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Bachelor's Degree in Spanish

Are you interested in becoming a spanish teacher or looking to take up teaching in spanish as a career? Consider obtaining a bachelor’s degree in spanish as a headway to start, hence a detailed peogram information has been made available for this purpose.

Spanish language which is often referred to as ‘, romance language’ is an interesting language that can be traced back to the Iberian Peninsula of Europe.

A bachelor’s degree is mostly the next educational program taken by students after their secondary education.

Earning a bachelor’s degree involves you attending a university or any other degree-awarding institution, offering lectures in the particular field you have chosen, completing course work, and finally carrying out study research or a project at the end of the fourth year.

A bachelor’s degree can be taken in different languages including Spanish. In case you are asking yourself ‘what can I do with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish?’, or ‘are there any bachelor’s degree in Spanish online?’  this article will provide answers to those questions.

How Do You Say Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish?

The word bachelors is ‘licenciatura’ in Spanish while the word ‘degree’ can be translated to ‘la licenciatura’, or ‘grado’, ‘titulo’. The phrase bachelor’s degree in Spanish is ‘grado de bachiller’ or ‘título de grado’.

Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish

Students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the Spanish language allows them to become fluent in the language. It also involves learning extensively about the Spanish, history, culture, beliefs, and literature.

Offering a degree program in Spanish will require you to master all the important skills of the language such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Institutions that offer Spanish Degrees

Here is a list of some universities that offer a degree in Spanish;

Eastern University

Eastern University is a private university that uses Christian perspectives in its programs. The Spanish degree program includes 32-credit academic coursework in courses such as Spanish phonetics and phonology, Spain from fragmentation to unified mosaic, Studies in modern Spanish American Literature, Advanced Spanish syntax and translation, etc.

Eastern university also allows students to explore study abroad programs in countries such as Mexico, Spain, or Argentina, where students can practically increase their knowledge through life experiences as they complete their studies.

The university also has close connections with various nonprofit organizations where students can participate in social and cultural activities and internships. These activities and excursions usually include attending a Spanish church, going to see Spanish productions and artworks, etc. to broaden your knowledge about the Spanish culture.

American University

American University offers a bachelor’s degree in Spanish in their Department of World Languages and Cultures. The program includes a 120-credit course work which includes subjects like Introduction to Spanish linguistics, Advanced Spanish I & 11: Spain in context and Latin America in Context respectively, and Introduction to Latin American Literature.

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American University allows its students to combine other minors with their Spanish degrees. These minors include French, Arabic, German, Business Administration, and Political Science. The students are also required to complete an internship and a capstone project as well.

Boston University.

Boston University is a research university where the Spanish program focuses more on liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences. Students get to learn various other courses that are related to the Spanish language, linguistics, and literature. The coursework combines other cultures from North America, Latin America, and even the Caribbean.

Pace University.

Pace University offers a curriculum that teaches the basic language skills to advanced knowledge about the Spanish and Hispanic cultures. These courses include; Introduction to Spanish and Latin American culture, Spanish translation and interpretation, etc.

The university also offers a conducive environment for learning, internship opportunities, excursion opportunities, and research resources. 

Schools that offer Online Spanish Classes.

Studying for a bachelor’s degree in Spanish online is one of the easiest ways to earn a Spanish degree because it allows you to progress at your own pace and timing. Schools that offer bachelors degrees in Spanish include;

Florida International University.

Florida International University’s Spanish degree offers quite challenging coursework which includes a 120-credit program that allows students to learn courses like, Spanish grammar and writing, Introduction to Spanish literature, etc.

Apart from learning to be fluent in the Spanish language, students are also taught to understand Hispanic languages and cultures, extensively to broaden their potentials.

This program is completely offered online which allows students to take part in the classes anywhere they are.

Arizona State University.

Arizona State University’s Spanish degree program is completely offered online and students are required to have a computer that has a webcam, a microphone, and the necessary software. The university offers 38 courses in 120 credit hours that cut across the different aspects of the Spanish language and culture.

The curriculum also focuses on Spain and Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico and Latin America. This is to inspire the students to appreciate the similarities and diversity between them and become more aware of their minor distinctions.

Apart from using textbooks and other learning materials to study the Spanish language and cultures, the university makes use of other resources such as films, artworks, and social debates to help the students have a better understanding of the topics.

Oregon State University.

Oregon State University offers a 180-credit online Spanish degree program that focuses more on teaching students the impact of the Spanish language and culture at the international level.

At the end of the four years, students are also expected to be very fluent, in the Spanish language and be able to read and write also. The curriculum also offers a unique course about the Mexican-American immigrant experience.

Northern State University

Northern State University offers an online Spanish degree which allows students to gain an in-depth understanding of the Spanish language, its culture within and outside the classroom. The university also provides excursion and internship opportunities to enable students to gain real-life experiences in Spanish-speaking countries.

Other institutions that offer a degree in Spanish are the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Eastern New Mexico University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota, etc.

The cost of tuition for a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish depends on the school you choose to apply to.

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How to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish.

To pursue a degree in Spanish, you must, first of all, obtain a high school diploma. After high school, you will need to research the different institutions that offer a Spanish degree to find out all the requirements and discover the curriculum you would be interested in.

Application Process and Requirements.

The application requirements and procedures vary according to institution but when you have decided what institution you’ll want to study in then you can follow the instructions about their application process.

After you have applied and gained admission, you can then proceed to attend classes and complete your classwork. The degree will be awarded at the end of four years if you have completed all the necessary course requirements.

What You Can Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish

Students who study programs in Spanish will be able to obtain jobs such as teaching, translating, and interpretation after they graduate.

Most graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish can secure teaching at the elementary or secondary school level. You can also further your education which will allow you to teach at the higher education level.

Translators and interpreters on the other hand mostly practice as independent contractors or freelancers, while some work with business, cooperate, and private organizations as international relations consultants, foreign correspondents, international customers assistance, import and export manager, etc.

With a bachelor’s degree in Spanish you can also work for the government as a special security agent, immigration officer, foreign diplomat missionary, foreign service officer, etc or in the tourism sector as a travel agent to help on-Spanish speaking tourists find their way around or as cultural events coordinator.


A bachelor’s degree in Spanish and internship experience in the culture can help you advance your career through a variety of available job opportunities. Most employers prefer candidates who can speak two or more languages and have knowledge about other cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Earning a Spanish Degree.

Will learning Spanish help my career?

Yes! It will ensure that you have the skills you need to work anywhere that a translator and interpreter are needed.

How long does it take to earn a bachelor’s degree in Spanish?

Typically, it takes four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in Spanish.

Where can I work with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish?

Candidates with a degree in Spanish can get jobs with the government, in business organizations, in the security sector, entertainment sector, and educational institutions.

How much can you earn with a degree in Spanish?

Most people who work with Spanish degrees earn as much as $34,000 to $65,900 per year.

How Do You Say Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish?

The word bachelors is ‘licenciatura’ in Spanish while the word ‘degree’ can be translated to ‘la licenciatura’, or ‘grado’, ‘titulo’. However, here is how to say bachelor’s degree in Spanish ‘grado de bachiller’ or ‘título de grado’.

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