The 10 Best Spanish Classes Near Me 2021.

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Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. In fact, it is the third formal language in the word even during formal duties. Hence, if you are searching the net for Spanish classes near me you’ve come to the right place as our group of professionals have selected out the best Spanish classes near to you that you can easily resort to learn Spanish.

Meanwhile, it is a very nice thing to learn several languages as it has many impacts on our lives both on the way will relate with people and on our career path.

However, there are different ways to go about learning Spanish. You can apply for the “Spanish class near me” in quotes, you can also do this by getting comprehensive Spanish textbooks.

Also, by Spanish applications or by hiring a personal tutor. In case you are wondering ‘are there any Spanish classes near me?’ here is a list of the best 10 online Spanish classes you can enroll in.

The 10 Best Spanish Classes Near Me 2021

Though this is in no particular order, we have listed a good list of the top 10 Spanish classes close to you that you can learn Spanish or obtain a Spanish degree.

  • Preply
  • AilMadrid
  • Chatterbug
  • Spanishdict YouTube channel
  • Coursera
  • Babbel
  • Cervantes Escuela International Intensive Course
  • Baselang
  • Coffeebreak Spanish
  • The News in Slow Spanish

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#1. Preply

Preply is one of the great platforms you can learn a Spanish program. It is an online learning platform, therefore it is sure a Spanish class near you that you’ve been searching for.

Preply is a very wonderful platform for learning languages of all kinds. The most interesting thing about this platform is that it allows you to filter the list of tutors to find the perfect Spanish language tutor for you. Including when they’re available to teach, whether they’re a native speaker, what kind of Spanish they teach. Also, more importantly, how much they charge for lessons.

Another good thing about learning on Preply is that it renders one-on-one lessons starting from around $5 per hour. Unlike many online courses, Preply lessons are based on speaking. Thus, this is sure the fastest way to learn a language. To access the Preply platform and enroll for a Spanish program, kindly visit the link below;

#2. AilMadrid

AilMadrid is also an online learning platform where you can undertake a plethora of Spanish programs. The most interesting part of this online Spanish learning platform is that it is owned and managed by a language School AilMadrid situated in the Spanish capital city Madrid. The school adopted the online learning system during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hence, since then, they now offer 20 different online classes per week, with intensive courses starting from 142€. The courses there are offered at every CEFR level. The classes are also interactive sessions based on video-chat lessons that last 50 minutes each. There are options for learning full-time, for studying longer-term and in smaller portions. 

One thing about AilMadrid is that it provides a platform where students can interact and socialize among themselves. You’ll be in a “virtual classroom” with 6-8 other students, with chances to chat privately and work in pairs and groups.

#3. Chatterbug

Chatterbug is a very beautiful online learning platform where you can learn a Spanish program on your own option of study. If you’re the type of person that’s not so convenient learning video chat lessons, you can just purchase the course and study on your own.

Otherwise, you can still enroll for a video chat lesson and get the most out of it. Although, you can still access both learning strategies same time. According to Chatterbug, they go together “like peanut and jelly.”  

The platform has very flexible and affordable pricing. Though, the more life lessons you want to have, the more you’ll pay.

The “lite” package, with one live lesson per month and full access to online content, costs $20. Their most popular “serious” package costs $140 per month, and offers eight live lessons, with the chance to buy more.

#4. Spanishdict Youtube Channel

Another brilliant Spanish class near you is the Spanishdict Youtube Channel. It is no news that many skilled persons have learnt a great deal by self-study and watching tutorials on Youtube channels. Thus, Spanishdict channel is one such platform where you can learn Spanish programs on the well comprehensive term.

They have series of videos that will require your step-by-step follow-up. They also have a website to assist you in your learning process. Their YouTube course is divided into four playlists that explain basic to intermediate level vocabulary and grammar.

They are completely free, and easy to follow along to. There are no accompanying exercises, so you’ll need brilliant self-motivation to treat this as a course, rather than a series of YouTube videos. However, there’s a lot of well-presented expertise on offer here.

#5. Coursera

Is there really any need to physically go to a great university to get a qualification from a great university in the digital age? The platform Coursera was created to argue this question. Coursera is an online learning platform full of courses, created by top universities around the world.

Coursera tends to emulate the traditional university in an online learning platform. Therefore, you require to pay a tuition fee. there are also fee-waiver scholarships available for those who can’t afford to pay. Courses on Coursera will include video lectures, and complete assignments and quizzes.

Also, you can “audit” most courses for free. This means you’ll only need to pay if you want feedback on your work from a professor or an official qualification.

#6. Babbel

Babbel is one of the easy-going Spanish classes you can access close by. The platform is often compared with Duolingo, but its offer to students is very different.

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The great thing about this platform is that you don’t have to work through it to unlock new sections. You can flick forth and back to topics that confuse you.

You will be required to work through 20-minute interactive “lessons” on grammar rules and vocabulary conventions that are perfect for beginner level. There’s also a flashcard section that allows you to quickly revise vocabulary. 

Although considering the price, Babbel is relatively expensive for a language learning app. Though relatively cheap if viewed as a language course;

  • $12.95 / month for 1 month
  • $8.95 / month for 3 months
  • $7.45 / month for 6 months
  • $6.95 / month for a year. 

#7. Cervantes Escuela International Intensive Course

The Cervantes International School is recognized by the prestigious Cervantes Institute, the Spanish government’s official body for advancing the Spanish language study.

Attending a language school has a level of prestige attached to it. This is a real selling point for some learners. it’s another name to add to your CV, after all. If gaining your Spanish skills at a famous institution matters to you, but you want to learn online, Cervantes Escuela International’s distance-learning courses are a solution to consider.  

The price for learning on the platform is quite huge but worth it due to the intensive tutorials you will receive. Students are expected to attend 10 hours of group classes on Skype, and fit 40 hours of study around that. There’s a certificate of achievement on offer at the end. The price for the online program is 440€ for four weeks.

#8. Baselang

Baselang is also a good online learning platform to undertake a program in the Spanish language. Although, They offer unlimited Spanish lessons over video chat for $149 per month. Yes, this is a lot of money upfront, but if you commit to taking three or four lessons every week, the cost of each lesson is relatively low.

Baselang is great for those who have the time to make the most of the “unlimited lessons” offer.

#9. Coffeebreak Spanish

Coffeebreak Spanish is at the other end of the commitment spectrum. It’s designed for people who want to learn Spanish but can only dedicate a little time. Lessons on this course take the form of 15-20 minute podcasts, with each series roughly divided into a level;

  • Absolute beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Advanced

If you just want to listen to the podcasts, they’re available for free on all major listening apps. However, if you want interactive materials, you can purchase their full course for around $100 per season. Each level contains 40 bonus audio lessons to supplement the podcasts, 40 video lessons, and 40 files of lesson notes.

If you want to get to a conversational level, you’ll probably have to supplement your Coffeebreak Spanish lessons with some interactive speaking practice. However, this course is great value for money nonetheless, and the podcast has a very loyal following

#10. The News in Slow Spanish

The News in Slow Spanish is another podcast-based course. This course does what it says. It is a world news audio show, in slow-paced, intermediate Spanish. It’s great for those who are bored of working through schematic syllabuses that always start with the same topics. 

It’s far easier to follow a news program in Spanish than you might think, because the chances are, you know what kind of topics are currently making headlines, and will be able to listen out for them.

What’s more, if you make a habit of listening to your news already, then this will fit beautifully into your existing routine! New podcasts are added almost every day, so you’ll always find something topical. 

As Spanish courses go, it’s reasonably priced, at $22.90 per month. The first seven days are free, so you can test it out before parting with your cash. Once again, there is no speaking practice on offer here, which will almost certainly hold you back from getting to a conversational level.

That said, some polyglots swear that listening practice is the secret to learning new languages. If you’re patient, but not the kind of person to work through a textbook, this podcast-based course is a useful option to explore.


Spanish is a very interesting language, and learning it will put you on an edge to many opportunities. Therefore, seize the opportunity to use the learning platforms mentioned here to obtain the most out of learning Spanish. Meanwhile, if you have any questions utilize our comment box below for a quicker response.

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