NDSU Scholarships For International Undergraduate Students In USA | 2022-2023.

NDSU Scholarships
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One of the easiest ways to add global excellence to your resume as an international undergraduate student in USA is through NDSU education. Over the years, the North Dakota State University (NDSU) scholarships, have been among the most competitive scholarship programs because of the broad opportunities open for incoming students, undergraduates, and graduate to become benefactors.

The NDSU scholarships are open for diverse communities and appreciate students from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, races, etc. Moreover, students with physical disabilities are also eligible to apply for NDSU scholarships.

In this regard, the management of North Dakota State University (NDSU) ensures that every student with physical disabilities has an equal right to the school curricular. In fact, there is an office of disability service where the staff ensures that disabled students have equal access to academic privileges, have the freedom to express themselves, and also enjoy equal extracurricular activities in the school.

What you should know about North Dakota State University and its academic programs as an Undergraduate Student in the USA.

North Dakota State University of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, also known as North Dakota State University (NDSU), is one of the biggest universities in North Dakota. It is located in Fargo, U.S, and was founded as a standard Agricultural College in 1890.

This institution was established to train students that have an interest in public researches. Due to the fundamentals of the university, the basic activities of lecturers and students are to carry out solid and comprehensive research on land and other related fields.

Another unique feature that makes North Dakota State University an outstanding institution is its broad undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs.

Presently, there are over 100 undergraduate major courses, 79 undergraduate minors, 170 undergraduate degree programs, 6 undergraduate certificate programs, 81 master’s degree programs, 47 doctoral degree programs of study, and 10 graduate certificate programs in NDSU.

The broad undergraduate scholarship programs and flexibility of NDSU scholarships will enable you to apply either as a direct student or as a student from another institution seeking to further his study in NDSC.

For an in-depth understanding of how NDSU scholarships work for international undergraduate students in the USA, this article will provide a comprehensive review of what you need to know and what you will do to be an eligible candidate in 2021-2022.

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Our focus will be on- the overview of NDSU scholarship, field of study in NDSU, eligible nationality, scholarship worth, number of scholarships, eligibility for the number of scholarships, how to apply, application deadline, and scholarship application link.

Overview of NDSU scholarship.

North Dakota State University is a standard institution that provides thorough and standard academic training to brand students and build them to become experts in their field of study through researches.

To ease less privileged students of debt through tuition and other academic expenses, the management implemented structural NDSU scholarships for underrepresented students to attain their dream careers through NDSU education.

NDSU scholarships for undergraduate students are often very competitive because they are usually a high number of students that apply for the scholarship program every year. These scholarship programs require an online application and each application undergoes critical scrutiny before approval.

The committee in charge reviews student application forms based on their academic records from their previous schools. To pass this stage, you must provide correct answers to the questions on your application form; else, you won’t be eligible for the institution’s financial aids.

The financial aids are in two parts which are need-based scholarship awards and merit-based awards. To qualify for the need-based scholarship award, you must be able to prove that your family income is below the average amount for every citizen.

On the other hand, merit-based award is given in form of a gift with no rigid conditions attached. For instance, a student can be eligible for the merit-based award if he or she is an outstanding leader in school or is very good at artistic work.

However, getting NDSU scholarships on a merit basis can be rare so you should consider applying directly for need-based financial aid instead. To be eligible for need-based NDSC scholarships, you must submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before February 1, 2022.

Before you fill your FAFSA, here are some courses you can study in NDSC.

Field of Study in NDSU Scholarship.

There are diverse courses you can study for NDSU scholarship as an international student in the USA. In fact, you can decide to do your courses online through online academic websites, or technology-enhanced classrooms. Some of the courses you can study are:


To be eligible for any of the NDSU scholarships, you must either be a continuing student or a freshman.

New students and transfer undergraduate international applicants have to meet up certain criteria to be eligible for NDSU scholarship. Some of these criteria are

  • Good academic records at the time of admission. Your results will be determined by the United States cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA). If your cGPA is lower than.3.5- 4.0, you might not be eligible to apply for First-year student scholarship.
  • A higher school certificate is also one of the major requirements for NDSU scholarships eligibility. To be a qualified candidate, you must have a known record with recognized high school.
  • Language Requirement: English is the official language in USA. As a result applicant’ might or will be asked to demonstrate your expertise in written and spoken English

SIDENOTE: As a new student, you must have your identification number as proof of studentship at North Dakota State University. You will also need a valid email address specialized for official purposes. The reason is that your email address will serve as a connection means between you and the official financial aid in NDSC.

You will also need your username and password while applying for the NDSU scholarship. Before you can access the official NDSC scholarship application online, you will have to log in using your username and password. It is on this site that you will get vital information such as requirements, updates, etc, and other things you need to know as an applicant.

You must also fill your FAFSA form correctly and ensure you note down every valuable information you provided while applying for NDSU scholarship.

Please note that North Dakota State University (NDSU) only offer students partial scholarship, not full scholarship. Moreover, the need-based and merit-based scholarship awards are available for a maximum of eight (8) semesters which means the scholarship can cover the amount that ranges between $8,000 to $12,000.

Number of NDSU Scholarships

There are diverse types of NDSU scholarships you can apply for as an international undergraduate in the USA for 2021-2022. However, you must fully know the type of scholarships that suits you and how to apply for each of them.

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First-Year Student Scholarships:

If this is your first year at North Dakota State University, you should consider applying for this scholarship. It is one of the most competitive NDSU scholarships and nearly $3.5 million is allocated annually for this scholarship.

First-year student scholarships are based on academic merit, meaning students that score below the standard grade (second class upper) cannot benefit from the NDSC freshman scholarship. Despite this, our research shows that nearly half of 2019 to 2020 new students merited NDSU freshman scholarships.

To be eligible for NDSU freshman scholarship, you should gather the requirements on time and you should start applying now before the end of the registration which is on the 1st of February, 2022.

Extra Tip: To enjoy better financial aid at NDSU, you should aim at having a 5.0 – 4.0 U.S. CGPA. The reason is that you can receive the award close to $12,000 or $1,500 per semester while candidates with lesser CGPA will receive scholarship award worth $8,000-$1,000 per semester).

College/Departmental Scholarships:

This is among the NDSU scholarships that many returning students apply for. To be eligible for this scholarship, you have to fill out the NDSU scholarship application form and ensure you follow all the instructions on the site.

You must have some qualifications before you can apply for departmental scholarships. Some of these qualifications include good academic performance, profitable skill, productivity in your course of study, etc.

Transfer Student NDSU scholarships:

If you are a transfer student working towards your first bachelor’s degree, and you want to apply for NDSU scholarships, this is for you. North Dakota State University provides scholarship programs for transfer students who demonstrate high academic achievement at the college.

To be eligible for transfer student scholarships, you must complete the online scholarship application and ensure you input the right information. To stand a better chance of being selected, you must complete your FAFSA before the deadline for the departmental scholarships.

In fact, you should apply the first week the registration portal opens. Moreover, you must consistently check your email to keep track of the application progress/updates.

External scholarships:

These are scholarships that are sponsored and administered by individuals, agencies, or organizations that are not directly affiliated with North Dakota State University.

As a student, you are eligible to apply for these scholarships, however, we encourage you not to stop at this but make more research to know more about the basic requirements for the external scholarship.

How to apply for NDSU scholarships

The first thing you need to do while applying for the NDSU freshman scholarship or any NDSU scholarship is to have a CGPA not less than 3.50. The second thing is that you must fill out your scholarship online application form or manually submit it at the admission office at the university.

Moreover, you will have to submit some documents before you can be eligible for NDSU scholarship. Some of these documents are

Your transcript: This is the overall breakdown of your academic records that displays your grade and total academic performance (CGPA). Your transcript must be approved by your school official and recognized by the Ministry of education.

The general sign of approval which is the school stamp and signature of the school official (e.g Registrar), must be on your transcript as a sign of recognition.

Extra Tip: Expect updates via your email from NDSU scholarships office to know your eligibility for the scholarship awards. You will also get important notifications about your application via the same means

For proper e-mail delivery, add [email protected] to spam filters. For a better experience, we recommend that you use the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge but highly recommend the latest version of Google Chrome.

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Tips for applying for NDSC Scholarships.

  • Apply early: Apply for any NDSU scholarships as you want (e.g freshman scholarships, transferring student scholarship, the continuing student also known as currently enrolled student scholarships, departmental scholarships, external scholarships)
  • Utilitize the internet to get first-hand information about scholarship processes, requirements, and registration dates.
  • Prepare a portfolio and contact recognized personalities for recommendation letters and guidance.
  • Ensure you thoroughly check through your application letter, FAFSA forms, essays, questionnaires, and any other documents for incorrect entries before you submit them.
  • Keep extra copies of all your documents for future reference

Important Information Regarding Your Scholarship Application.

After completing your NDSU freshman scholarships or other available NDSU scholarships, you will automatically be eligible for financial aid from the school. As we’ve said earlier, your eligibility is largely dependent on the information you provide on your FAFSA, how well you were able to answer the questions on your application form and how impressive your NDSU student record is.

To know if you need a supporting document (e.g recommendation letter, etc), check the home page. If you need to add some extra documents, it will show “Recommended” on your home page after the submission of your general application.


In summary, NDSU scholarships are goldmine for every student, either as a continuing student or a freshman. As you’re aspiring to register for NDSU scholarships, note that you must have an admission letter from NDSU confirming you’re a student before you seek financial aid.

Visit the official website to start your NDSU scholarships registration.


You must be admitted to NDSU by July 1 (for August start) or January 1 (for January start). 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does NDSU offer full scholarships?

    North Dakota State University (NDSU) only offer students partial scholarship, not a full scholarship.

  • How many students receive financial aid at NDSU?

    Nearly half of the new students merited NDSU freshman scholarships

  • What is the availability of need-based and merit-based scholarship awards?

    The need-based and merit-based scholarship awards are available for a maximum of eight (8) semesters.

  • What is the scholarship worth for need-based and merit-based scholarships at NDSU?

    Scholarships can cover the amount that ranges between $8,000 to $12,000.

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