How to Become a Master Barber | Education Requirement and Career Roadmap.

Master Barber
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Becoming a barber might seem like nothing serious to most people but the truth is that being a barber is an amazing and lucrative career. A Master Barber preferably!

Who is a Barber?

A barber is a professional who is concerned majorly with the grooming, styling, cutting, or shaving of men’s hair; either on the head or beards.

What is a Master Barber?

This is a highly trained personnel with several years of experience and has obtained a license in barbing.

Work Description of a Barber

Working as a barber mostly requires that you work during the weekend and evenings. This is because most people are usually free to visit the barber at such times.  Working as a barber involves standing for long hours and the use of chemicals so they always protect their hands when working.

What Do Barbers Do?

Whether it is a master or just a barber, they both perform the same duties. The duties of a barber include; cutting, shack, styling, and trimming hair. This is the most basic and major duty of a barber. A barber is concerned with the grooming of the hair through the methods mentioned above.

Another duty of a barber is to treat hair ailments and offer tips to clients on how to prevent such. A master barber should be familiar with cosmetics, chemicals, and other hair products that are suitable for the hair or can be used to treat the hair when the need arises.

A barber singes, shampoos, and arranges the hair as well as colors, bleaches, and gives scalp. They also cut, measure, and fit hairpieces or accessories such as wigs, extensions, and hair caps

Barbers are not only responsible for shaving and trimming the hair, beard, or mustache they can also take care of some parts of the face and neck.

How to Become a Master Barber

Having experience is very key to becoming a master barber but then there are other requirements you must meet. These requirements are to ensure that barbers master all or most of the techniques involved in barbing to enable them to serve customers efficiently and safely.

The first thing required to becoming a master barber is to attend an accredited barber program. Such programs are offered in accredited institutions colleges, cosmetology schools, or vocational training schools such as the Barber and Beauty Institute of New York, Urban Barber college, “B” Beautiful hair institute, etc.

Enrolling in a barber program will teach you new and modern barbing techniques and how to become better at the ones you are already familiar with. In the course of the program, you will also be taught topics such as; care for the hair, how to use and sterilize a clipper, facial massage, proper hygiene and sanitation, scissors-over-comb techniques, etc.

You will also be taught the history of barbing and how to manage a barbing business. The duration of the accredited program differs from one institution to another.

Undergoing an apprenticeship is another requirement needed to become a master barber. Some states require that you work under a master barber for some hours or weeks while other states may require that you work for some years.

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After you have completed the accredited program, you will have to write a license test exam. The exam usually consists of a written test and a practical test. The required score for the test depends on the state you work in. Study materials or resources are available to help you prepare ahead of the exam.

However, there are some additional requirements to be met apart from the training to become a master barber. Some of these additional requirements include that you must be at least 16 years of age or above. You should also have obtained a high school diploma or GED to qualify to become a master barber.

Qualities of a Good Master Barber

Apart from the training requirements, a master barber is required to possess some qualities such as being friendly and chatty. This is very important because barbers meet a lot of different people daily and they will need to have a good interpersonal relationship to attract customers and maintain a good relationship with their clients.

Communication and listening skills are very important to a barber. A barber should be able to pay attention to the client, understand what he or she wants and deliver it well. When the desires of a customer are fulfilled and he or she is satisfied, the barber earns a good reputation and recommendation which will result in more patronage.

A good barber should be able to handle the necessary tools with utmost care and pay attention to every detail. This is to ensure the safety of their clients and to avoid any form of accident.

As a barber, you must be swift and skillful. You should make sure that you stay updated about the latest styles or techniques in barbing. This will help you to satisfy your clients better.

Creativity is another very important quality of a good barber. Because barbers deal with styling most of the time, they should be able to create new looks, techniques, styles, or methods that will look good and make their clients pleased.

A good master barber should get familiar with a lot of barbing tools; what they are used for and how they are used. Some of the tools used in a master barber’s shop include; razors, scissors, clippers, cape, duster, mirror, etc. Master barbers however use more complex tools like edgers, sterilizers, curlers, stretchers, hot combs, etc.

Just as in every career, a good barber needs to be entrepreneurial. This means a barber should be able to manage a business to earn good pay from this profession.

Benefits of Being a Master Barber

Being a master barber comes with several advantages such as earning good pay. You can make good money from grooming and taking care of hair because a lot of people are concerned about their hair and are willing to do all it takes to keep it in good shape.

Owning a master cuts barbershop opens new opportunities and networks for you through the people that you meet daily. It is however important to maintain a good interpersonal relationship with your customers for you to gain such opportunities.

Salary of a Master Barber

Barbing can be very lucrative but seem like something unserious to a lot of people. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a master barber per week is $805 which is $3,220 per month. It is important to note that the salaries may vary according to several overall experience, professional training, employer, etc.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Master Barber


Being a barber is a good career and an interesting one. But like that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The pros of becoming a master barber include the fact that you can open your private practice and work for regular working hours, sometimes less or more as you please.

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Another advantage of being a master barber is that you work indoors and get to meet different people who can provide you with opportunities and a strong network when you need contacts.

Being a barber allows you to explore different creative styles from your mind. Unlike some professions where you have to stick to the same routine, barbing allows you to try different things or specialize if you wish.


The cons of being a barber include the stress that comes with the job. As a barber, you might have to stand for long hours to attend to client after client. You will also have to use chemicals in the course of the job thus exposing your skin to danger.

Being exposed to particles from hair in a master barbershop is dangerous to your health and leads to issues that affect the eyes and respiratory tract.


Opening a master barbershop is one way to earn a good and steady income without a large capital. It is important to note however that having respect and a fascination for the job and hair generally is key to the access of every barber.

This will help you put in your best and maximize your talents while working as a barber. Have any question? Kindly make use of the comment box belo and don’t forget to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a master barber?

This is a highly trained personnel with several years of experience and has obtained a license in barbing.

What is a Master barber vs barber?

A master barber is typically a barber with several years of experience, highly trained personnel, and has obtained a license in barbing whereas barber is concerned majorly with the grooming, styling, cutting, or shaving of men’s hair; either on the head or beards.

Does it take long to become a master barber?

To become a master, you will have to complete 1,500 – 1,800 hours at an accredited barber program or institution.

Is there any master barber near me?

Yes there is. It is very unlikely not to find a master cuts barbershop in the community you live in.

Do I need a degree to become a master barber?

No you don’t. You only need a high school diploma or GED and an accredited barber program.

How much money does a master barber make?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a master barber per week is $805 which is $3,220 per month.

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