11 Paid Internships Abroad In Summer 2021.

Paid Internships
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Looking for Internships Abroad this summer? Here is a list of not just internships but Paid Internships Abroad this summer that will allow you to make some money while you undergo training.

An internship is a work training program that allows students or recent graduates to have hands-on experience in the field they desire to go into. Internships are one of the best and efficient ways to acquire skills and knowledge in any field of your choice.

International internships provide a higher advantage because they allow you to gather experience from different places in the world and permit you to learn from and about different cultures as well as help you to develop a sense of Independence by stepping out of your comfort zone.

There are different types of internships which include full and part-time internships, paid internships, and unpaid internships. There are also seasonal internships like the paid summer internships or fall internships that are only available in those seasons.

Internships are available for every career, there are also paid internships for high school students, undergraduates, graduates, and even individuals who may not have acquired any formal education.

Full internships require students to enrol in the program full-time, this type is mostly easy for recent graduates while part-time internships are programmed around schools’ academic calendars to enable students to attend school while enrolled in the internship program.

Paid Internships are those programs that pay participants stipends or benefits on a weekly or monthly basis while unpaid internships do not offer any form of payment to the participants.

The following is a list of Paid Internships Abroad in Summer for 2021.

1.  Paid Hospitality Internship in Australia

This internship provides participants with the opportunity to be trained by professionals at top resorts in the world in the areas of hospitality and food production. This program is available to anyone who is between the ages of 18 to 30 and it is the only Australian paid internship with a minimum wage of AUD18.93 per hour. The starting price for this scholarship is  $4,500.00

Program Summary

  • Internship: Paid Hospitality Internship
  • Host: Australian Internships
  • Location: Australia
  • Award:  $18.93 per hour

2.  Culinary Arts Internship Program.

The program is hosted by Gastronomie France. The program is for students or recent graduates of culinary and hospitality. Participants will work for 30- 40 hours a week in restaurants, hotels, and castles in France to learn various French and international cuisines in hospitality scenes.

To qualify for this internship program, participants must be fluent in either English or French and must have the experience of working in a hotel or restaurant.

The reward is 554€ a month and Gastronomie France will take care of participants’ accommodation and meals.

Program Summary

  • Internship: Culinary Arts Internship Program
  • Host: Gastronomie France
  • Location: France
  • Award: 554€ per month

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3.  Paid Remote Internships

This internship is hosted by Capital Placement. The program will run for six months and can be taken part-time or full-time depending on whether the participant is a student. Those who enrol part-time will work between 5-20 hours a week while those who enrol full-time will work for 40 hours a week.

Participants will be trained in areas such as journalism, engineering, and public relations in companies located in London and Singapore. They will also take on projects in their various fields at the end of the internship program.

Participants will be paid between £100 to £650 every month and they will also receive a £500 scholarship for future in-person internships. The starting price for this internship is USD750.00

Program Summary

  • Internship: Paid Remote Internship
  • Host: Capital Placement.
  • Location: Online.
  • Award:  £100 to a £650 per month

4. Sales Management Internship

This internship is hosted by Medulin Excursion, a tourism company. Participants will receive training in the areas of marketing, sales, and tourism. This program does not require any previous experience or starting price but having the ability to speak English or German as well as other languages is an advantage.

Program Summary

  • Internship: Sales management Internship
  • Host: Medulin Excursions
  • Location: Croatia
  • Award: commissions vary

5. Digital Design Paid Internships

Like many other paid graphic design internships, this program trains designers to create new ideas, engaging, and effective designs that improve web user experiences and can promote marketing campaigns, brand promotions, and product launches.

They will learn to create designs such as digital layouts, animations, websites, etc. This is a full-time paid internship that will last for 3 months with a pay of $37,000 – $45,000 a year.

Program Summary

  • Internship: Digital design Internship
  • Host: Sense Studio
  • Location: New York
  • Award: $37,000 – $45,000 annually

6. Traveling Internship Pro Paid Internships.

This is a customized internship hosted by Traveling Internship Pro. The program will improve the business skills of participants and allow them to get hands-on professional experience, through regular journies to various places and enjoy numerous cultures and cuisines.

Participants will also be trained in fields such as law, design, human resources, and healthcare. The internship is only available for 20 participants and Traveling Internship Pro will provide accommodation, handle their placements, and sponsor their visas.

The program will last for six to twelve months and can be either part-time or full-time. Each participant will be connected to an indigenous Vietnamese student who will serve as a “buddy” and help them find their way around. The starting price for this internship is $299.00.

Program Summary

  • Internship: Traveling Internship
  • Host: Traveling Internship Pro
  • Location: Vietnam
  • Award: ₫2,000,000 monthly

7.Paid Internships in Luxury Hotels In Spain

PIC Management is offering paid internships in top luxury hotels across Spain in cities like Barcelona, and Madrid. Interns will be trained in areas such as customer care and services, food and beverage provision, hotel management, and public relations.

The participants will also gain professional experience in culinary and language skills. The starting price for this program is 455 USD.

Program Summary

  • Internship: Paid Internships in Luxury Hotels In Spain
  • Host: PIC Management.
  • Location: Spain
  • Award: $13 per hour

8. Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP)

This is one of the few paid internships for high school students. The internship is available for students who desire to pursue a career in science or engineering. There are only Three Hundred positions for high school students. The program will run for eight weeks during which students will research the Department of Navy (DoN).

They will receive stipends twice every month on a biweekly basis and there is no starting fee required.

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Program Summary

  • Internship: Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Internship Program.
  • Host: Department of Navy.
  • Location: United States of America.
  • Award: $3,500

9. i-to-i TEFL

This Internship is available to individuals who are interested in the educational sector in Vietnam. The program will last five months and participants will be placed in local schools to teach students from ages four to eighteen. Participants will also enrol in TEFL courses and earn a TEFL certification, to improve their teaching skills.

Applicants must be citizens of the U.S., Canada, U.K., New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, or South Africa and must have at least a bachelor’s degree. TEFL through the local activities coordinator will assist participants with Visa applications, accommodation, and other areas. They will receive an $800 monthly stipend.

10. Hospital Research Paid Internships.

This is an entry-level clinical staff position. Participants will carry out various research on clinical databases and perform other clerical duties. They will also perform clinical trials and assist researchers to investigate, organize, gather and collate research data.

Like most professional Washington DC internships, participants are required to have a Bachelor’s degree and work experience of at least 2 years. Participants will be paid $40,000 – $52,000 annually.

Program Summary

  • Internship: Hospital Research Paid Internships
  • Host: Children’s National Hospital.
  • Location: Washington DC
  • Award: $40,000 – $52,000 per year.

11. Student Library Intern.

Participants will be trained to have hands-on practical experience in documenting,  caring for, and preserving books that are rear. They will also familiarize themselves with library practices such as evaluating resource materials, books, photographs, and other materials.

The program will last for one semester and participants will work for 20 hours every week.

Applicants must be undergraduate students with at least six credits or graduate students with at least three credits in Florida International University. Participants will be paid $16 per hour.

Program Summary

  • Internship: Student Library Inter.
  • Host: Florida International University.
  • Location: Miami, FL.
  • Award: $16 per hour


Paid internships allow you to enjoy the practical and real-life experience and in the field, you intend to pursue a career in. Aside from gaining more skills and knowledge, paid internships allow you to make some money while you undergo training.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Paid Internships

Are there any paid internships in Miami?

Yes, several internship programs offer stipends and rewards to participants in Miami.

Are there paid internships for high school students?

Yes, many high school internship programs reward the participants.

Are there any openings for Washington DC paid internships?

There are many openings such as Youth engagement Internships, communication Internships, Public affairs Internships, etc.

Which paid graphic design internships are available for the summer?

Design and creativity Internships, 3D design Internships, Creative services Internships, etc.

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