentially, and FIFA among others

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While international business internships require business interns to travel, most are virtual Internships allowing interns to work from the comfort of their homes.


These are not the only business internships in the United States but we decided to limit it to 17. Kindly make use of the comment box below to send in your questions and do not forget to share.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Internships in the US.

What do you do in a business internship?

What you do in a business internship depends on the department you were placed. As a Product Marketing intern, you’re to learn the skills to promote a product through affiliate marketing, celebrity endorsements, using catchy phrases, great packaging.

How much do interns get paid?

The average hourly wage rate for a bachelor’s degree intern is $16.26.

What is business internships?

Business Internships refer to work opportunities in a commercial enterprise for interns to gain relevant work experience, skills and to build relevant contacts and networks to boost their CV and business skills.

What are the best business internships?

Here are some of the most common internships for business majors:

* Product Marketing
* Sales
* Business Admin
* Business Consulting
*Asset Management
* Insurance.
* Finance.

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