I Hate College | Common College Problems And What to do About Them.

I Hate College | Common College Problems And What to Do About Them
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Most times young people see going to college as an avenue to be free, true I was also eager to one day fight out my SAT grades to make it to college, finally you made it! There’s a tea party, a celebration of some sort.

What next poor teenagers or freshers do not see the foreword problems of College. Any proper orientation and you end up after your first semester results with the I never knew college was a bitter reality, I hate college, No blame at all.

Whether University or college, it is a little universe in its city and everyone in it must give a level of Independence to little details. You must be able to be mature to survive on college terms and not on yours, sorry to say this. But the truth is that college prepares you for life and you shouldn’t fret or use the “I hate college” slogan.

You might end up in Prozac nation. I know it might take you to adapt to certain changes, and annoying humans but this process takes a while and understanding. In fact, college would initially make you almost mentally fatigued before you start counting your scores and wins.

Freshers would use “I hate college” because it wasn’t favouring their likes, their college life might be too Raz with an overly loaded schedule daily that takes away their leisure times and other factors would be simply towards college girls that don’t turn out as imagined …

Why Do I Hate College?

There are so many reasons why people hate college. They may include induced fear of failure or coming from a background of lower standards. These facts are potentially some of the reasons why people get paranoid before even experiencing college issues.

Basically, we are humans before proceeding into something new we are faced with uncertainties and facts like; how will I succeed how can I stay outstanding?

If you are one of the many people who ask these questions. Listed below are the most common problems we encounter in college hence are responsible for the clause; I hate college.

Common College Problems

Well, experiences are worth it. If you are skeptical about college, relax your guts and here are the common problems you encounter in college.

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#1. Identifying Your Lecture Time and Hall

Most Freshers encounter newcomers syndrome and are confused about how to start. Processing a new schedule trying to know places around campus and arriving on time for lectures is a basic and common problem. Hence the need for an academic guide for first-year students.

When you are fatigued from running from end to end you gasp out the I fucking hate college when you trying to get air and catch breathe. I’ve seen students lash out their frustration on other students because of this problem where they appear all tired from running after lecturers whose lectures are at the far end of each proposed venue.

Most times information comes at the 11th hour that the lecture is changed to a different venue, a totally different time that utterly changes your plan for that day, probably you might have planned to go see someone or attend to other business and the I hate college sam Adams falls out easily from anger…It’s a normal problem man….

#2. Waking Up Early For Very Early Lectures

Lectures are tiring and boring at times talk more of early morning lectures… Hahahaha, most lecturers put a lecture time at 6:00 am and a compulsory quiz attached to it just to blackmail your time of heavenly early morning sleep.

By the time you rolling off your bed, it’s 6:45. What will you do, you grab a tee shirt and starts running without having brushed or had your shower to an early morning class. Well, should I say it’s a sacrifice for a proper grade? Don’t say I fucking hate college because that’s the reply to this problem.

Early morning classes could kill your vibe for the whole day and you would fight falling asleep while learning. Most times this happens four days in a roll and everyone sadly is echoing I hate college! I hate this school!

#3. Getting Poor Grades After Writing a Test

Getting poor grades after writing a test well or having missing test scripts, I don’t even want to talk about this because having missing test scripts after writing well in an exam is as demoralizing as defecating on yourself.

The school system just falls short of this every time. Students write a marvellous exam and what’s greeting you is a missing script. In fact, it’s scary and most times you want an ‘A‘ from a pretty well-written exam and a ‘C’ comes greeting your face like hi you ‘C’ me. Men I could hear the I fucking hate college inside your bones.

It happens over and over again to students even to the best students and this is just a stagnant problem and you have to start going through annoying office protocols writing official letters to departments.

#4. Accommodation problems

Getting accommodation late can stand as a problem especially at the beginning of a new session with new and fresh migration of students. Also, have you ever squatted before with a few friends when you couldn’t get accommodation? It’s hell after school stress not having your private time, and if you having a clash in what they do and you don’t do.

You just have to condole and endure their excess. Also, worst if you guys are more than 3 in one room, should I say this is one of the most common problems in college life. It’s depressing and you can’t help but just hate everything and then the next thing; I hate college…

#5. Being Broke

For those guys still calling back home, they could be in a mess sometimes if funds are not properly managed. Not settling for someone like-minded with goals.

Show me your friends, friends are the strong catalyst in achieving many colleges. This cannot be overemphasized, wrong pack, wrong company confused life…bad company is a virus, it is a huge I mean the huge problem you can encounter without knowing you’re almost done and fried

What to Do About The “I Hate College” Syndrome

Well enough said about the common problems in colleges affairs that come in handy with the I fucking hate college. Sam Adams says;
Do not be afraid There are always solutions to problems”

With this point, you wouldn’t settle for less. Like I said some experiences are better not encountered because the recovering period would take a major toll on you. Here are the solutions to college problems, without further ado;

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#1. Know What You Want, Stay Focus

Never go out of trajectory, no matter if you derail it’s never too late to recover and fall back in place. Stay focused on the primary reason why you are here. Get a balanced sheet of your life.

#2. Be At The Right Place At The Right Time

Stay clear of the wrong places… Stay put and work based on analysis of everything. Ask yourself why you’ve got to do this and why you’ve got to make decisions like this.

This is because college brings a lot of confusion and most times we are just so confused that we can’t deal rightly with major problems. Seek help from the right sources.

#3. Get It All Planned 24/7

Think on paper and act accordingly. The best students in school never fail in planning, however, sometimes plans fail but nevertheless. If you are properly planned you lose the risk of falling out of place. So get it planned, kill procrastination.

#4. Start early, Start Now, Do It

We have problems and most times we know the solutions. So why waste your time? Go for that lecture, visit the library start that business you want to use to source yourself out. Start it now… College is not only about academics a good student thinks and solves problems and earns cash from them.

Remember college experience is a keystone to the doors of reality. College experience teaches a whole lesson on real-life challenges. If you can handle these challenges then you can overcome problems in life when encountered.

#5. Meet People and Seek Help

This is a proper way to reduce depression. Seek the help you are not the only one suffering from that major setback. You need help, go to your student body. Ask for help from mature and older colleagues. No mature student or person will cast a stone at you.

Depression is a killer you need to go outside. Relieve yourself of that stress stroll around school. Start a social movement that tackles this area you feel are having a toll on promising youths like you.

#6. Do Not Try Drugs

Do not start drugs, you will kill yourself. Most students do drugs as antidepressants. They will totally lead you into that same pit of confusion and anger you are running from.

Stop drugs if you have started already you can quit. Visit your guardians and counselor in school and enroll in a programme if aren’t comfortable meeting a G and C. Try going to a religious movement and ask for help.

#7. Apply For a Scholarship

This helps a great deal. You know scholarships could but encourage you to study hard and pays your efforts. It is good to apply for scholarships immediately after you enter school.

You might not get it the first time but you will certainly get another. There are so many scholarships on campus you wouldn’t miss out on one if you apply.

Makeup every time lost, be the best you can you were chosen to be there so go get it, that prize is yours.

Nonetheless, you may want to watch and listen to Sam Adams i hate college below:


In conclusion, a college is a wonderful place with fun experiences and I fucking hate college slogans shouldn’t derail you from your original intentions, you will hear this a lot; I hate college, be positive about life and let college pass through you, you will be alright.


What do you do if you hate college?

Here are a few ways to cope with the; “I hate college” blahs.
* Try to find a good organization to join. A good club or activity can truly save you. …
* Schedule a time for your friends to visit. …
* Consider changing majors. …
* Be honest with your parents about it. …
* Make an effort to accept all invites. …
* Test the waters at other nearby colleges.

Is it OK to not like college?

It’s perfectly acceptable to hate college, and it’s not a crime to admit it to yourself.

Why is college so difficult?

There are many reasons why college might feel so hard, and these are often very personal to everyone. The lack of structure, the harder course work, and the independence and responsibility all create an environment that might feel harder and more stressful than high school.

Why do students drop out of college?

Because of lack of academic preparations

Is college harder than university?

University is usually harder than college

Why do i hate college?

There are so many reasons why people hate college. They may include induced fear of failure or coming from a background of lower standards. These facts are potentially some of the reasons why people get paranoid before even experiencing college issues.

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