Top 20 Best Summer Internships for High School Students.

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It has come into thoughts, the affairs of young individuals during summer and holiday breaks whereby many don’t really have what do, where to be at and several means in which they can make themselves very useful in many ways than none, acquire knowledge that would be very necessary for them in the long run.

This article is set out to provide Intel with several summer internships that young individuals can engage themselves in on the summer breaks. This is so they can acquire educated skills that can make them useful in the field and, if possible, earn some money for themselves in the long run.

What Is Internship?

Our typical dictionary definition says that an internship is the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization sometimes without pay to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. 

Furthermore, an internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student’s field of study or career interest. An internship gives students the opportunity for career exploration and development and to learn new skills.

It offers the employer the opportunity to bring new ideas and energy into the workplace, develop talent and potentially build a pipeline for future full-time employees.

What are Summer Internships?

Every year young people from all over the world search and apply for dream internships, different demographics applying to fill the spot over the years.

There’s a cluster whenever high school students and college freshmen find themselves wanting to get knowledge on fieldwork. Such an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in their field of study is one they don’t want to miss.

To this context, summer internships in colleges are usually 8 to 12 weeks long and follow school semesters depending on when the students get out of school, summer internships usually starts in May or June and continues through August. The most common type of summer internship is to begin right after memorial day and run through the first week of August.

Qualities of a good internship.

 Below are several qualities of a good internship;

Benefits of an Internship Experience.

Internships provide students with a hands-on learning experience as they gain a glimpse into the reward. Giving them a front-row seat to a potential career choice. They’re going to the internship thinking they want to work at a specific company or in a specific industry. Then come out of the internship in the oven to confirm those thoughts or having decided to pursue something completely different. 

The idea is that they get to know now if they like a job rather than when they graduate. So many people move into jobs they dislike after graduation because they didn’t know internships are a good way to curb that likelihood.

Not only do students who participate in Summer internships get little experience to back up their educational learnings. Also, it helps them build their resumes. Which having a great resume is one of the prerequisites when searching for a job after school. Meanwhile, where you did your interns really matters as it gives you a leading edge during interviews.

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Internships also provide networking opportunities. Most college students don’t have a professional network internship change. Students leave internships with a Rolodex of professional contacts who can help them gain future employment. Whether by serving as a reference or by alerting them to job opportunities.

A summer internship stands out on a student’s resume and is among one of the best things a young person can do to prepare for the reward and college graduation.

Expectancy from a Summer Intern.

Putting into context, the several requirements that a student should meet after a claim of attending an internship. Below are several factors that are used to rate the effectiveness of a student over the period of service to the firm or institute the student must have engaged in :

Several Summer Internships for College Students.

Finally, bringing to you the Summer Internships 2021 for high school students :

#1. Rosenblatt Securities – New York, NY 3.7

Rosenblatt Securities one of the leading financial market brokers in the US is seeking interns for immediate part-time and full-time summer 2021 to support a rapidly evolving team of equity research analysts.

Estimated Salary: $31,000 – $42,000 a year

#2. ACLU – Internships – New York State. 

Internship Duration: Part-time internships are a 12-week period and full-time internships are a 10-week period. Familiarity with quantitative research methods.

Estimated Salary: $29,000 – $40,000 a year

#3. Global Research Sophomore Summer Analyst Program.

Bank of America – New York, NY 3.8

Interns will participate in group projects and presentations, offering the opportunity to learn from one’s own program assignment and benefit.

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#4. Fall 2021 Undergraduate Intern, Women’s Rights Project.

ACLU – Internships – New York State

The internship is open to all undergraduate students who will have completed at least one year of school before the internship commences.

Estimated: $41,000 – $52,000 a year

#5. Fall 2021 Undergraduate Intern, National Prison Project.

ACLU – Internships – Washington, DC

The Project seeks to promote prisoners’ rights through class action litigation and public education. Its priorities include reducing prison overcrowding, improving prisoner medical care, eliminating violence and maltreatment, and increasing oversight and accountability in prisons, jails, and other places of detention.

Internship Duration: Part-time internships are a 12-week period and full-time internships are a 10-week period.

Estimated: $36,000 – $48,000 a year

#6. Summer 2022 Quantitative Investment Internships.

Fidelity Investments – Boston, MA 4.1

Quantitative Research and Data Analytics Internship. Looking for an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate your analytical attitude to impact financial decision

Estimated: $77,000 – $98,000 a year

#7. Students – Equity Trading Desk Summer Internships

SMB Capital – New York, NY 5.0

The internship is structured as an 8-week program with a target start date in early June but has some degree of flexibility around your school schedule.

Estimated: $65,000 – $83,000 a year

#8. Chicago Transit Authority – Chicago, IL 3.6.

Internships are part-time (15 hours a week) during the school year and full-time (40 hours a week) during the summer. Board and President’s Office.

Estimated: $12 – $17 an hour

#9. Undergraduate Summer Internships Program – Support Integration Officer

Central Intelligence Agency – Washington, DC 4.3

GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale at the time of application and maintained throughout the application process and internship program.

Estimated: $46,300 a year

#10. Product Analyst Intern – Summer 2022.

Belvedere Trading – Chicago, IL 3.0

If you have a passion for technology and the financial markets, gaining experience as a Product Analyst Intern at Belvedere Trading could be the internship for you.

Estimated: $42,000 – $54,000 a year

#11. Diverse Investors Student Experience Internship – Summer 2022.

Fidelity Investments – Boston, MA 4.1

After the summer experience, successful interns will have the option to explore various junior internship opportunities in Asset Management.

Estimated: $50,000 – $65,000 a year

#12. Internship – Creative & Design (Fall 2021)

300 Entertainment – New York State 4.4

Tentative Start/End Dates: 9/1/2021 – 12/10/2021.

300 Entertainment is an independent record label based in NYC, we are currently seeking interns to join our Team

Estimated: $15 an hour

#13. BEES 2021 Internship Opportunities

BEES – New York, NY 4.0

2021 Summer Internship Opportunities within BEES. If this sounds like you, then we encourage you to apply for a BEES summer internships. We put the hive first.

Estimated: $37,000 – $50,000 a year

#14. Corporate Function Development Summer Analyst Program – 2022.

Bank of America – Charlotte, NC 3.8

As a summer analyst, you will participate in training sessions, informational meetings, senior speaker series, networking events and community service.

#15. Internship Opportunities – Summer of 2021

Henry Schein – Melville, NY 3.7

Internship Opportunities – Summer of 2021 (Job Number: 10230).

Henry Schein Inc. offers internship opportunities for current college students and recent.

#16. Internship – Digital Strategy (Fall 2021)

300 Entertainment – New York, NY 4.4

Tentative Start/End Dates: 9/1/2021 – 12/10/2021.

300 Entertainment is an independent record label based in NYC, we are currently seeking interns to join our Team. 

Estimated: $15 an hour

17. Fall 2021 Internship, Affiliate Support and Nationwide Initiatives.

ACLU – Internships – New York State 

Fall 2021 undergraduate/graduate internship opportunity. This internship is open to all graduate students and undergraduates.

Estimated: $42,000 – $53,000 a year

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#18. 2021 Internship Cohort (All Remote – Pacific to Central time zones preferred).

8minute Solar Energy – the United States +1 location

2021 Internship Cohort (All Remote – Pacific to Central time zones preferred). Interns must maintain a commitment to the completion of the internship.

Estimated: $37,000 – $49,000 a year

#19. Perception Internship, Autopilot (Fall 2021)

Tesla – Palo Alto, CA 3.4

This position is expected to start at or around May 2021 and continue through the entire Summer term (i.e. through August or September).

Estimated: $53,000 – $72,000 a year

#20. Global Markets – Summer Analyst Internship

NOMURA – New York, NY 3.9

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will close in September 2021.

Estimated: $60,000 – $81,000 a year

Meanwhile, you can learn more about these internships and their application procedures through the link below;


This Article has detailed down the several Summer internships high schoolers and college freshmen can partake in, involving different fields that leave anyone craving for as many as possible. Please if the confusion persists, reach us in the search box below. Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Summer Internships for High School Students.

What are the best summer internships for high school students?

11 Best Summer Internships for High School Students:

1. Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) at Google.
2. Microsoft High School Internship.
3. Kaiser Permanente LAUNCH Program.
4. Johns Hopkins CARES Summer Program.
5. Central Intelligence Agency Summer Internship.
6. NASA High School Internship.
7. The Intern Group International Internships.

How do I find the best summer internships?

1. Start your search early. If you want a summer internship, start preparing far in advance.
2. Research career industries.
3. Search job boards.
4. Use your professional network.
5. Create an effective resume.
6. Keep sending applications.
7. Communicate with potential employers.

Can you intern as a highschool student?

Many interns are offered full-time positions after graduating from high school or college, so some extra work now can be lucrative in the long run. In fact, in a survey of over 300 employers, 45% said that high school internships will “very likely” or “completely likely” turn into a full-time job at their company

How many internships should I graduate with?

Usually, it’s considered good to have at least one before you graduate, usually in between your junior and senior years. Even better is to have 2 or 3, but that’s a stretch sometimes, as it’s difficult to get an internship as a freshman or sophomore CS student (but not impossible).

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