16 Best Jobs for Recent College Graduates.

Jobs for Recent College Graduates
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Young graduates usually have delays in getting jobs due to the great rush in the market. Many will find that they are qualified for a wide range of careers. But lack of information is a great hurdle to get them to their reach. This is why we have provided several jobs for recent college graduates herein.

Wait! No experience? Don’t worry as we got you covered too. Browse through for jobs for recent college graduates with no experience.

Hence, so many college graduates with files and corporate wear, try as possible to seek jobs after college. But, it seems like it’s the survival of the smartest, after all. The good news is we’ve been able to hunt with you even though not all jobs fit your status quo.

Therefore, carefully read through this article and see good entry-level jobs for recent college graduates you can resort to.

Best Jobs for Recent College Graduates.

#1. IT Manager.

The information sector is a growing conglomerate and needs grandeur access to graduates, seeking from the professional frame.

IT managers oversee all information hardware and software components of an organization. Also, troubleshooting Information Technological problems within the organisation.

Average salary: $86,667 per year

#2. Software Engineering.

This comes in handy for our engineering folks. Your knowledge of numbers could pay off as you could use that experience from mathematical and analytical skills to develop software programs.

This same knowledge edges in troubleshooting and debugging mathematical errors in programs, and updates too

Average salary: $1,010, 526

#3. Financial Manager.

The finances of an organization need someone who has gain academic training and experience in the prediction and evaluation of the finances of a business.

Financial managers evaluate and audit records from the previous year’s transactions., create documents from the previous year’s evaluations to determine the present year’s goals.

Average salary: $99,796 per year

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#4. Database Administrator.

Data is information that isn’t organized. For there to be a structure, data administration skill pays off in this situation, organizing and maintaining all of the data within an organization, also designing new organizational methods for data.

Average salary: $97,007

#5. Information Technology (IT) Security Administrator.

IT security administration and protection of an organization’s confidential client data. They use highly developed IT skills to implement confidentiality. Use equipped security techniques within that said organization. They oversee a wide view of security standards.

Average salary: $93, 826 per year.

#6. Project Manager.

The use of delegation skills equips a project manager to man-manage employees by their strength in a given task. They empower project goals and learn to encourage team members toward completion of goals.

Project managers use strong communication skills and well planned out schemes to break each element of projects aligning them to deadlines and minimizing time cost. In fact, every organization certainly needs at least a pro project manager

Average salary: $81,408 per year

#7. Recruiter.

Recruiter evaluates the management and strength of organization workforce.. they enforce the needs for more workers in essential areas, they have a good interview and interpersonal skills that are beneficial when networking and reaching out to potential candidates.

College students typically have the opportunity to learn the different elements of a corporation. Also, this adds up to one of the many best jobs for college graduates, especially with little experience.

Average Salary: $69,815 per year

#8. Business Operations Manager.

College graduates who want to venture into business could open up career prospects by applying for this job, the business graduate may evaluate operational practices and make adjustments where needed to the organization management.

They go as far as overseeing all business operations within the organization, this can be one of the jobs for a recent college graduate

Average Salary: $80,323 per year

#9. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

From the knowledge of chemistry, pharmaceutical sales representatives use applied science to understand the use of different pharmaceuticals. This job is opened to college graduates especially in chemistry and pharmacy.

They use their knowledge to educate medical providers and customers to sell products, this set of individuals develops a personal relationship with a medical professional to sell more products. This could be among the jobs for recent college graduates.

Average salary: $75,576

#10. Auditor.

Everything audits and records fall on the shoulder of the auditor they audit financial documents of an organization to evaluate errors. The auditor evaluates the accounting of finances in an organization, auditor has great mathematical and analytical skills that assist them in understanding and structuring financing for organization needs. This job is open to recent college graduates and profits too

Average Salary: $67,952 per year

#11. Account Manager.

They manage and advise multiple client accounts in a certain organization. They are the queries receiver who directly act as help desks to customers. The organizational and management skills learned in college will assist college students in an account manager role. Hence this is a fantastic opportunity for recent college graduates.

Average salary: $60,049 per year

#12. Sales Representative.

They educate customers convincing them on the use of services. They possess communication skills and charisma to convince them on getting finesse service.

They work to increase per annual goals and work towards achieving goals in sales and acquiring more customers. This is a sure job opportunity that welcomes recent college graduates

Average Salary: $65,067 per year

#13. Human Resource Representative.

It is popularly called HRR. They are the human management/human managers of an organization, recruiting qualified personnels into different areas of an organization.

Skills learned in college like problem-solving, as well as good interpersonal skills are crucial when working as a human resource representative. They move towards every goal in the organization trying hard to vision every goal. They hire labour always

Average Salary: $49,612 per year.

#14. Marketing Coordinator.

They may assist with creative strategies and ideal innovation geared towards developing a good market atmosphere and conquering markets as well, project management skills that students develop during college are useful and important in completing the tasks laid on every checklist. Want to major in marketing? Here is an article on Everything You Need to Know about Becoming a Marketing Major

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They are pro marketers, convincing and deciding on a good market approach. Every organization needs a good market coordinator especially college graduates. This opportunity, hence can serve as one of the jobs for recent college graduates.

Average Salary: $45,144 per year.

#15. Tutor

Not everyone can tutor, but this skill comes in handy for college students, college students will develop skills during their educational pursuit and career that will assist them in the role of a tutor.

Tutors assist school-age or college-level students in completing homework assignments or preparing for an upcoming exam. This helps college students who just graduated in raising capital readily and it’s symbiotic to helping you assimilate and learn more as a person

Average Salary: $25.18 per hour, if you can for a day straight

#16. Research Assistant.

They use that smart sense of curiosity to investigate, evaluate and assist with research projects because students will often complete numerous research projects and papers during their education.

It is likely thay have gained a skill such as this subliminally and would practically do it with ease and smartness.

Hence this is a door opened to any recent college graduate who readily knows he can afford this skill and his/her time.

Average Salary: $16.03 per year


Hence, in summary as college graduates, we are overwhelmed by certain urges to be at the working train. But you must resolve to act on intuitive knowledge and technical know-how to access a particular field. Be particular and be at rest to decide and you see you will excel above bird sky view.

However, if you have questions regarding the above listed jobs for recent college graduates, do not hesitate to drop your comment below and kindly share.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Best Jobs for Recent College Graduates.

What jobs do most college graduates get?

Jobs for recent college graduates:

1. Software Engineer.
2. Registered Nurse.
3. Salesperson.
4. Teacher.
5. Accountant.
6. Project Manager.
7. Administrative Assistant.
8. Executive Assistant.

What are the jobs for recent college graduates with no experience?

Jobs for recent college graduates with no experience:

1. Fulfillment Associate
2. Stock Associate.
3. Bartender
4. Delivery Driver.
5. Fitness Instructor.
6. Flight Attendant.
7. Restaurant Servers (Waiters and Waitresses).

What should I do as soon as I graduate from college?

* Move to a New Place.
* Don’t Be Afraid to Live at Home.
* Spend Time Networking.
* Get an Apprenticeship.
* Pursue a Volunteer Opportunity.
* Consider Graduate School (But Only For the Right Reasons)
* Try Working for Yourself.
* Just Get a Job (It Doesn’t Have to Be Forever)

What degree earns most money?

* Petroleum Engineering.
* Actuarial Science.
* Computer Engineering.
* Computer and Information Technology.
* Chemical Engineering.
* Biomedical Engineering.
* Economics.
* Nuclear Engineering.

How do fresh graduates find jobs?

1. Network: Tap the hidden job market and make connections through social networking.
2. Don’t wait.
3. Do market research.
4. Spend time volunteering.
5. Expand your search.
6. Get in front of employers.
7. Use a computer, not a phone.
8. Create a personal website.

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