The Academic Guide For First Year Students Studying Abroad, 2021.

The Academic Guide
The Academic Guide

So many unoriented international students find it difficult to settle down academically because they lack proper academic guide that would have served as a blueprint before traveling, however, here are some academic guidelines for first year students intending to study abroad.

Schooling abroad is an amazing opportunity but for first-year students, it can be challenging and the process quite tasking and that is why it is advisable to hire a professional academic guide to put you through the entire process as you might not be familiar with the system.

Going to study abroad is a big decision to make because it means leaving your country, home, and everything you may be familiar with to go somewhere new and different from what you are used to so taking the step to study abroad requires a lot of thought.

Before going for studies abroad, students should carefully think through the reasons why they want to make that decision.


Why and What to Study Abroad

Going abroad for studies might not necessarily mean that only schools abroad are good enough or up to standard even though it could be a reason.

Reasons students decide to go for studies abroad include; the fact that many students who study abroad always look out for better schools than those they have in their various home countries or because the courses they wish to study are not available at the universities in their home countries so most times their decision to study abroad is largely influenced by these.

Another reason why you should consider studying abroad is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to explore new places and cultures outside of your home and the place you have been for a very long time and by so doing you expand your network. You get to meet new friends, and different people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and values.

Studying abroad also allows you to experience other aspects of life; it also looks good on your CV and gives you better chances of being employed due to the level of exposure and new knowledge you have gotten from your international study experiences such as diversity in cultures, new language, and communication skills, etc.

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As for first year students who have never been away from home, going to school abroad can help them to become more independent and learn more about themselves.

This is because when they go outside of their comfort zone and have to take care of themselves and tackle challenges on their own without the help of those you are familiar with then you are most likely to undergo a lot of personal growth and become more self-sufficient.

When going abroad to study you might be going to study for a foundation program, certificates, and diplomas, bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree.

You can also go to pursue PhDs and doctorates as well attend language schools. All these degrees can be gotten in various courses and fields of studies so it only depends on the interest or current academic and professional discipline of the student.


Who is an Academic Guide?

An academic guide is a professional whose responsibility is to assist and support new or incoming students on matters that concern their registration, orientation, and classes.

They also offer advice to incoming students on decisions that affect their education such as the courses and programs that they wish to offer and also takes care of their emotional wellbeing as well.

Academic guides not only see students through their academic years but also after they have completed their education to help them explore career opportunities.

Although in most cases an academic guide is trained personnel, it can also be in form of a document, brochure, or even a website that provides information, instructions, and advice that will help students as they carry on with their academic process.


Why Hire an Academic Guide?

Guidance must be given to first-year students in different areas they will be needing assistance. First year students will need to make some plans when going to study abroad and one of the major concerns to plan for is the funding.

Funding education while schooling abroad can be quite expensive and it is the responsibility of the academic guide to help you plan how to take care of that by helping you apply for scholarships and student support programs as well as student loans if it becomes necessary.

Aside from the tuition fee, students especially incoming or first year students need to plan a budget for travel expenses, accommodation, feeding, and also other costs of living.

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Another aspect of planning that the students need to do is planning successful academic strategies that will enhance their learning and holistic development; the academic guide can also be of help in areas such as this.

The academic guide also ensures that the students not only provide the requirements but that they also make all requirements available at the right time and also complete their application process before the deadlines.

They also assist students through their academic progress, integration of curricular and experiential opportunities as well as help to stimulate intellectual development.


What to Look Out For In an Academic Guide

Since first-time students might be clueless about a lot of things that are involved in studying abroad, the academic guide should serve as a guardian to them and be able to put them through the process.

Thus, he or she should know all there is to know about the school, program of interest and application procedure of the student to be able to help offer the necessary help and guidance.

They should also be friendly and have the ability to communicate properly to offer advice, corrections, and instructions to the students in the course of their academic experience.

Coordination and organization is a very important trait that one should look out for in a guide because incoming first year students will be doing a lot of planning to make their study abroad experience a pleasant and successful one so the guide should be able to help them plan properly and extensively.


Requirements for Studying Abroad

The requirements needed to study abroad in 2021 considering the effects of the 2020 pandemic may vary from one country to the other and the process might be quite strange to first year students because it might be different from what they are used to from their high schools or previous schools.

Requirements and procedures of studying might differ from school to school. This is why new students, especially foreign students are advised to seek help. An academic guide will need to put them through as to what requirements they will need to complete their studies and have a smooth run.

Some of these requirements include; a good GPA (mostly 3.0 or better), taking and passing a language test (such as IELTS or TOEFL), providing all necessary transcripts, certificates, recommendation letters, etc.

New students studying abroad especially those who do not know anyone or place in the country they’ll be moving to should also research extensively, and find all the help they can get.

This is to ensure that important details such as the appropriate visas and passports for students travel arrangements (such as flight tickets and bookings) and accommodation issues (whether they will live in the dormitories or rent apartments off-campus) are all sorted out before they leave their homes to their school to avoid being stranded.

Apart from the official requirements need to school abroad, first year students need to be familiar with survival hacks that might come in handy as they find their footing in the new countries.

Some of these tips are; first, making friends and relationships especially with people who are familiar with their new environment so that they can get immediate help when necessary.

Secondly being prudent and wise with your finances and spending is very important because the cost of living abroad might be quite expensive. If possible and if it is necessary students are advised to find part-time jobs to help support them financially through their academic progress.

It is also very important that students should familiarize always themselves with public announcements, warnings, local news, and other consular information to avoid getting into any trouble.

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Another important tip first year students should remember before traveling to a new country to study is to ensure that they get health insurance that will cover their medical bills in case of any health emergencies.

Going to study overseas is an awesome opportunity but every process and requirement should be followed through to completion without leaving any detail out.

Thus, students who plan to travel outside of their country to study should carry out all necessary research and also be smart to enable them to have successful academic progress.



The importance of having a guide cannot be overemphasized. it can come in a form of a book, online document, or even a human to put you through from the beginning to the end of your academic stay. Get yourself an academic guide today!

Good luck!


What is an academic guide?

An academic guide is a professional whose responsibility is to assist and support new or incoming students on matters that concern their registration, orientation, and classes.
They also offer advice to incoming students on decisions that affect their education such as the courses and programs that they wish to offer and also takes care of their emotional well-being as well

What does a first-year academic guide mean?

First-Year Academic Guide. Addresses some of the common academic questions and concerns that are likely to arise during students’ first year

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