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Taft High School
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Taft High school is named after William Howard Taft the 27th United States president in office from 1909-1913 and also the tenth Chief Justice of the country.

The William Howard Taft high school named after the eponymous former president includes The Taft high school, Chicago, Illinois founded in 1939; the William Howard Taft high school San Antonio, Texas, founded in 1985 and lastly founded in 1960 Taft Charter high school, Los Angeles, California.


Taft High school (Chicago) is a public secondary school founded in 1939, and one of the one hundred and forty-eight managed by the Chicago Public schools district. The school is a coeducational institution with both male and female students taking classes simultaneously.

The institution is a high school offering from seventh to twelfth grade with a wide range of departments including visual arts department, design department, language and literature, performing arts, mathematics, physical and health education, language, acquisition, drivers education, individual and societies, advanced placement, advancement via individual determination, Chicago police, and firefighters training academy, International Baccalaureate diploma program, International Baccalaureate middle years program, Navy Junior Reserve Training Corps (NROTC), sciences and engineering to mention a few

Taft High School Population.

Taft High School has had a relatively stable student population of approximately Three Thousand, Three Hundred and Seventy (3,370) and a teacher’s population of One Hundred and Sixty-four (164)


Taft high school is represented by the colors; royal blue and silver


Taft High school Chicago is guided by the watchword “Teaching Academics For Tomorrow”


The Taft alma mater was composed by James J. Stamm a teacher who taught at the school from 1956 to 1983:

O we hail thee Taft High

With hearts and minds, we’ll hail thee

Dear old Taft High

With pride, we’ll always praise thee

Be thou our guide

Through life to never fail thee

Our guiding light

To brighten hope, we’ll hail thee

Taft High, dear Old Taft High!

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There are several interesting school clubs on campus to help students develop and maintain interests and hobbies. Some of these clubs are animation club, anime club, art club, baking club, business club, digital media, computer gaming club


Taft High School has a wide variety of sports for all genders such as baseball, basketball,  chess, cheerleading, fishing, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, water polo, and wrestling to mention a few

The institution holds sports in high regard. It is no wonder a handful of notable alumni of the high school are accomplished athletes. Athletes such as Jim Grabowski a former NFL running back, Ken Henry, a United States gold medalist are graduates of the institution.

Competing in the Chicago Public League, the institution has achieved some level of success over the years in various sports. The boys’ baseball team won the league in the 1968 season,  the girls’ volleyball team won the league also in the 1979 season.

The boys’ football has also won the league in 1972 and 2018. The wrestling team has won the league championship consecutively from 2018 to 2020. The school has an eagle as its mascot.


Taft high school is ranked 3611 in national rankings based on a mathematics and reading proficiency test among others. The school ranks in the top 50% in the state scoring 39 percent against the state average of 33 percent in maths proficiency test, 44% in reading and language arts against a 38 percent state average

The school is ranked 131 among Illinois High Schools and 32 among Chicago Public high schools

The school has a very diverse population scoring 0.62 against a state average score of 0.68. The graduation rate of students is at 85% while the state has a student graduation  rate of 87%.


Taft High school is situated on an urban campus at 6530 West Bryn Mawr Avenue in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois with the postal code 60631. The Freshman Academy is located at 4071 North Oak Park Avenue, Chicago, Illinois with the postal code 60634.


The William Howard Taft High School is also named after the twenty-seventh president of the United States and former eponymous chief Justice of the Supreme court.

The school was founded in the year 1985 and it’s managed by the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

The institution is a public high school offering from ninth to twelfth (9th-12th) grade. It has a wide curriculum covering English, reading and journalism, fine arts, family and consumer science, health education, maths, career, and technical education physical education, sciences, and social studies.

The high school was named a “National Blue Ribbon School” in 1997 an honor that recognizes the school’s exemplary standards of excellence. A two(2) star distinction was also awarded to the school in 2017  for her academic achievement in social studies by the texas education agency

William Howard Taft High School Population.

The school has a population of Two Thousand, Five Hundred and Twenty-nine (2529) students and a teachers’ population of One Hundred and Fifty-eight (158)

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The institution is represented by the colors red and white.


The school’s mascot is a raider represented by a man on a charging horse holding a flag.

Mission Statement.

The school supports each student to foster their ability to develop into highly productive citizens by providing a dynamic, immersive, and challenging learning environment.


Taft High School competes in the United States Academic Decathlon. Other clubs include the American Sign Language Club, Anime Club, Art Club, Book Club, French Club, National Honor Society, Science Club, Writing Club, and The Texas association of future instructors.

The Taft Raiders competes in the University Interscholastic League in some athletic activities such as baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, track and field, tennis, and volleyball.


The institution is ranked 5,231 in the national rankings and the 427th or of 1,524 within the state of Texas. Students have a mathematics proficiency of Eighty-six percent (86%), a reading proficiency of Eighty percent (80%), and a graduation rate of Ninety-nine percent (99%)


The high school is situated on a suburban campus on 11600 Culebra Road, San Antonio, Texas. It has a postal code of 78253


Named after former Chief Justice and President of the United States, the high school was established in 1960. Originally the school was under the Los Angeles City High School District until Los Angeles City School District to form the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

The educational organization became an affiliated charter at the start of the 2013/14 academic session. This made it a semi-autonomous public school: receiving public fund but enjoying a degree of autonomy, unlike other public schools.

The school covers from ninth to twelfth grade with a wide array of departments such as computer science, creative arts, English,  health, humanities, mathematics, physical education, a school for advanced studies, world languages, and cultures, social science, and special education.

Taft Charter High School Population.

The school has a population of Two Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirty-eight (2,338) students and a total number of Ninety-seven (97) teachers.


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Red, gold, and black are colors of the institution

Mission and Vision.


Taft Charter High School seeks to provide students with opportunities to foster their interests and talents through innovative programs and multi-faceted instruction allowing them to develop a voice and become lifelong learners.


Taft Charter High School seeks to serve its diverse student community by preparing them for the 21st century through rigorous classes providing college and career readiness. Students are trained to achieve the necessary academic, technological, and interpersonal skills to successfully compete in today’s global society.

The school strives for students to achieve the following goals upon graduation:

Synthesize Creative Thought: to think critically and solve problems by formulating, designing, and creating their work through the application of theories, concepts, and analytical methods.

Demonstrate Informational Competency: find, evaluate, ethically use and communicate information through the library, media, and technological literacy.

Collaborate: lead and work in co-operation with others through the use of multi-cultural awareness and a myriad of interpersonal skills. Students will positively interact with people from different backgrounds and lifestyles respecting their cultures and diversity


The school athletics comprise of fun sports like volleyball, Water polo, football, golf, soccer, track and field, cheerleading, and basketball.


The high school has notable alumni transversing different aspects and walks of life. Some notable alumni are: The Italian filmmaker Matteo Barzini, professional basketball player, DeAndre Daniels, Major league baseball pitcher, and manager; Larry Dierker, famous actress, and baseball Hall of Famer,  Robin Young.


The school is ranked as follows:

The high school scores an average of 41% in maths proficiency and 66% in reading with a graduation rate of 92%

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The high school is located at  5461 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland Hills, California.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Where is Taft High School located?

Taft High School is situated on an urban campus at 6530 West Bryn Mawr Avenue in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois with the postal code 60631. The Freshman Academy is located at 4071 North Oak Park Avenue, Chicago, Illinois with the postal code 60634.

Where is William Howard Taft High School?

The William Howard High School is situated on a suburban campus on 11600 Culebra Road, San Antonio, Texas. It has a postal code of 78253

Where is Taft Charter High School?

Taft Charter High School is located at  5461 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland Hills, California.

What is the Taft High School mascot?

The school’s mascot is a raider represented by a man on a charging horse holding a flag.

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