Top 13 Entry Level IT Jobs And What You Can Do To Get Hired.

Top 13 Entry Level IT Jobs And What You Can Do To Get Hired

We would expose you to the top entry level IT jobs and how to get hired in this article. Pushing your limits to gain mastery of one’s self comes with great mastery and then responsibility, earning and learning. We could break the barriers of learning if we cooperate.

Very well said, the IT sector is a growing notion in this tech age. Also, we are here to share every known opportunity presented by this sector. Meanwhile, let’s talk about IT. This is Information Technology.

Information is processed data. While technology on its side is the application of scientific knowledge or data for practical purposes.

IT is the use of a computer, storage and physical devices to procreate, store, and develop all forms of useful electronic data. Useful could mean everything usable.

Its commercial use encompasses both technology and telecommunication, and obviously could be used to earn money. Mind you everything in The IT world is learnt as you are learning now before earning.

What Does an IT person do?

An information technology person works to monitor and master every area of computer hardware, software and network within an organization. This information hence gives us a headstart into what we are about to do and the interest we could create in any area of the corporate IT world.

There are series of reasons why we should work in the tech industry. Not only that it evolved over the years and still evolving meeting with the trends and times. It offers a high income and you will be satisfied with a fulfilling career that isn’t disappearing any time soon.

Top 13 Entry Level IT Jobs

So, let’s explore together this fascinating and ever-changing career field and learn about the various high-paying jobs on the playlist.

Why harnessing the information and thoughts processing right now in your mind. We have thus on this list;

#1. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers, also known as system developers or system programmers they are task with creating and designing programs used in the computer. They take ideas created by developers and software engineers and turn them into real-life programs.

Therefore you need to learn the language of computers, like Java c++ and a host of others. With over 250,000 total jobs and limits, they might not be an opportunity in the next ten years. From study and stats, 74% of workers are grounded with a bachelor’s certificate degree and above often from the computer field.

Entry salary Ranking at $48,790 and top earns graduate to $134,600.

#2. Computer Support Specialist

This set of wonderful people make the computer easier for people who may not have advanced computer training or knowledge. Cases presented to computer support specialists is that they listen to user’s issues and provide troubleshooting and solution advice.

Computer design firm seeks after this skill, other sectors such as education where they employ computer support specialists into tertiary institutions, universities and remote schools.

They test and evaluate existing networks and systems. Perform regular maintenance and troubleshoot network systems. It’s a reliable technology field for future opportunities. You would have an edge if you have a bachelor’s degree with an entry-level salary of $38,270

#3. Web Developer

The primary responsibility of web developers is to design and create websites. Web developers overlook the total appeal of the created website. They are also responsible for the user interaction and interface, among which are the layouts.

They not only enjoy what they do but have considerable pay. Plus, standard entry-level education as an associate’s degree so they can break into the industry quickly! Entry-level salary is $38,000

#4. Computer Information and Research Scientist

By attacking complex problems and research, scientists create new technology methods for numerous companies. These industries include the medical business and scientific fields.

A very smart amount of them work with the federal government. However, many works for the computer systems industry, the information industry, and the engineering industry.

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Generally, computer research scientists create and design new ways to use computing technology. The growing statistics of this job is 31,700 and the median salary is $118,370 making it a high payer and over 16% increase

#5. Computer and Information Systems Manager

They are project managers like many managers they take a strategic approach to their jobs creating long-term plans and how to achieve them. Also, organizing phases of assignments, they create goals and objectives to achieve them, systematic plans.

With purpose and accuracy, they direct all computer-related works and create steps to determine a better network and software system. They are advanced and experienced individuals who seek to accomplish the longterm personnel needs and staff accordingly. Earns a median salary of $142,530.

#6. Computer Hardware Engineer

These Engineers as their names implies deal physically with computer components such as processors, chips, Ic’s and routers. Fabricating these parts also is their work. These Engineers are tasked with technology’s physical nature and are tasked with creating new computer hardware that’s more effective and efficient.

They are not necessarily the software guys if at all they gain the necessary knowledge of software. But they test completed models of their equipment sometimes using software or programs to make the new hardware function.

The updated hardware in correlation to new software initiated in the tech world, with salaries towering at $114,600

#7. Software Systems Developer

This developer work with systems, this skill has a hand extend to engaging industries including the military medical as well as scientific fields and industries.

As a system developer, you create operational specifications and create software requirements. You need to have basic principles in mathematical analysis computer science as well as Engineering to work excellent and have success as a systems developer. Average salary range is $90,000-$110,000

#8. Computer Network Architect

From the word architect, this involves designs and building of data communication networks. LANs for local area networks to WANs wide area networks.

The design and structure of this network can effectively connect two offices in different cities and connect complex networks of offices in different cities, in-home and satellite offices. These architects are concerned with the initial planning of a computer system.

Administrative and leadership boards plan are presented and structured by them. Computer architects are tasked to upgrade security systems and archives as well as researching the state of art technologies surfacing. Which are organization network beneficial. Computer architects earn salaries up to $109,020

#9. Software Application Developers

With job growth of 16% this skill promises opportunities. It is divided into two; System Developers and Application Developers. System Developers and Application developers are concerned with discovering and analyzing a user’s need and getting a smartphone application that best meets these needs.

This application will be fully customized to a particular company business industry or organization but a majority of these applications are for general use by consumers. The median salary of software app developers is $103, 620

#10. Information Security Analyst

These folks deal with cyber securing and security. They deal with a defensive wall system that hinders cyber-attacks and unauthorized access, the layout and carries out security steps to cover vulnerable areas of a system.

They are tasked with the implementation of security and analyzing ways such as firewalls and encryption programs. They create audits by attempting hacks on a particular system to check its strengths. This system security earns as honourable as $98,350

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#11. Database Administrator

Database administrator with job growth of 9%, and salary of $90,000. They use specialized technology to store processes and implement data. They readily make sure data is available to people for easy accessibility.

Which can include CEO’s Government officials and sales staff. They access and work with mainly financial and customers’ records. They carry out studies on sales history ensuring sales reps can easily reference a customer’s previous orders, budget, and purchase patterns.

A clear organized data fashion can be dealt with professionally by a database administrator. Salary earned is $90,070

#.12 Computer System Analyst.

This high trained skilled personnel analyses an organization’s current computer systems and they give professional advice towards effectiveness and efficiency.

With their experience in business and IT knowledge, computer system analysts understand the needs of business and think out systems to meet these needs. They consult with management, research new technologies, predict certain changes, implement the changes they recommend.

They, however, provide strategies that address these changes also. They earn as high as $88,740. The number of jobs is 633,900.

#13. Network and Computer System Administrator

Computers are needed as startups for the smooth running and day-to-day affair of the organization. This needs an organization to seek the hand on knowledge and skill manship of network and computer system administrators. They work with physical computers, installing network hardware, maintaining system security.

They readily provide software and hardware problems and problems related. They collect data and analyze this data.

The system administrator may be required to train others on the proper use of computers, they learn to meet and meet computer operational goals with their median salary as $82,050.

Entry Level IT Jobs Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Help desk analyst. Many tech workers have started out on the help desk
  2. PC technician
  3. Computer operator
  4. Software developer
  5. Technical writer
  6. Front-end web developer
  7. Quality assurance (QA) analyst
  8. Database administrator (DBA)

Tips for Getting Into IT With Zero Experience

  • Re-examine and Apply Your Past Experience to the IT Industry
  • Get Industry Certifications
  • Your Degree in Another Field May Be a Huge Asset
  • Be Open to Starting at the Bottom
  • Don’t Forget the Power of Networking
  • Teach Yourself Relevant Tech Skills
  • Look for Crossover Positions.

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