Columbia College Scholarships For International Students 2021

Columbia College Scholarships
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Columbia college scholarships help students to fulfill their dreams of advancing their lives by getting a higher education. Columbia College is a private non-profit institution located in Chicago Illinois. The school was founded in 1890 and offers admission to about 7,000 students yearly.

It has over 60 undergraduate and graduate programs specializing in creative and liberal arts and media. Popular majors in the university are cinematography and video production, music management, graphic design, photography, editing, etc.

Why you should Choose Columbia College

For students who have a flair for arts and creativity, Columbia College is the right place to be because their students are offered the opportunity to unleash their potentials and pursue their passions through academics and practical internships. Students explore vast cultural and creative opportunities available to them.

Students also get to learn from highly qualified and professional lecturers who are always willing to avail themselves to see that students get the best of their schooling years. This fact is another reason why you should go to Columbia College.

One major reason you should go to this university is that many Columbia college scholarships are made available to both international and indigenous students to make the cost of education more affordable.

Students have vast opportunities to launch their careers even before they graduate from college and by graduating 50% of students alumni are said to earn a starting salary of about $27,000 as a result of the marketable programs they have offered at Columbia College.

Out of 405 schools, Columbia College is the 106th best college for design in America and the 107th of 258 best colleges for film and photography in America. These rankings give your CV a better standing of honor in the labor market.

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Admission Requirements

The university accepts freshmen and transfer students in both graduate and undergraduate programs and the acceptance rate in Columbia College is 90% meaning that it is not very difficult to get admission into the university. However, like every other school, there are some requirements you need to meet to be offered admission or even to obtain any of the Columbia College scholarships.

The Columbia College application is usually done online using Columbia’s application or the Common Application but international applicants are to apply only through the Common Application. After the application, applicants are required to submit their transcripts or academic records to prove successful completion of secondary school education.

International applicants may be required to submit a high school graduation certificate. It is important to note that all transcripts, academic records, and certificates must be written in English, if they are not then an official or certified translation must be submitted with them.

A non-refundable application fee of $50 for domestic students and $100 for international students which can be waivered on request,  academic records are to be mailed by your high school or current institution in a sealed envelope from the school or institution to Columbia College Chicago Admissions at 600 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605.

In situations where they cannot be mailed then they can be sent via email to [email protected] or fax to 312 – 369 – 8024 but they must be sent directly from the institution.

As part of the application process, students are required to submit a short personal statement that states their goals and objectives for being enrolled in the university. SAT or ACT scores are usually not required for admission but they are used to award some merit-based Columbia College scholarships so students can choose to submit them if they are interested in the scholarships.

The average SAT score is 1060 while the average ACT score is 24.

The application deadline for 2021 applicants is the 15th of August.

About Columbia College Scholarships.

The undergraduate tuition fee in Columbia College for 2021 – 2022 is about $28,000 while the graduate school tuition fee is about $2,400. These costs might be quite expensive for some of the students, especially international students.

The university is concerned about making sure that funding does not hinder students from pursuing their dreams that is why Columbia College scholarships are made available and 93% of the students receive scholarships and financial aids.

Scholarship Columbia is one of the Columbia College scholarships available for international students in 2021. This scholarship was established by the college as a way to give back direct support to the students through donations of staff, parents, university board members, as well as other external donors and funds acquired from fundraisers organized by the school. The award is based on both academic merit and financial need.

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Level/Field of Study

The Columbia College Scholarship is open for all undergraduate courses offered in the institution.

Scholarship worth.

The value of the scholarship Columbia award is up to $5,000; half awarded in Fall and the other half awarded in Spring.

Eligible Countries

Students from the USA and other international countries are eligible to apply for Columbia College Scholarships.

Host Country

Chicago, USA is the host campus for the Columbia College scholarships.

Scholarship Eligibility

Like other Columbia College scholarships, this scholarship is only awarded to full-time undergraduate students who complete a minimum of 60 credit hours with at least 12 credits in Columbia College and have earned a cumulative point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.  Students who can prove a financial need by applying for the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are also eligible for this award.

The scholarship can also be used in a study abroad program but the program must be through one of Columbia College’s student exchange programs. It is important to note that students who enroll in independent exchange programs outside of Columbia’s program will have to forfeit their scholarship for the semester spent abroad.

How to Apply for the Columbia College scholarships

To apply for the Scholarship Columbia award, simply visit Internal Scholarships on the school’s website and then click on “apply for scholarships” to access the application form. The application is divided into three parts; the first part is the essay.

This requires the applicant to write an essay of 300-500 words describing how the scholarship award will make a difference in your life as a student. Note that the essay must include your name and your Columbia ID number which should be at the upper right-hand corner of each page. The letter must be double spaced and be uploaded in .doc, .pdf, or .docx format.

The second step requires a letter of recommendation from a Columbia College faculty member who is familiar with your academic progress and records. All you need to do is choose a staff and an email will be sent directly to that staff to complete your recommendation.

The third step is the student aid report. A current Student Aid Report (SAR) must be on file. To get the Student Aid Report, you must complete a financial aid application (FAFSA) by the 1st of February 2021. After you have met the requirements, you can proceed to submit your scholarship application for review by the committee.

Apart from meeting all the requirements, it is equally important that the application is submitted by the given deadline because only scholarship applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed and considered.

Other Scholarships Offered by Columbia College

Some of the other Columbia college scholarships for international students are automatic, meaning that students are considered for the scholarship as soon as they are offered admission into the university. Other scholarships take into consideration the academic achievements, artistic talents, or financial needs of the students to offer the scholarships, for such scholarships the students must meet up certain requirements.

For instance, talent-based scholarships require both indigenous and international students to submit a digital portfolio of creative samples to show their creative works. For academic achievements and need-based scholarships, students are required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Incoming students who are enrolling in the graduate programs are automatically considered for the Graduate Merit Award upon submission of a complete admissions application by the given deadline.  This award covers full tuition based on the duration of the program.

The Graduate assistantship is another one of the common Columbia college scholarships which are offered by the department to outstanding students. The award offers a full scholarship according to the number of credit hours required for a graduate student program. This scholarship also provides a paid part-time job on campus for up to 10 or more hours per week.

Other Columbia college scholarships available for international students include; Aiko Nakane Fellowship, Charkes Suber Scholarship, Columbia Internship Award, Columbia OneGoal Award, Faculty Recognition Award, Global Talent Scholarship, and many others.

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Columbia College Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for this scholarship is the 1st of February, 2021, and can only be used to fund tuition fees so the award cannot exceed the amount of the applicant’s tuition fees.

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