AAI One World Scholarship Programme 2021/2022 For Students From Developing Countries.

AAI One World Scholarship

About AAI One World Scholarship

The AAI One World Scholarship is a program that is aimed at helping students who are from developing countries at the universities in Salzburg or Tyrol. The program is also aimed at contributing to peace between various countries through partnership, dialogues, etc.

The scholarship is exclusively directed towards supporting students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America who have come to Austria to further their education and have an interest in issues that concern peace and development.

As students continue with their studies while in Austria, they will acquire skills that will help them contribute to social, economic, and cultural development as well as instigate positive changes in their various countries.

After their studies, the students can now initiate their projects to promote development or they can decide to work for other organizations that have the same objectives of peace and development.  The AAI One World Scholarship is a comprehensive program that comprises scholarships, extracurricular training, and special program costs.

The scholarship is funded by 6 organizations which include; Land Tirol, Land Salzburg, FH Salzburg, Erzabtei St. Peter, Universitat Salzburg, and Sei so Frei.

Host Nationality

The host country for the award is Austria; this means students must be in a school in Austria.


  1. Students who apply for the AAI One World Scholarship must be from a non-European developing country and must have been offered admission into a university of applied sciences or a public university in Salzburg or Tyrol for a Masters or Ph.D. program.
  2. Non-European students who live in Austria must have a student residence permit to be considered for this scholarship.
  3. Students must be enrolled into a degree-awarding program which they offer full-time on campus without any distance learning studies. Students who enroll for short-term, exchange, or study abroad programs will not be considered for this scholarship award.
  4. Applicants of this scholarship must demonstrate financial need and prove that they cannot complete their studies without financial aid. They will be required to submit a financial statement of income, savings, bank statements, etc to be considered for the AAI One World Scholarship.
  5. Students must also submit transcripts that show good academic records in their previous and current studies. Students without good progress in their academic records will not be considered for the award. The students must also demonstrate a genuine interest in issues that involve development.
  6. Their passion for development should be reflected through their choice of the study program, voluntary activities, and personal projects.
  7. Students should be enrolled to study courses that promote issues such as social justice, food security, urbanization, anti-corruption, global migration, sustainable management of resources, tourism, advocacy for good governance, democratization, conflict management and resolution, human rights, protection, international relations, health, intercultural relations, environmental poverty elimination and many other areas of specialization that promote development. This ensures that the aim of the AAI One world Scholarship is promoted and not defeated.
  8. The eligible universities where this scholarship is awarded are Uni Salzburg, FH Salzburg, Uni Innsbruck, FH Kufstein, and MCI. Students in other universities or private universities will not be considered for this award.

How to Apply for AAI One World Scholarship

  1. Applicants are required to download and fill an application form online first on the official website of the AAI One World Scholarship program.
  2. After filling the form, they are to send the completed form alongside all other required documents for the application to [email protected] via Email or free data transfer such as ‘wetransfer’.
  3. The application will be reviewed and if it is considered, the applicant will be invited for an online interview.
  4. After the review and other necessary considerations by the AAI One world Scholarship committee, a decision will be taken.
  5. The decision is usually finalized in mid-August and successful applicants will be informed shortly after.

Application Forms

Required Documents

Application for the AAI One World scholarship will not be considered if the applicants do not meet the requirements.

Documents that applicants will need to submit include, curriculum vitae, full and passport-sized picture, visa or residence permit, account statement from the last three months, certificate and confirmation of admission, and academic records of previous and current studies. However, there are specific requirements for both Masters and Ph.D.D. applicants.

Students enrolling in a Masters’s program are required to submit a Bachelor’s diploma and an abstract of a Bachelor’s thesis. Ph.D. students are required to submit a Masters’s diploma, an abstract of a Master’s thesis, a detailed description of a research project, and how it contributes to the development of their thesis. Finally, a recommendation letter from an academic supervisor.

It is important to note that women or female applicants are given higher priority than equally qualified individuals when the applications are being reviewed. Only 15 students who applied for the scholarship will be awarded.

Eligible Age Limit

Master students must be at least 30 years of age with an exception of mothers who can be at least 35 years of age. For Ph.D. students, they must be at least 35 years of age with an exception of mothers who can be 40 years old.

Eligible Programs

The AAI One World scholarship is designed to support students who are pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. degree at any public university or any university of applied sciences in Salzburg and Tyrol with a special scholarship.

The worth of One World Scholarship 

The worth of the scholarship is 500€ per month for students at Masters’s level and 550€ per month for students at the Ph.D. level during each semester. The duration of this scholarship is the duration of the academic program plus one semester.

AAI One World Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for this application is the 31st of July annually and the course will commence the following year.

Scholarship Application Link


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