Top 6 Best Interview Coaching Services In 2021 | Cost, Customer Reviews, Staff Qualifications & Areas of Expertise

Interview coaching
Interview coaching

Having access to the best interview coaching services can help you boost your interview skills. Without any doubt, a job interview skill is essential when job hunting, whether you’re looking for an entry-level job or an executive role. You should find ways to polish your skills.

One way is to hire an interview coach to help you prepare for the interview process and make you stand out.

Are you looking for the best interview coaching services? Here is a list of top 6 best interview coaching services, which we reviewed based on cost, customer reviews, staff qualifications, and areas of expertise. They all offered highly reputable services at various price points for a range of careers and levels of expertise.


Top Six Interview Coaching Services


If you want exceptional coaching that takes place at your pace and on your schedule, you should check out the BigInterview. Developed by world-renowned career coach Pamela Skillings, this interview coaching service platform uses pre-recorded practice modules and AI-powered feedback when coaching job seekers at any level. Big Interview has an impressive backing and feature set and is highly affordable.

The program features four modules with over 35 video lessons, which include the following Interview Basics, Behavioral Interview Questions, Acing Common Questions, and Playbooks for Common Challenges. It differs from traditional interview coaching services as you can watch the advice videos whenever you want and replay the lessons you find most valuable.

While it is designed for people in any industry, there are two specialty tracks. This is one for government jobs and another for roles in higher education. Based on reviews, BigInterview has been described to help them feel more confident and articulate their past experiences more clearly, 

There is a subscription-based pricing model at the rate of $79/month. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

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Entry Level Career Coaching

Launched in 2018, Entry Level Career Coaching (ELCC) has provided career guidance to young adults ages 14–30. Aside from offering interview practice, ELCC offers resume assessments and career planning to prepare high school and college graduates holistically.

Entry Level Career Coaching is the best choice for entry-level job seekers due to its excellent track record and commitment to entry-level clients.

Julia Hicks de Peyster, who has over 30 years of experience in HR, runs the program. Julia utilizes her expert knowledge to help young adults in any field or college major. She helps them build confidence and give succinct, clear answers to the most common interview questions. Through this platform, you may land your dream internships and identify a clear career path. 

Aside from providing interview practice, Julia offers resume review services and more general career mapping. You can book Julia through the ELCC website. 

There are four different packages on the website: 

  • 10 session Career Expert Package (comprises 10 hours of coaching): $1,250
  • 10 session Deluxe On-Call Package (comprises 10 hours of coaching): $1,500
  • Five-session Career Exploration Package (comprises five hours of coaching): $625
  • One-hour Career Tune-Up: $175

You also have the option of contacting ELCC directly about your specific interview coaching needs beyond existing packages and receive a customized quote.


Expert Interview Coaching

This is another exciting interview coaching service platform. Interview coaching services for executive or C-level jobs may demand more specialized coaching than a number of other career levels. This is where Expert Interview Coaching (EIC) comes in.

Launched in 2013, EIC has been prepared C-level executives to ace their interviews. EIC is the best option for executive interview coaching due to its expertise, dedicated staff, and unmatched programming for executive-level clients.

Barry Drexler, a professional career coach who has held several C-suite level roles throughout his career, runs the EIC’s C-suite interview training. Barry creates customized coaching depending on the client’s desired position and experience via mock interviews and feedback.

Each session is structured to enhance interview answers, communication skills, presence, and confidence. Through this program, you should be able to access helpful feedback that can land you a new job offer with the power to negotiate a higher salary.  

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The costs vary, depending on what you want. An hour and 15-minute interview coaching session over video with EIC costs $325, while an in-person session at the Manhattan office is $500.

There are also two packages: 

  • For the first package, it costs $1,350 for two 90-minute in-person coaching sessions and includes one 75-minute video coaching session, digital copies of mock interviews, and unlimited email support for the duration of the coaching.
  • For the second package 2, it costs $1,999 for two 90-minute in-person interview coaching sessions and includes one 75-minute video coaching session, networking training, resume and cover letter reviews, job search strategy, LinkedIn assessment, career planning, digital copies of your mock interviews, and unlimited email support for the duration of the coaching.

In addition, EIC offers a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you determine if their services fit you.


Jody Michael Associates

Launched in 1996, boutique agency Jody Michael Associates (JMA) has helped people reach their professional and personal goals. Their team brings a unique blend of neuroscience, psychology, and career coaching to assist job seekers looking to land their subsequent roles.

JMA is the best option for in-person coaching because of its reputation, legacy, and its in-person services in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

JMA’s interview coaching services comprise one-on-one practice interview sessions with personalized feedback, a well-detailed analysis of verbal performance, body language, preparation for surprise questions, and extra materials to enhance your general performance.

This program can make you feel significantly more confident and help you land your ideal roles. 

JMA requires you to submit a form on its website to get a quote. This suggests that costs may differ in line with your specific needs. Aside from interview coaching, JMA offers resume writing and self-help workshops.


The Muse

Created in 2011, The Muse has evolved into a job search platform, coaching site, and advice blog, helping over 75 million people build the skills needed to find their next role each year. The Muse’s coaching services are best because they can tailor your exact needs in line with different prices without sacrificing quality.

You can book an interview coach through The Muse platform for a 75-minute practice session, personalized feedback, and even an action plan. A good feature is that you have the opportunity to check out over 50 different coaches to find the one specializing in your industry and experience level, and even read their reviews from past clients.

Every booked coaching session is done via video or phone, depending on what you want. Also, you can book a coach for resume and cover letter reviews, LinkedIn profile audits, job search strategy, and networking. 

The Muse features three different pricing tiers for coaching, which include Mentor, Coach, and Master, based on how much experience the coach has. While Mentor-level coaches have fewer years of experience, they are great for anyone on a budget. While Coach-level coaches are better for mid-level professionals, Master-level coaches are more targeted to help senior-level leaders and executives. 

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A 75-minute session with a Mentor costs $139, Coaches cost $299, and Masters is $599



Founded in 2017, TopInterview has established itself as an industry leader. TopInterview renders interview coaching services for job seekers in all industries and levels. It boasts clients that have landed roles at Google, Spotify, Deutsche Bank, among others. Although it is top-rated and highly regarded, the program does not allow you to select your coach, and the lowest tier package covers only an elevator pitch.

Nevertheless. TopInterview offers three different interview coaching packages, which include the following: 

  • Essential: This costs $149 for one coaching session covering mastering your elevator pitch, session notes, and even a customized plan of action.  
  • Standard: This costs $298 for two coaching sessions covering your elevator pitch, practicing an unstructured interview, session notes, how to negotiate your salary, and a customized plan of action. This is regarded as TopInterview’s most popular package. 
  • Professional: This costs $349 for three sessions covering your elevator pitch, session notes, practicing an unstructured interview and behavioral interview, and a customized action plan.

After choosing the package that interests you, you can place an order on TopInterview’s website. In addition, you can build a custom package if none of the predetermined options fit into your specific needs.

Nevertheless, while booking, you will not get to choose or see your coach until your order has been finalized. TopInterview’s coaching sessions are done over the phone or by video.



What is an Interview Coaching Service?

Interview coaching service is designed to help job seekers master the art of interviewing. Coaching sessions often include practicing common interview questions, perfecting your elevator pitch and personal brand, and even brushing up on more general presentation and public speaking skills.

How Does an Interview Coaching Service Work? 

Every interview coaching service differs slightly, but you can read about the coaching staff online before booking them for a session with most programs. After going through a specific coach’s or coaching services’ qualifications, you can book one or multiple sessions based on your particular needs.

Most coaches can be helpful towards practicing an interview or elevator pitch as well as offer your feedback on your verbal and non-verbal presentation skills. Sessions are often done over video or the phone rather than in-person to serve a broader client base.

How Long is an Interview Coaching Program?

Most one-off sessions are 30–75 minutes long. Nevertheless, some coaching programs may go on for weeks, especially if self-paced. Sessions tend to vary in length depending on their focus. For instance, a mock interview session may take longer than a regular session focusing on perfecting your elevator pitch.

What is the Cost of an Interview Coaching Service?

Generally, the costs for interview coaching vary. While some services can be as low as $79, others run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Basically, prices depend on how many coaching sessions you want to book (one or several), your level of experience (entry, mid-level, or executive), the kind of coaching (self-paced videos or in-person sessions), and your personal needs.

Why Utilize an Interview Coaching Service?

Interview coaching programs can help identify strengths and weaknesses in your presentation skills. They can also help to give you insight into what current employers seek and help you build confidence. These are skills always worth fine-tuning, no matter the experience.

With the right interview coach, you are good to go when job hunting. Therefore, using an interview coaching service is crucial. However, if you feel like a coach may not help you better prepare for an interview, you might not benefit from these services.

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