What Does A Political Analyst Do? How To Become One, Jobs, Salary And Requirements.

What Does A Political Analyst Do? How To Become One, Jobs, Salary And Requirements

Politics is a very interesting sphere of a country’s economy and actually the backbone behind the survival of the countries economic growth. Hence, there is a necessity to take into cognizant the political activities of the country and analyze what prospects are to come. Thus, this is the duty of the political analyst.

So, if you are interested to know full-fledged what political analysis is all about and what a political analyst does. Then carefully go through this article. We even provided you with a list of good schools you can resort to when considering becoming one. Also a detailed map to becoming a political analyst.

Who Is A Political Analyst?

Do you still ask questions like; What is a political analyst? Then we would clearly make you see in the limelight who and what political analysts do.

Thus, a political analyst is a type of political scientist. They might research political systems or the relationships between the U.S. and foreign countries. Also, they can advise national leaders about a foreign government’s goals and their implications for the U.S.

They are also responsible to develop political theories based on analysis of historical documents and statistics. He or she may also analyze and report on election results and forecast political trends. Political analyst jobs can be challenging but are considered important to the functioning of a country’s political sphere.

What Does A Political Analyst Do?

The Political analyst duties are very intricate ones as most of them work for federal governments (CIA political analyst), think tanks and private organizations (CNN political analyst). They will deal with researching political works and things pertaining to different nationals with relation to their own country.

So, they will be able to profer a good national or political decision or solution to the entity they work for. Thus, this job description may be challenging and demanding. Although, in specifics, these are some of the required duties of a political analyst below;

Skill Requirements Of A Political Analyst.

There are some necessary skills one needs to possess to successfully become a political analyst. They ought to have good analytical, critical thinking. Also, good research skills and be able to present well both orally and in writing. He or she should also be knowledgeable about government and law.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in learning how to become a politician, similar educational requirements likely apply, but political analysts are not politicians.

Meanwhile, in a nutshell, below is the required necessary skills for this career path;

Political Analyst Jobs Prospects

Are you wondering what the possible career prospects to this career path may be, considering that it’s a skill required majorly in high areas of the economy?

Regardless of this facts, in it little niche, political analysts have a wide range of application. Below are some places where a political analyst can apply to;

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Political Analyst Salary | How Much Do They Earn?

Political analyst is a very lucrative career path. They earn very handsomely considering the nature of their jobs and the settings in which they work. They mostly earn on average $45 per hour. Which is very nice pay. Although, their job description is usually challenging.

However, in May 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual political analyst salary was $122,220.

How To Become A Political Analyst.

To successfully become a good political analyst, takes time and experience. This will also definitely require a good academic background. Meanwhile, you must ensure you stick to the process below if you must get things right towards this career path;

#1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in a Relevant Field.

To become a political analyst, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree. Undergraduate degree programs in political science may cover topics in data analysis and statistics, media and politics, modern political theory, and policy processes.

Some schools offer dual bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in political science. These programs allow students to earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees in a shorter amount of time than if they pursued both degrees separately.

During your studies, it is advised you undertake an internship to help build on your experience in the career part. Also, Hone investigation and analysis skills.

#2. Find a Job as a Political Analyst.

The next step to this career path after obtaining the bachelor’s degree is to seek a good job to get background experience.

Although, many employers of political analysts prefer candidates with several years of work experience. So this is why you can start as a support analyst so you can gain more experience.

Government agencies hire analysts to investigate foreign or domestic political issues. Private industries might hire analysts to work in their political relations departments and manage their relationships with the government.

#3. Earn an Masters in Political Science.

To keep you more certified and upgrade your status quo as a political analyst, you need to obtain a master’s degree in political science.

Master’s degree programs in political science require at least 30 credit hours of study, which may include courses in political data analysis, political research and methodology, and the current issues in American politics.

Meanwhile, other requirements may include a thesis or participation in an internship.

So how long does it take to become a political scientist? If you get a bachelor’s degree and then a graduate degree, it could take you at least six years to get a career as a political analyst going.

However, you might start your career immediately after your bachelor’s degree if you find a position that works for you.

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Good Schools To Obtain A Political Analyst Degree

Are you searching for great institutions to obtain a good degree in Political analysis, then we’ve also got you covered on that. Herein we have provided some good institutions you can resort to obtaining a good degree in Political Science. These schools are measured by the quality of education they offer.

Meanwhile, in no political order, see some schools we recommend you can obtain a good degree in political science from.


If you are considering going into politics in the future, you will need to obtain a degree in political science, however, if your dream is to work with Government Intelligence Unit (CIA, FBI, CTU, etc), you should aspire to become a Political Analyst.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the requirements to be a political analyst?

The educational path to becoming a political analyst requires at least a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in history, foreign affairs, political science, international relations or any other major related to this field

What jobs can you get as a political analyst?

* Policy Analyst.
* Legislative Assistant.
* Public Relations Specialist.
* Social Media Manager.
* Marketing Research Analyst.
* Political Consultant.
* Attorney.
* Intelligence Analyst.

Do political analysts get paid?

Political analysts in the United States make an average salary of $101,781 per year or $48.93 per hour. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $64,000 a year, while the top 10% make $160,000.

How long does it take to become a political analyst?

An aspiring political analyst needs a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in political science, foreign affairs, history, international relations, or other related major to obtain a job in the field. Some positions may require candidates to have a graduate degree and/or 2-8 years of experience.

What does a political strategist do?

Political consultants sometimes act as political strategists, senior political consultants who promote the election of certain candidates or the interests of certain groups. This is achieved by planning campaign strategies, coordinating campaign staffers, and arranging events to publicize candidates or causes.

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