21 Finance Internships In Los Angeles, California, United States.

Finance Internships
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Finance internships are a great opportunity for students or recent graduates to develop skills that would help them in their careers. It allows students to utilize the knowledge they have gained during their University years in practical real-life situations.

Finance internships provide a higher advantage to the interns as they gain experience which would allow them to flourish and excel in their career choice. They could also be seen as a prospective job opportunity; some employers prefer to retain the services of their interns after the completed time of the internship.

Finance Internships could be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid. The conditions and payments may differ from one employer to another.

List of Finance Internships in Los Angeles, California, United States.

1. Finance Internship at ProducePay, Los Angeles, California, United States.

This Internship entails working for ProducePay a tech-based cash flow company that connects its network of international clients to fresh agricultural produce for at least three months. The program is available to students or graduates with a bachelor’s degree in preferably business economics, with great skills in Excel, mathematics, and accounting.

The internship covers several benefits such as dental and vision, phone plans, yearly bonuses. Excellent candidates would also be promoted to full time

Interns work with experts to develop their skills while also being trusted with responsibilities.

2. Investment Banking Internship, Into City Prep, Los Angeles.

This internship opportunity hosted by Into City Prep involves market analysis, speculations, and valuations, and creating sophisticated financial models. This opportunity is available to recent graduates, final year students, or penultimate students with strong grades in accounting, business, economics, and finance.

Prospective interns should have excellent oral and written presentation skills, great analytical skills with knowledge of useful programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft office.

You would get the opportunity to learn from a dedicated mentor and some exposure to the world of investment banking while acquiring strong financial skills.

3. Investment Banking Internship at Deloitte corporate finance, LA, United States.

This internship opportunity is a 10-week program that trains potential investment bankers through mentorship and practice specific modules by wall street organizations and professionals to help the interns polish their skills. Interns learn from other investment bankers and also a wide range of high-caliber clients ranging from retail to global industrials.

The internship is opened to bachelor’s degree students of accounting, economics, finance, and other related fields who are willing to travel and have fulfilled all legal requirements to work in the States. The internship requires analytical, collaborative, and leadership skills.

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4. Business Administration Internship.

This internship hosted by IIEEX, it involves interning with a company that works with various companies in financial projects.

The internship is in varying lengths and is open to recent graduates with a degree in accounting, business administration, or finance with strong research and communication skills.

5. Summer Finance Internship at UCLA health, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Summer Finance internships are a great way for finance students to gain experience over the summer break.

The internship at UCLA health is open to students pursuing a degree in accounting, finance, or any business-related field or recent graduates with strong organizational, communication, and multi-tasking skills.

6. Entertainment Finance Internship at The Walt Disney Company, Los Angeles, California, United States.

The Walt Disney Company will train participants in handling the duties and responsibilities of a finance manager, such as drafting financial contracts and keep account histories and records.

7. Public Finance Summer Analyst Program at Bank of America, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Participants will be trained to fulfill responsibilities as finance managers, accounting professionals, or assistants.

Applicants are required to be in college or university or expected to graduate between December 2022 and June 2023 with a minimum GPA of 3.2.

8. Finance Internship at FlixBus.

This internship is open to students majoring in business and finance-related subjects like accounting who are proficient in Excel and have great interaction skills. Interns will be tasked with creating business plans, budgets, financial analysis, and other tasks related to the field.

9. Finance Internship at Snapchat, Los Angeles.

This is a 10-week internship program to provide interns with experience in the finance sector. The internship is designed to develop the intern’s financial and accounting prowess, his/her communication, leadership, management, and writing skills.

10. Financial Due Diligence Internship at Deals Transactions Services, Los Angeles.

The internship is open to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students a year before their graduation with a minimum of 3.3  GPA. Interns will learn about problem-solving, methodologies used to solve issues, business analysis, strategies, and execution.

11. Finance Intern at Arup, Los Angeles.

The company will train interns in  financial areas to be able to accomplish the following:

– Prepare Invoices, monthly statements, and memos.

– Work with professionals to establish and monitor budgets.

– Prepare a data analysis report.

12. Corporate Finance Intern at Duff and Phelps, Los Angeles

This is open to students who are pursuing a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in accounting, business management, economics, finance, or other related fields. Prospective interns must have a 3.0 minimum GPA and should be able to get FINRA Series 79, 63 & 7 certification.

Interns will work under investment banking assisting professionals and fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of an investment banker.

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13. Accounting Intern at Southern California Regional Rail Authority, Los Angeles.

The opportunity is open to prospective interns of at least 16 years of age enrolled in a University, college, or vocational institute. Interns would perform and assist professionals with accounting functions. This is a paid internship program that offers $12 per hour.

14. Accounting Intern at Essential Access Health, Los Angeles

This opportunity is open to university or college students majoring in finance or accounting. It is an excellent avenue for students to develop skills while working at a non-profit organization. It is a paid internship program offering $16 per hour with a minimum of 19 and a maximum of 24 hours per week for 12 weeks.

15. Finance Intern at Comcast, Universal City, Los Angeles.

This allows interns to build up their rĂ©sume by training in one of the biggest film companies in the country. The opportunity is open to bachelor’s degree students majoring in business-related fields with a 3.4 minimum CGPA.

The student must be a US citizen or permanent resident set to graduate within December 2022 to May 2023. Interns get to work in functional areas such as corporate finance, film finance, analysis, and many others.

16. Investment Banking and Equity Summer Intern at Loop Capital, Los Angeles.

The internship is open to undergraduate students with a 3.0 minimum GPA. Interns will work under experienced professionals while training themselves in investment banking through various tasks that they are entrusted with.

17. Accounting Intern at ACCT career.

This opportunity is open to bilingual students who are fluent in English and Chinese and is majoring in an accounting-related field. Participants will be trained in accounting functions and high-performance interns might get a sponsor and a full-time job.

18. Deals Valuation Internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Los Angeles.

The position is a full-time internship with high travel requirements open to college students in their penultimate year majoring in finance, accounting, business, or any related field. The intern will work with a problem-solving team to sell solutions to various business problems.

19. Accounting Internship at Beverly Hills Marketing, Los Angeles.

Students will be trained to become capable in areas of accounting, marketing, and bookkeeping tasks. This internship will last for 6 to 12 months.

20. Accounting and Finance Intern at a Los Angeles Chargers.

This is available for final year students or recent graduates with a minimum GPA of 3.0 resident in Los Angeles or orange county. A driver’s license is required also. The intern will work as an assistant in the accounting department in its daily activities.

21. Commercial Banking Analyst, Summer Internship at CITI, Los Angeles.

The company focused on help students transfer their skills from the classroom to the field. Interns are trained to find ways for customers to grow to their full potential while enjoying the highest standards in the company’s banking products.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Finance Internships.

Are there finance internships near me?

Yes, there are several finance internships all over the country with different requirements.

What about finance internships in Atlanta?

There are several finance internships in Atlanta in companies such as WestRock company, Equifax, and others

Do Finance Interns get paid?

Yes, depending on the employer some Internships are paid.

Is a one-month internship enough?

Yes, the length of the internship is not as important as the skills you develop.


The field of finance is very competitive and most employers are very selective. The majority do not hire the services of an employee without experience. Finance internships are therefore an excellent choice to help you acquire more skills and break into the market after you completed university as the interns are trained under a well-experienced mentor in the intricate daily activities of the company.

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