Franklin University Switzerland Acceptance Rate

Franklin University Switzerland Acceptance Rate
Franklin University Switzerland Acceptance Rate

A brief history of Franklin University Switzerland

Franklin University Switzerland is a private independent university located in Switzerland.  Its roots go back to Franklin College, which was founded in 1969.  It was in 2014 that the Franklin College of Switzerland was renamed and officially became the Franklin University of Switzerland.

It is the only university in the world to be accredited as a higher education institution in both Switzerland and the United States: the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States in the United States and the Swiss Accreditation Council in Switzerland.

The university has also received accreditation from the Ministry of Education of China.  The university consists of 8 academic departments.

How many students are at Franklin University Switzerland?

The number of teachers is about 45 with 25 full-time.  The ratio of student to teacher remains at 9: 1. The average class size is 15.

In 2018, the total number of students was 337 with 209 women and 128 men.  The largest number of students – from North America – 52.4%, followed by Europe – 25.3%, Latin America – 6.3%, Asia – 5%, South Sahara – 1.5, the Middle East, North Africa and Greater Arabia – 9.7%.  and Australia 0.5%.  Students represent 59 countries.

Why study at Franklin University Switzerland?

Franklin University, Switzerland is an education that explores and goes beyond borders.  It is a school where nationalities and cultural perspectives meet and create a unique experience.  It is a method of learning that includes travel and interdisciplinary learning as the basis of the curriculum.

We call our methodology and mission an international imperative in education.  Franklin University Switzerland is a private, independent university located in Switzerland.  It was founded as Franklin College in 1969.

It offers a unique and innovative approach to humanities education, with an emphasis on international influences and experiential learning in a variety of cultural settings.  Franklin University Switzerland has a unique position of accreditation both in the United States and within the Swiss university system.

Is Franklin University in Switzerland good?

YES, because at Franklin University in Switzerland, you will have a unique set of academic opportunities, starting with our Academic Travel subscription program: study in a new country for two weeks each semester.

This is not the only thing that distinguishes us.  Our professors use real-world experience to teach you the practical skills you will need in your career.  We take in industry experts to talk about current and new trends so you are better prepared.

Bachelor’s programs follow a model of the humanities with a course of study that consists of a core curriculum and a variety of majors and minors that students can choose during the course.

Students are encouraged to study several subjects and understand the relationship between disciplines, which in turn allows them to be adaptable and flexible when entering the workplace.

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Franklin University Switzerland Ranking

University of Franklin, Switzerland, ranked 56th among the world’s 100 best universities with real impact (WURI), ranking 2020  Franklin University, Switzerland, ranked 56th in the top 100 universities in the world with real impact (WURI) by 2020 and is among the top 10 universities that support ethical values ​​and social responsibility.

This year, Franklin University ranked well in several majors, including №9 in the top 50 for ethical values ​​and №28 in the top 50 for industrial applications.  The ranking includes such elite universities as Stanford, Harvard and Oxford.  FUS is distinguished by its notable internationality and innovative approach to practical education.

The WURI rating is designed to give a new, updated perspective that reflects the world we live in now.  This is especially important in 2020, as changing priorities and the need for global innovation sound clear and distinct.

The ranking is promoted by the Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU) and is open to all universities, colleges, schools and any higher education institutions seeking to offer innovation in research and education.

Franklin University Switzerland Campus

Franklin currently occupies 15 buildings, including 8 residence halls.  More than 36,000 volumes are stored in the two libraries of the university.  Libraries subscribe to many indexes and full-text databases.  Lugano has many options for typical Italian cuisine and Swiss cuisine.

There are countless restaurants, cafés and 0n-side restaurants that offer Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Irish cuisines.

The university has 8 residence halls, where 293 students choose housing on campus.  There are many residences outside the towns.  Lugano Center Guest House has 42 rooms (single/double/triple), all with kitchenettes, 2-room apartments with kitchen and private bathroom – a very convenient and popular place.

Graduate students are given housing on campus in the residences of Alba, where the feature is housing in an apartment style.  The residences are just a 10-minute walk from campus.

Scholarships and Financial aid at the University of Franklin, Switzerland

More than 85% of students receive financial aid.  The university creates a financial package and carefully guides the student through funding options to achieve educational goals.

Institutional scholarships from Franklin University in Switzerland are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need and do not need to be paid.  Merit scholarships are based on merit.  Needs-based scholarships are based on the demonstrated financial needs of the family.

Work and employment at the University of Franklin, Switzerland

Graduates have been very successful in finding employment opportunities, as the figures show: 75% of graduates found a job within 0-6 months after graduation, 20% within 6-12 months after graduation, 5% after 12 months of study.  It is reported that 29% of graduates received the status of director/manager in the company within 3 years after graduation.

Sectors that have attracted graduates in descending order are: Technology, Finance, Nonprofits, Services, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Government Organizations, Industry and Manufacturing.

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Franklin University Switzerland Admission criteria

Admission to the undergraduate program at Franklin University in Switzerland is selective, competitive and is based mainly on the following:

  1. High school record
  2. Personal recommendations
  3. SAT I or ACT scores (optional)

By the time you start applying, you are expected to complete a solid preparatory program for the university.  We recommend a program that includes four years of English grammar, composition, and literature;  three years of a foreign language;  three years of history;  three years of mathematics and two years of science.

Coursework in areas such as art, computer science and music is also recommended.  You may be awarded an advanced qualification in Franklin for a college-level study that you successfully completed in high school.  The following exams or diplomas are considered for higher qualification:

  1. Extended University Placement (AP)
  2. International Bachelor
  3. French bachelor’s degree
  4. German Abitur
  5. Swiss Maturita
  6. Italian Maturità
  7. British levels “A”

How to apply for admission at Franklin University Switzerland

Are you ready to start your academic journey to Lugano?  Our application process is simple and straightforward.  Provide your information, send us supporting documents, and you will receive your decision to join during our regular cycle.  It is encouraged to apply early for priority admission and access to scholarships.

Submission of your application

You can apply through Franklin University’s own online application portal (Switzerland) or through a general application.  To complete your application for the Bachelor of Arts program in Franklin, you must submit the following:

  1. Completed application form and payment of a non-refundable fee of 90 Swiss francs or 90 US dollars *. To pay by credit card or for more information on payment methods, see  Payment options
  2. Personal statement.
  3. Official copy of the high school transcript showing courses and grades.
  4. School counselor’s report for the semester or mid-year.
  5. One letter of personal and academic evaluation. For example, students usually provide letters from the principal, principal, counselor, or teacher of their choice.
  6. (Optional) Applicants in the United States can submit official SAT (Franklin code – 0922) or ACT (Franklin code – 5223) test results to the Swiss Admissions Office. If points are submitted, they will be taken into account in the evaluation process.
  7. Applicants for whom English is not their first language must submit their scores on an English as a Foreign Language test (TOEFL code 0922) or another internationally recognized English language test, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Test in English Duolingo (DET).  We need a score of 90 on the TOEFL (English as a Foreign Language Test), a score of 6.5 on the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or a score of 110 on the DET (English Duolingo Test).

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The application fee is exempt if you apply before November 15 (extended term) for entrants for the spring semester and December 1 for entrants for the fall semester (if you register).  If you apply through CommonApp, you will have to pay our fee directly through CommonApp.

If applications are completed by the above deadlines, the fee will be refunded within a few weeks of the deadline.

In addition, if you apply for the fall semester before December 1, you can claim a $ 1,000 reduction in university tuition to help with transportation costs to Lugano, depending on your place of residence.

Apply For Admission

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