Georgetown University Scholarships For Undergraduate Students In USA 2022 [Updated!!!].

Georgetown University Scholarships
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Studying abroad without running into debt has become a reality. You can be part of the thousands of students enjoying Georgetown university scholarships to study the course of your dream.

Would you love to know the easy way to achieve that?

No worries, that’s why I’m here.

Before we go into details, let’s have an overview of Georgetown University and the fundamentals of the scholarship programs available for you


Georgetown University is one of the most popular universities known in the U.S offering various kinds of grants and scholarships for its students. Georgetown university scholarships are basically for U.S citizens and permanent residents in the U.S.

However, you can benefit from some of the financial aid annual programs at Georgetown University by having the right knowledge and taking the appropriate steps. As an international student aspiring to study at this university, the first thing you need to do is to indicate your interest.

This is by submitting your international student financial aid online and also ensure that you apply for undergraduate admission. You must also complete your CSS Profile to be eligible for Georgetown scholarships.

The unique factor about Georgetown University Scholarships is that they are available for different academic levels. For instance, you can apply for a Georgetown university scholarship as a freshman or a graduate looking forward to furthering your education at the master’s level.

Moreover, to make studying convenient and easily accessible, Georgetown students have the option to study in nine schools of the university namely: Georgetown College, Robert E. McDonough School of Business, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown Law, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Health Studies, School of Continuing Studies, and McCourt School of Public Policy.

To better understand how you can apply for Georgetown university scholarships and the basic requirements you need to become an eligible candidate, this article discusses in detail the field of study, eligibility.

Field of study for program certificate in Georgetown University

Feel free to learn more about the courses offered at Georgetown University both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

List of Available Georgetown University Scholarships for International Students.

Each year, Georgetown University offers students with various kinds of financial assistance for their tuition fees. As an international student seeking to study at Georgetown University, here are some scholarships you can be eligible for.

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#1. The Luis E. Aguilar GU Scholarship:

This scholarship program was founded by Maria Teresa Alvarez Canida and Alvarez family members. According to our findings, this scholarship program is one of the best financial aids you can apply for as an international student. The reason is that the application and decision process is not rigid; hence, you stand a better chance of being selected.


This scholarship is only for students from Hispanic and those studying at the School of Foreign Service.

#2. 1789 Georgetown University Scholarships:

1789 Georgetown University Scholarships was named to honor the year Georgetown university was founded. This scholarship was funded by alumni, parents, and other dignitaries at Georgetown who are passionate about helping students from poor backgrounds with the opportunity to further their education.


You must have a good academic record. You must also be nominated by Georgetown University to benefit from the $3,000 worth annual 1789 scholarship. Moreover, students that fill out their application form stand a better chance of being selected.

#3. Georgetown Athletics Grants-in-Aid:

This is another Georgetown University Scholarship for an international student that loves any kind of sport alongside studying. Unlike some scholarships that have fixed amounts awarded for eligible students, the Georgetown Athletics Grant award may change every year.


You must be able to demonstrate your financial need for academic assistance and be committed to intercollegiate sport (s).

#4. GU Incentive Scholarships:

Many international students may not benefit from this award unless such a student graduated from a renowned high school. However, to be eligible, you must have a strong passion for research, technology, and science.


You must have a strong passion for science and technology. You must also be a graduate of a renowned high school in the U.S.

#5. The Alvarez Memorial Scholarship

This is one of Georgetown University scholarships sponsored by members of the Alvarez family to honor the memory of patriarch Mr. Pedro Antonio Alvarez. The Alvarez Memorial Scholarship is an annual financial aid program that provides scholarship awards to undergraduates in the School of

Foreign Service. The main purpose is to help students with low financial support to further their education to master’s degree or any academic level of their choice.


To be considered for this scholarship award, you must be of good academic record

#6. The Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Scholarship for Peace:

This is one of Georgetown University Scholarships that was established by some set of donors (alumni, parents, bodies, etc) to enable international students with low income, poor backgrounds, or unsettled societies to enjoy free education at Georgetown.


You must be a student of Georgetown University and should be able to get a recommendation from the university admissions committees.

#7. Steven de Balmaseda Champion Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad:

This scholarship was established in 1986 and controlled by Georgetown University. This scholarship aims at helping undergraduate students that wish to study abroad to have a debt-free education.

In addition, GU undergraduates with financial needs that wish to study and explore in non-English speaking European countries are also eligible.


You must be selected by the Georgetown university office of International Programs. You must also have a good academic report and ensure you meet up with the application deadline.

#8. The Georgetown Environment Initiative Scholarship:

As one of the Georgetown University Scholarships, it was established through the Georgetown Environment Initiative. The goal of this financial aid program is to offer scholarships for the best students in courses related to environmental research and students keen on making discoveries about things that can benefit the society


You must demonstrate your interest in researching environmental areas. You also need to register as fast as possible to stand a better chance of being selected.

#9. The Michael Jurist Memorial Overseas Studies Scholarship:

This Georgetown University Scholarship was established to keep the legacy of Michael Evan Jurist (F07). This scholarship program is for undergraduate students that demonstrate their financial needs and also participate in the Sciences Po Lyon program within the Office of International Programs.


You must be an undergraduate at Georgetown University and must be able to demonstrate your financial need through FAFSA during the application process of this scholarship.

#10. The Sally and Nat Lefkowitz Scholarship:

This scholarship for international students was established to honour Mrs. Pearl Bailey Bellson. Unlike most scholarship that focuses on researches and science, Sally and Nat Lefkowitz Scholarship in Georgetown University is primarily for junior or senior students studying Theology.

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You must be selected by the Office of Student Financial Services in consultation with the Dean of Georgetown University and the Chairman of the Department of Theology.

#11. The Maguire Scholars Program Scholarship:

This scholarship was established by the Maguire Foundation to provide financial assistance to undergraduates (international students and U.S citizens) that demonstrate the financial need for Georgetown University Scholarship aid.


You must be able to prove your incapability of financing your academics. Although students from high schools in Philadelphia are more eligible for this scholarship; however, international students with outstanding performance can also benefit.

#12. The Nightline Scholarship:

This is one of Georgetown University Scholarships that provides strong support for undergraduates undertaking a six-month Spring semester internship at ABC News Washington Bureau.

Since 1997 when it was established, it has been helping undergraduate interns in completing courses that will enhance their knowledge. Some recipients may take up to six additional courses at the discretion of their Dean


To be a benefactor, you must apply for the internship program and scholarship award at the Georgetown University, MBNA Career. You must also have a good academic record to prove that you can utilize the scholarship opportunity well.

#13. The Peter F. Karches (B74) Memorial GU Scholarship:

This scholarship was donated by Susan A. Karches (C74) in memory of her late husband. Over the years, this scholarship program has been providing continuous financial aids for students from poor backgrounds.

In most cases, these students used to be the first in their families to attend college. Although this scholarship does not provide full funds for students; however, it has helped many students in paying a substantial part of their tuition fees.


It is only available for students with low family incomes. You will, therefore, have to do this by submitting the estimate of your family’s annual income.

#14. The John and Mary McShain Incentive Scholarship for Baker Scholars:

This is one of the endorsement funds that support the Baker Scholars program. Being part of the supportive Georgetown University Scholarships, Mary and John McShain in April 1978 demonstrated their loyalty and concern for young people at Georgetown by disbursing substantial funds every year to support the deserving and needy undergraduate students in the Georgetown University.


Interested Students must apply by completing the applications on the College Deans website.

Guidelines to Apply for Georgetown University Scholarships.

  • Complete the application and ensure you provide clear answers to each question concisely. If a question does not apply to you, respond by stating “Not Applicable” for that question.
  • You need to submit a one-page résumé online. Ensure you provide vital information about yourself in the resume such as your demographic info, education, community service, and employment history. Note that your resume should be in PDF form.
  • Provide one letter of recommendation to increase your credibility. You should get a letter of recommendation from any of the Georgetown professors, administrators, or academic officials such as teachers, registrars, counselors, employees, etc.
  • Your recommendation letter must be available before the deadline for the application. You should therefore inform your recommender to send a recommendation letter to the college through an email.

Application Deadline for Georgetown University Scholarships for International Students

According to Georgetown university’s management in charge of scholarship programs, the deadline and dates for scholarships remain the same. It shouldn’t be news that the registration for scholarships application at GU has been open since May 21.

So whether you received the Georgetown University Scholarship award or not, we believe you should be done with your registration by now.

If not, you should register today. Students that had the privilege of being selected for early action (Students offered admission at Early Action are those whom the Admissions Committee members feel confident would be admitted at Regular Decision), registration must have completed their application since February 1 while the regular admission started on the 1st of May.

For students that registered for early action, note that decision for eligibility will be announced on December 15, 2021.

Application and Eligibility Policies for International Students at Georgetown University.

After completing your final application forms, you must submit your secondary school transcripts. Your transcript must be free of error so ensure you ask for the assistance of your tutor or guidance to thoroughly evaluate it before submission.

Moreover, students applying from countries using Matriculation Examinations must submit the results of their examinations immediately after the results are available. Also, note that the unavailability of your transcript will delay your admission process.

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Furthermore, all candidates studying in non-U.S. educational systems whose official language is not English will have to prove their fluency and ability to communicate in English language. This requires demonstration by submitting your results for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), including the Test of Written English (TWE), given at test centers throughout the world.

In addition, international students applying for Georgetown university admission must take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing Program (ACT) examination. These tests should be taken before January 1 to allow quick processing of results.

To get an update about Georgetown University Scholarships, Visit the Official Scholarship Website to register now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Georgetown University Scholarships

What scholarships are available at Georgetown University?

Here is a list of Georgetown University Scholarships

#1. The Luis E. Aguilar GU Scholarship
#2. 1789 Georgetown University Scholarships
#3. Georgetown Athletics Grants-in-Aid
#4. GU Incentive Scholarships
#5. The Alvarez Memorial Scholarship
#6. The Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Scholarship for Peace
#7. Steven de Balmaseda Champion Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad
#8. The Georgetown Environment Initiative Scholarship.
#9. The Michael Jurist Memorial Overseas Studies Scholarship:
#10. The Sally and Nat Lefkowitz Scholarship
#11. The Maguire Scholars Program Scholarship
#12. The Nightline Scholarship
#13. The Peter F. Karches (B74) Memorial GU Scholarship
#14. The John and Mary McShain Incentive Scholarship for Baker Scholars

Does Georgetown University offer scholarships for international students?

In general, Georgetown University grant and scholarship assistance for undergraduates is offered only to U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents. Only a small number of scholarships each year are offered to international undergraduate students.

What is the acceptance rate of Georgetown University?

14.4% (2020)

What is the average SAT score for Georgetown University?

Reading and Writing 690-760, Math 690-790 (2019–20)

Does Georgetown University give financial aid to international students?

Yes, however, Financial aid for international students is extremely limited.

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