9 Best Online Aerospace Engineering Degrees [2021 Bachelor’s Guide].

Best Online Aerospace Engineering Degrees
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An online aerospace engineering degree is a good way to acquire in-depth knowledge about aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles.

If you are interested in working in a thrilling industry, or you’re looking for a secure, well-paying career, then aerospace engineering is a good option because it will offer you amazing and exciting opportunities.

Getting an online aerospace engineering degree is much easier because it allows you to study from wherever you are without having to leave your home to any campus. It also allows you to be highly skilled especially in technical areas, and to be in high demand in the labor market.

With the skills of, computing, numeracy, and technology that you will acquire, your job will require you to help keep people safe and comfortable on the million flights that take place every year. You could also use your skills in a variety of other sectors where your expertise will come in handy.

Online Aerospace Engineering Degree

Online aerospace engineering degrees are offered at many colleges and universities online. When applying for a degree online, it is very important to ensure that the university you are applying for is accredited.

9 Best Online Aerospace Engineering Degrees;

#1. Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University offers two options for students pursuing degrees in aerospace engineering. The first option is a Bachelor of Science and the second is a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Aviation Science.

Both options combine the traditional form of learning with the recent technology of the 21st-century to form a curriculum that features both theory and hands-on practical learning. Eastern New Mexico University online degree is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

#2. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The university offers a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics program and the program is designed for students who already work or aspire to work in aeronautics. The program combines coursework, internships, and co-op opportunities for students to ensure comprehensive learning. The program can be done online or on campus. 

#3. Florida Tech

Florida Tech offers a Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Management program which is usually completed 100% online. The program gives students solid foundations in modern aviation technology and prepares students for careers in aviation management. The program also trains students for best business practices in aeronautics, and airport management and development.

Florida Tech is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS COC).

#4. Liberty University

Liberty University has an online School of Aeronautics which offers a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management for students who aspire to develop their skills in aviation or change careers into the field of aeronautics. The program mainly includes advanced courses such as aviation leadership and administration, corporate and business aviation, and strategic planning.

#5. Everglades University

The Everglades University offers Bachelor of Science in Aviation and Aerospace degrees. These programs can be completed both online and on-campus. They equip students to combine technical, analytic, and communication skills with a general education background for an in-depth aviation and aerospace education.

There are available specializations in areas such as aviation operations, security, flight operations, management, aviation maintenance, and aviation safety.

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#6. LeTourneau University

According to Niche, LeTourneau University’s Bachelor of Science in Aviation Studies is one of the top-ranked aviation programs in the country. Students can complete their programs online or on campus.

The coursework for students pursuing an online aerospace engineering degree includes topics like aircraft ethics, aviation safety factors, aviation management, and more. Students who have military experience can turn military service into educational credits.

#7. University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin offers an online Bachelor of Applied Science. The program allows students to earn transfer or educational credits from associates degrees that are eligible, from military credits,

FAA certification, or from an A&P diploma. The school offers a 100% online aerospace engineering degree and other accelerated courses which allows students to earn their degrees in two years.

#8. Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology

Students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance or an Aerospace degree online can consider Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology. The school’s curriculum includes theoretical study, immersive, hands-on practical and experience, and traditional coursework.

Students are prepared for various supervisory or managerial positions in the field of aviation maintenance and engineering upon program completion.

#9. Wilmington University

Wilmington University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Mostly this program is more suitable for students who already have an online aeronautical engineering degree. Students who are pursuing the degree will take a variety of courses in various business-related topics such as business management and finance, and policy-making.

The program also offers additional technical training in aviation, aircraft accident investigations, and safety factors.

Requirements Needed To Get an Online Aerospace Engineering Degree

Whether you want to pursue an Aerospace degree online or through physical classes, there are certain requirements you must meet. These include;

Almost every course will require you to have high grades in mathematics and physics, some universities may even require subjects in areas of computing, further maths, and design technology.

You might need to attend an interview, so your statement should show your talents and skills in, technology, analysis, problem-solving, innovation, etc, and show how good you are with numbers.


Every university or college will have a certain standard of application. Some schools make use of physical forms while others provide online methods of application. Most schools usually charge application fees.

In most cases, the fee isn’t high, and the payment of the application fee must be done before the application can be completed.

High School diploma and Transcripts:

All universities usually ask applicants to submit high school transcripts or GED. Test scores: Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or an American College Testing (ACT) test scores are still often required even though not every institution makes this mandatory.

Aerospace Engineering degrees are highly competitive so it is very important to meet the given require adequately.

What is the job of an Aerospace Engineer?

Aerospace engineers spend most of their time creating and evaluating aircraft designs, creating new technologies while working with existing ones, and ensuring that new aircraft projects meet the required safety and quality standards. Most aerospace engineers work in laboratories and manufacturing industries.

In most cases, aerospace engineers work in teams to build the aircraft they have designed. Sometimes their duties may include the task of assembling aircraft. Aerospace engineers specialize in different areas based on their expertise. These areas include structural design, propulsion, orbital mechanics, combustion, flight dynamics, etc.

Why go into Aerospace Engineering?

The engineering sector is a multi-billion pound global career market. The industry will give you job satisfaction, job security, and mouth-watering potential salaries. Aerospace Engineering involves projects across many countries and different continents, this allows aerospace engineers to travel around the world and work on exciting technologies and new programs.

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Most of these technologies and programs are designed to make life easier and to make the world a better place. Countries like China, Germany, and the United States of America are well known for their engineering feats, and many graduates of aerospace engineering will go on to gain more experience and jobs in their fast-developing corporations.

As an engineering student, you will learn theories and principles of the field in the lecture hall, and you will learn about testing and prototyping in the labs for the practical aspect. These skills will offer great opportunities and will give you a good chance for starting careers in engineering, design, production or manufacturing, automotive, and a variety of other related categories.

An aerospace engineering degree will involve studying modules such as Aerodynamics, Space mission analysis, and design, Mechanics of Flight, Aircraft design, Aircraft Management, and business, Heat transfer, Airframe design, and flight dynamics, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Online Aerospace Engineering Degree

Averagely, the total tuition cost for an online degree in aerospace engineering ranges from around $10,000 to around $55,000. Each credit hour can cost as low as $200 to $700 per credit hour.

If you go to school full-time in the normal 16-week semester system, you can complete your degree in four years. Doing an 8-week semester system full-time may allow you to graduate faster.

Engineering is one of the hardest areas of the sciences. But with hard work, concentration, and resilience you can get the degree as easily as other degrees.

Can you get an engineering degree online? Yes. Several colleges and universities, such as Keiser University and Morehouse College, offer online engineering programs. However, some online engineering schools feature in-person requirements, such as engineering labs, fieldwork, or internships


Aerospace engineering is not the type of degree that you just easily stumble into. Most people who pursue this degree usually have long dreamt of building aircraft, designing airplanes, or working on some other exciting project in the field of aviation. If this is what you want, then you must be ready to invest your time, money, and commitment into it.

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