11 Best Photography Internships Abroad In 2021.

Best Photography Internships Abroad
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What are Photography Internships?

Photography Internships are opportunities that professional photographers and photography studios offer students who are enthusiastic in the field to gain work experience.

Photography Internships are one of the easiest ways to fast-track a career in photography; doing an internship while studying is key because it can help you create a good network and gain practical skills that will help you move your career forward.

Benefits of Photography Internships

Internships provide experience for photographers who are just entering the industry. A photography school will teach you things about creativity, lighting, editing, and other technical aspects.

But a hands-on training in the field will allow you to learn new techniques and skills that you might not be taught in the classroom. This is because you get to apply what you have learned in the classroom to real-life situations.

Photography internships will give you an understanding of how to run a photography studio or how to assist a professional photographer. You will also learn about the business aspect of the industry and get the opportunity to create networks and connections that can help you gain more contracts and jobs.

There are also paid photography internships. This type of internship opportunity allows you to make and save some money while you learn.

How to get Photography Internships

There are many different types of photography Internships such as paid photography internships, summer photography internships, photography internships for high school students, etc. All these internships may have either different or similar processes when it comes to the application but in most cases to get a photography internship involves;

Creating a Physical Portfolio

Ensure you have a portfolio that showcases your skills as a photographer; print out your images on glossy paper or any other type of photo paper and make sure you are creative about it. If you can showcase these to employers, you will have a higher chance of getting hired.

Making lookbooks is a good idea. Try to make a custom portfolio and lookbook that is geared toward the position you are applying for, to further increase your chances of getting the internship opportunity.

Make sure that your portfolio not only gives details of what you do but is also creative and interesting

Creating a Digital Portfolio

Buying a domain, like www.yourname.com, and building a portfolio site is a really good investment when trying to get photography internships. With a webpage like Squarespace you can make a really good site even without first-hand knowledge of web design and development. Using digital portfolios sites is quite simple and offers you more space and styles to showcase all your work.

Make sure you create social media accounts for your photography on all social platforms if possible. Examples of such include a Facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. It is advisable to separate your photography social accounts from your accounts;  it is more professional not to jumble up business and personal life.  

See how you can create fan pages on various social platforms.

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Finding Photography Internships Online

Thanks to advancements in technology, you don’t need to search through classified ads or newspapers to find opportunities. There are so many of them on the internet; many companies are looking for young photographers to hire you as interns.

You can apply to companies that put out ads or you can approach companies that haven’t. Just make sure that you have a good portfolio both physically and digitally, and pitch creative ideas to them.

When you find an opportunity and you want to apply for it, ensure that you go through all the requirements and meet up with them. This will give you a good chance of being a successful applicant.

Writing a Cover Letter

Submitting a cover letter is highly recommended when applying for an internship. A cover letter should state reasons why you should be given the internship opportunity. You can include personal information about who you are, and your previous experiences. A cover letter is not a resume; it is a way to let the employer get to know a little more about you beyond just your name.


References are usually in form of a letter of recommendation from your previous employers. Volunteering or working with a charity organization or church can also help add more experience and effect that demonstrates you are doing well as a photographer.

Attending Interviews

During your interview, showcase your technical expertise, let them know what you’re capable of, and show them that you’re eager to learn new things. Internships are about employers giving new people the chance to learn the business and work from the bottom-up. Showing that your eagerness to learn during your interviews will increase your chances of employment.

Doing physical interviews can be very scary, and may require more preparation than phone interviews. It is highly advisable to wear professional clothing, speak with confidence, be there on time and be the best version of yourself.

Employers want interns that are easy to work with and have some knowledge about the field beforehand so you can let them know your skills and abilities in the cause of the interview.

It is also very important that you meet up all the requirements asked by the employer or company offering the internship opportunity.

11 Best Photography Internships for Summer 2021.

#1. Sports Photography Internship

Requirements: Applicants should have completed coursework in Photography or Photojournalism or Communications and have a solid understanding of the Internet as well as good knowledge of how to use different cameras.

#2. Food Photography Intern

Requirements: Applicants must have a solid knowledge of digital photography, composition, color quality, and aesthetics. They must also demonstrate a high level of creativity in using images to tell the story of how food is made.

#3. Designer Photography Intern

Requirements: Applicants must have a background understanding of Mechanical Engineering Drawings and BluePrint reading. Excellent concentration and high Ievel of organizational skills is very important.

#4. Research Intern – Computational Photography

Requirements: Applicants must have an education in areas of research, development, and in prototype advanced technologies in areas such as Computer Graphics, and Machine Learning.

#5. Social Media Intern

Requirements: Applicants must be studying photography, marketing, or the arts/design. Applicants are also expected to maintain an active and engaging online presence for Jambrina throughout the internship program.

#6. Intercollegiate Athletics Photography Intern

Requirements: successful applicants are required to have their equipment. They must also have basic knowledge of taking pictures and editing.

#7. Medical Social Media Intern

Requirements: applicants are required to have the ability and skills needed to handle video and photography shoots at the hospital. They must also have the ability to draft, copy/develop assets for the medical center’s social media accounts.

#8. Health Social Media Intern

Requirements: applicants should have a solid knowledge of photography, videography as well as content creation. The internship will include content creation of photography and short videos, writing engaging, short social media posts for different healthcare clients.

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#9. Online Thrift Photographer

Requirements: as most fashion photography internships require, applicants must be very creative and have a flair for fashion. One year of photography and photo editing experience is also required. Ability to work with different types of photographic equipment and software.

#10. Teaching Artist

Requirements: Working Assumption offers photography Internships for high school students thus applicants are required to have some experience in working with high school students. They must also have experience in photography education, preferably with teenagers.

#11. Dental Imaging Trainer

Requirements: a high school diploma or equivalent and foundational knowledge of clinical photography.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

The easiest way to find photography Internships is to search online. You can streamline your search to the location you want.

Yes there are. There are  photography internships Chicago, photography Internships Los Angeles, and many other cities.

There are many photography summer internships, all you need to do is check online for internship ads.

Although there are not many of them, some firms and industries offer internship opportunities for students in high school.

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