Top 13 Best Summer Jobs for College Students | Hourly Pay Inclusive.

Summer jobs

Do you know that you could earn cash during the summer periods? Getting summer jobs during the summer might be a task because you might not know the right jobs that align with your life career but this is the best time to try other vocations.

Alright, have you been eager to get something doing to earn daily cash to get you financially capable over others in college? Do you feel it’s time to get on from calling back home? The summer period is a good time to start up again with that experience. We understand the daily needs and wants that must be satisfied per day.

Even, the challenges facing you irrespective of the fact that you are in college, footing bills, paying for study tools and even holiday and personal expenses, Research, etc.

This is why we have taken it as a burden as your number one job plug, just sit back and scroll down, we are here to bring to your desk the very best summer jobs for college students. For those who prefer part-time summer as well as summer camp jobs.

Top 13 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Jobs that align with your career goals or you just want the extra money. Here are ideas that you must find fascinating

#1. Landscaper

This job could be an outdoor job but it sure gives you an overview of experience and labour sense. Depending on where you live you might have relative chances of getting on a job like this. You could even start your own landscaping job in your neighbourhood.

For lovers of outdoor vocations, it involves a lot of dirt works, heavy lifting with your fingers soiled is part of the normal responsibility of a landscaper. The hourly pay rate is about $10-$19, it’s a great deal to get extra cash for college students per hour.

#2. Lifeguard

A lifeguard is also a good summer job to check out. If you see yourself as safety personnel and want to put your sporty sense into earning. The needs of a lifeguard are always at a high stake. Getting people to exercise and being paid for it sounds as balanced as backstroking, apart from getting wet.

If you are a strong swimmer then put on a face cap sunscreen and whistle because this is a perfect job in the summer for you. The average pay per hour is $9-$19 great deal!

#3. Camp Counsellor

A camp counsellor is a classic job for college students who love fun and adventure. They are thousands of summer camps in the U.S and abroad, and all of them need activities planned out and organized classes.

You may be able to tutor children whether it’s a silent camp, retreat, or even comedy camp. Some camps may need CPR certs or experience working with children. Of course! This is a sure show for you if you want to develop your leadership skills. The pay range per hour is $8-$13.

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#4. Office Assistance

This is a sure way to earn money and simultaneously buff up your resume in later times. As an office assistant, you will help things run smoothly, coordinating schedules, ordering office supplies, taking phone messages, get tea/ coffee for your bosses. If you have strong customer service magic, and eyes for details then the corporate world is willing to bargain $10-$19 pay per hour.

#5. The Local Social Media Manager

Most college students are proactive in social media and content management. Many companies seek to hire young people to add a fresh perspective to their marketing efforts.

So is going beyond your seasonal gig and you could even find a work-from-home opportunity. If you love writing, working as a social media manager then this is fun work you are seeking and the average pay per hour stands at $10 -$27.

#6. Retail Employee

Like a customer service job, you will interact directly with the public. They could be physically demanding since you must always be agile during shifts. But they give experience in a fast-paced environment and helping customers solve instant problems.

Retail jobs are seasonal and popular, you can try to pick up hours over winter break during peak holiday shopping times. This job comes in handy for friendly and high-spirited people who enjoy speaking to new people. With an average pay per hour of $8 -$15.

#7. Driver (Delivery Courier Networks)

If you have a car then jobs like this pay you for behind-the-wheels, food delivery, courier networks rideshare driver, jobs like Uber or Lyft, where you can set your own driving hours and work perimeter.

You own your own comfort. You can continue working part-time during your school years while earning some extra cash. Some rideshare app even has a sign-on bonus that will give you a bump as you start. If you like flexibility in your job schedule to run other side hustle.

#8. Food Service/ Restaurant Work

The food industry is so lucrative that in every street there’s almost a food vendor. Working in a restaurant has become a staple summer job for college students.

The restaurant is usually hiring year-round but increases staff ahead of summer and can likely give you a part-time schedule that works for you. If you really love working for people and are friendly. Then a food service job might be a great summer job option for you with an average hourly pay rate of $8-$15.

#9. Nanny

During the holiday, parents are left to joggle between home runs and office. With young kids outside school. Families are more likely to turn towards nannies, nanny Jobs for students who want a family-oriented job and have experience working with children.

Nanny gig Jobs are easier to find through with tons of apps and websites that can connect you with people looking to hire for short and long-term care. Check out to find out if nannying is right for you. With a satisfying hourly pay wage of $10 -$20

#10. Home Health Aide

According to Zip recruiter home health aides makes roughly $24, 458 annually. Depending on the nature of the patients most home health workers do not need a nursing certificate.

Only a CPR certificate and first aid training along with specialized education are provided by the hiring company. The jobs offer flexibility in form of the evening and weekend hours

#11. Tutor

Tutoring is also one of the good summer jobs college students can apply for. Tutor sounds so summer already, but not every student has the feat of knowledge to tutor people. Although, those who do benefits highly as one of the most paid summer jobs.

Tutoring can be found in a variety of places in peer tutoring programs at the University to even remotely in online formats. Giving you that ideal part-time summer job, relative to client needs tutors to make between $30 – $80

#12. Virtual Assistant

This is a millennial revolving answer to the personal assistant. An admin-savvy associate who is busy professionals in IT research, scheduling, booking travel reservation, media support. This is a job fitting the description of any whiz on the computer, and the nature of the job can be performed remotely at any time of the day.

This job fits savvy college students who are organized, especially reporting and solving tasks through the organization. The average pay is $15 per hour to a personal assistant who aids busy professionals.

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#13. Sales Associate

This job comes in handy according to business news daily. American students holds a record for the most commonly held jobs as a sales associate. Sales associates enjoy flexibility in terms of shift coverage and scheduling. It comes in handy, especially during stressful school weeks.

The job responsibilities involve handling cash and credit cards organizing store inventory, making sales. The pay for the service of a sales associate starts at the state minimum wages rate. Sale associates could be an idea of even becoming an entrepreneur

Meanwhile, you can also find other good summer jobs available for college students in the link below.


Wrapping it up, if you are a college student and you carefully read through this article, then you should have found one lucrative job to apply for during your summer break. Meanwhile, if you have further questions, you can use our comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers On Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Here are few summer jobs for teens:

  • Lifeguard.
  • Camp Counselor.
  • Landscaper.
  • Golf Caddy.
  • Farm Hand.
  • Produce Stand Worker.
  • Plant Nursery Associate.
  • Sign Holder.

People working within the Teen Summer category in your area are making on average $17 per hour or $0.39 (2%) more than the national average hourly salary of $16.46

Here are some summer jobs for high school students:

  • Movie theater cashier or usher.
  • Front desk receptionist.
  • Yard worker.
  • Pet sitter or dog walker.
  • Babysitter.
  • Delivery driver.
  • Tutor.
  • Grocery store associate.

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