16 Best Interior Design Schools Worth Applying To | 2021.

Interior Design Schools
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Longing for a degree in Interior Design? Then this article is right for you as we will be discussing the Best Interior Design Schools worth apply to so you can make an informed decision on the right career path.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is a profession that involves the art of improving the interior of a space to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Interior design involves the organized use of space, research, concept development, site inspection, programming, construction management, and execution of the design.

In simpler terms, interior design can be referred to as the process of upgrading and enhancing the beauty of a particular place using diverse designs and beautiful items in an organized manner.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Interior designers offer suggestions for room arrangements, colors, textures, furniture types, etc based on what is available in the client’s budget and what is appropriate for each use.

They also help clients to personalize their space by adding finishing touches that are complete to their taste. Interior designers help clients achieve their dream home while using what they have and can afford.

An interior designer has to be artistic, organized, meticulous, creative, and careful to be able to achieve the desired design.

An interior designer should also be able to maintain interpersonal relationships and communicate properly to maintain a good relationship with clients and understand what they need. The ability to work with a given budget is also very important to achieve a successful project.

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Types of Interior Design

1. Commercial Interior Designs.

These are interior designs that are executed in commercial or business spaces such as restaurants, banks, sports halls, recreational and fitness centers, etc. Commercial interior designs can be quite challenging because the designers have to suit the taste of different customers.

2. Residential Interior Designs.

This involves designing residential houses and apartments. Designers will have to meet the taste of the individuals who live in the house.

Interior designers usually work in places like interior design firms, architectural firms, retail stores, and the design departments of large industries or institutions. Some have their private establishments.

Why Study Interior Design?

The look of an interior space can affect the way life in that space is experienced. Apart from the fun and excitement that comes with the job, studying interior design allows you to impact the lives of people in an environment, by meeting their needs in corporate or social spaces, restaurants, libraries, etc.

It also allows you to make spaces come to life and feel more welcoming and comfortable for everyone. Interior designing is a very lucrative business and an effective way to earn a decent living. If you are looking for flexibility in work, interior designing is an area that gives you that opportunity.

Best Interior Design Schools

You do not need a degree from an interior design school. There are self-taught interior designers who have succeeded in the design industry through their talent and ambition and also apprenticeship.

However, there are quite a several interior design schools you can attend to develop your skills and talents as an interior designer. Most of these institutions award degrees ranging from Bachelor’s level to Ph.D. level.

The following are interior design schools that are worth applying to.

1. Rhode Island School of Design

Founded in 1877 and is located in Rhode Island. In the year 2018, it was listed among Forbes’ America’s Top Colleges and was also ranked 4th by the QS World University Rankings amongst Art & Design programs.

2. Florence Design Academy

This Design Academy was founded in 2008. The academy is known as Italy’s most renowned design school and one of the best interior design schools in the world. The school also offers courses such as graphic design and industrial design.

3. Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Founded in 1978, SCAD offers a range of degree programs. B.F.A, M.A, M.F.A Degree programs in Interior design. The program guides students through the process of learning to become critical thinkers, effective in communication, and develop the ability to work with others as a team.

4. School of Architecture and Interior Design, University of Cincinnati

School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati is a college in the University of Cincinnati. The school offers a five-year program that prepares students for careers in fields such as Interior design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

5. Interior Design School, London

Founded in 1991. This is one of the few interior design schools that offer different courses to accommodate individual requirements and goals or objectives.

6. Chelsea College of Arts , London

Chelsea College of Arts is one of the best interior design schools in London. It offers courses such as general art, graphic design, interior design, and textile design up to M.A and Ph.D. levels.

This allows students to make their choice from various areas of specialization in design. Chelsea College has three exhibitions centered; Chelsea Space, The Parade Ground, and the Triangle Gallery.

7. Dublin Institute of Design

Dublin Institute of Design was founded in 1991. This institute offers full and part-time degree and higher education programs in a variety of areas such as interior design, fashion design, web design, visual design, graphic design, animation, styling and imagery, and many other design-related courses.

8. Stanford University

Stanford University was established in the year 1885. The university is known for funding startups and entrepreneurial programs such as interior and fashion design.

Students who go to Stanford University not only get to train to become interior designers but also get the necessary funding and support needed to start their careers.

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9. The University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney is a contemporary innovative university that was established in the year 1988. It offers a Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture through which students learn to engage with public and urban spaces alongside internal environments.

Students also learn the ability to create concepts and understand the contexts in which they are designing.

10. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York.

Pratt Institute was founded in 1887. It is located in Brooklyn, New York, and has an interior design school and the interior design program is architecturally oriented. Pratt Institute offers B.F.A. in Interior Design and helps students to prepare themselves for a career in any design field.

11. Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia

Located in Australia and the school is ranked as the best school for Interior Design in the country. The institute offers a 2 years Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a 1 year of Master’s Design in any discipline. The institute also offers programs in the areas such as Fashion Design, Styling, and Creative Directing.

12. Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD)

Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) helps students to develop skills that enhance their creative vision. The interior design program introduces students to areas such as design principles, color theory, space planning, and drafting, etc.

Through these areas, students can learn how to create beautiful and comfortable residential, commercial, industrial, and public spaces designs.

13. New York School of Interior Design

New York School of Interior Design is an exclusive interior design school that was established in 1916. Over the past five years, NYSID has been ranked in the top five interior design schools in the States.

The school offers three undergraduate programs, four master’s degree programs, and certificate programs. It also offers seven different programs from the Basic Interior Design Certificate to Masters Degrees. NYSID also has an interior design school online.

14. The Interior Design Institute, United States

The Interior Design Institute is focused on interior design practice and the technical skills you will need as a designer. If you are asking yourself “are there interior design schools near me?” Then this might be the perfect answer for you.

The interior design institute is one of the most professional interior design schools online; it is perfect for those in interior design. focusing on interior design practice, this course teaches you many technical skills you need as a designer.

15. Cornell University

Cornell University offers interior design through the Design and Environmental Analysis program of the College of Human Ecology. The program is focused on three aspects of interior design which include; design strategy and innovation, sustainable futures, and health and well-being.

Students are however required to complete foundational courses before they can focus on elective courses that support their individual educational goals.

16. Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art is one of the interior design schools that offers a two-year master’s program which allows students to experience studio and workshop-oriented study.

The college also offers students the opportunity to take part in, real-life projects with selected university partners, while emphasizing personal growth and development by assigning dedicated practice mentors to the students.


There are many other interior design schools both online and on the ground. The above listed are the best schools for interior design you should consider if you are interested in earning a degree in interior design. It is important to note that having a passion for the field is very important for you to give in your best while executing designs.


What kind of education is required to be an interior designer?

Bachelor’s Degree is required to be an interior designer

Can I become an interior designer without a degree?

Yes! However, you will need to equip yourself with skills such as; Ample understanding of light, shapes and spaces. A creative bent of mind. In-depth knowledge and psychology of colors

Can you become an Interior Designer online?

Yes. Online interior designer degrees are available through art and design schools, community colleges, vocational schools, and traditional colleges and universities

How long does it take to become an interior designer?

Those with a bachelor’s degree – which normally takes four years – need two years of experience to qualify for the exam. As a result, becoming a certified interior designer may take a combined five to six years of formal studies and on-the-job learning.

How do i start a career in interior design?

Steps to Becoming an Interior Designer

*Earn a degree in interior design. …
*Pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam. …
*Take some pro bono projects. …
*Build a portfolio. …

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