How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make In California?

How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make In California?

Being a substitute teacher is a very great way of starting a teaching career. You’d learn from professionals with more experience. Although, it’s also great you know some things about substitute teachers like; how much do substitute teachers make, and what it actually takes to become a substitute teacher.

It has come into question as to the earning power of enrolling or being a Substitute Teacher in California.  This Article readily compiled by our team of professionals is out to enlighten anyone who and what being a Substitute teacher in California could be and their earning power in California.

Furthermore, These Substitute Teachers have been heard of alongside names of several cities like Florida, New York City, Michigan e.t.c. Moreover, knowing the presence of Substitute Teachers in Michigan, Substitute Teachers in New York City, it’s okay to be left curious about the happenings that occur in the world of a Substitute Teacher.

Now let’s dive deeper for a clearer understanding of Substitute Teachers and who they are.

Who Are Substitute Teachers?

Most times in an educational system, it is good to have different teachers handling the same program or course. They are many reasons for having these supporting teachers, to reduce overload for the main teacher/lecturer. To help the main lecturers carry out some minor tasks. Thus, these supporting teachers are referred to as substitute teachers.

Hence, Substitute teachers are persons who teach a class in the absence of the regular teacher due to several factors like illness, pregnancy or any other temporal work restricting factor

Why Substitute Teachers?

Becoming a substitute teacher is a very enticing job as the workload is actually not so intense and you will have more time to explore other studies and get deeper knowledge in your career path. You’d also be learning from experienced professionals that have solid grounds and better methods of imparting knowledge to the students.

Therefore, substitute teachers are essential because they make themselves readily available and aren’t tied down to one job or institution. They are always available to Substitute Teachers around the clock 24/7.

For this reason, substitute teachers are highly needed. In fact, they are too valuable to be kept out of the system.  One could call them emergency minds. So if you are still interested in getting the answer to how much do substitute teachers make? Keep scrolling.

Job Description of Substitute Teachers

The Substitute job description of a substitute teacher is majorly on a supporting term to the prime teacher of a course or program.

Therefore, the major duty of a substitute teacher in any institution is to manage the affairs of the regular teacher. Also, brief his curriculum and broaden the knowledge laid out to the students by the Regular teacher.

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Furthermore, the most important duty assigned on day 1 to a Substitute Teacher is to give a report to the Regular Teacher and head of student administration. This is to ensure knowledge on the happenings around the teaching space is well documented since a Substitute Teacher’s work is a temporary one.

Where Can Substitute Teachers Work?

Coming into certain considerations to the fact that many individuals well aware of who a Substitute Teacher could be, do hope to be involved and question where their services may be hired.

Generally, substitute teachers can work in any academic institution in their vicinity/district. But if you need some details concerning where substitute teachers can work in California. Then, you need not search further. Down below will be a layout of places that where Substitute Teachers services could be hired;

  • Los Alamitos Unified school district situated at Los Alamitos. CA. 90720.
  • San Francisco unified school district situated at San Francisco CA 94102.
  • Oakland unified school district situated at Oakland, CA 94607.
  • Museum School situated at San Diego CA 92103.

Requirements To Become a Substitute Teacher In California

Generally, the qualifications required for substitute teachers may not be as strict as those for a regular teacher. Meanwhile, most places require a college degree, and some the successful completion of competency tests.

While others require only that the applicant possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. Although, full teaching qualifications are required for long-term assignments.

So, before one can decide to become a Substitute Teacher, he/she has to go through several procedures that stand essential before being certified a Substitute Teacher.

Below are details of milestones to be dealt with before one can become a Substitute Teacher in California.

  • Have a Bachelor certificate (
  • Taking a TB test .
  • Must complete a Live scan Test.
  • Take a CBEST Test.
  • Obtain a 30 day permit

How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make In California?

Coming to a really big question anyone applying to become a Substitute Teacher would want to know how much he or she is expecting to get. How much income can I earn? Is it beneficial to be a Substitute Teacher?

Bring all of this into consideration, it is indeed highly beneficial to become a Substitute Teacher because they earn in wage which is decently higher than an average American minimum wage. Thus the substitutes teachers in California may earn between $120 to $200 depending on their work region.

In other words, let’s emphasize the earning power of a Substitute Teacher in the several institute’s outlined in the article above with regards to some districts in California.

#1. Los Alamitos unified school district .

  • Address: Los Alamitos. CA. 90720.
  • EARNINGS = 174$ daily

#2. San Francisco unified school district .

  • Address: San Francisco CA 94102.
  • EARNINGS = 175$ daily

#3. Oakland unified school district

  • Address: Oakland, CA 94607.
  • EARNINGS = 195$ daily

#4. Museum School

  • San Diego CA 92103.
  • EARNINGS = 130$ daily.

However, to get more concise and regular information on how much substitute teachers earn in California and also regular opportunities to apply for, you can visit the link below.

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Bringing the mid into a settlement, this is well detailed for anyone willing to enrol or curious about Substitute Teachers and their functionalities. This compilation is based on setting good knowledge and awareness on the subject matter. If you have any confusion, Please be free to use our comment box below


Are substitute teachers real teachers?

Substitute teacher is a person who teaches a school class when the regular teacher is unavailable as a result of the following; illness, personal leave, or other reasons

Is substitute teaching a good job?

Substitute teaching is an excellent career opportunity for many types of people, but it isn’t for everyone. However, schools are always in need of qualified substitute teachers, so as long as you have a Bachelor’s degree, no criminal record, and are good with children, you will likely be hired

What do substitute teachers do?

Substitute teachers perform the instructional and classroom management processes for teachers who are unavailable. Their duties include taking attendance, explaining homework, and maintaining classroom cleanliness.

What skills are required to become a substitute teacher?

* Accountability.
* Adaptability.
* Public Speaking.
* Problem-Solving.
* Time Management.
* Instructing.
* Networking.
* Working with Children.

How much do substitute teachers make in California?

The substitutes teachers in California may earn between $120 to $200 depending on their work region.

Why do people want to be substitute teachers?

Substitute teaching is a rewarding career in education. It provides you the opportunity to set your own schedule, earn a steady paycheck, and gain valuable experience, all while helping the schools and students who need it most.

What do substitute teachers wear?

Tailored pants, skirts, and jackets are generally considered appropriate, as are collared shirts and blouses

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